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Earliest 1792

Duke's Head

Latest 1972

29 Wincheap Street

St Paul's Street (1838Stapletons Guide)


Duke's Head

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by John Bailey who says the back of the photo had the word, "Gone down the Oddfellows" written on the back.

Duke's Head 1900

Above photograph taken from the Historic Canterbury web site The complete picture is shown below.

Duke's head 1920

Above postcard, circa 1920, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Also showing the "Maiden's Head" to the left of the cyclicts.

Duke's Head 1934

Above photo, circa 1934, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. The cart belonged to Goodman & Co who had a hardware shop at 32, Wincheap. Goodman's horse and cart was used for local deliveries until about 1950.

Dukes Head 1935

Above photo, circa 1935, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

I believe this image is taken from a series of photographs, commissioned by Whitbread in the early-1930s, which showcased their newly-acquired East Kent tied estate. This pub had been an Ash's Dane John Brewery house (as can be seen in the earlier photos) then, following the 1923 takeover, a Jude, Hanbury house. Whitbread secretly funded and used Jude Hanbury to buy Mackeson's Hythe Brewery from Simond's of Reading. Then, more or less as soon as the ink had dried, re-branded all their East Kent pubs as Mackeson houses.

Duke's Head card

The above sign, wasn't actually designed and released by Whitbread, but has been designed by Robert Greenham in the same style as the card sets they distributed as a representation of what the sign looked like. Robert says:- This was based on the image which appeared on Whitbread's metal map for East Kent which was painted by D. W. Burley in 1950, on commission from Whitbread.

Whitbread metal map 1950

The above metal map, kindly sent by Robert Greenham was released, in 1950 and painted by D. W. Burley, and was titled Inn-Signia of Whitbread Houses in East Kent, Whitbread & Co Ltd. The Inn Signs designed by:- M. C. Balston, Vena Chalker, Kathleen M Claxton, K. M. Doyle, Ralph Ellis, Marjorie Hutton, Harvey James, Prudence Rae-Martin, Violet Rutter, L. Toynbee and Kit Watson.

Licensee 1955

Above photo 1955, showing Howard Griffiths Jones, licensee 1955+, kindly sent by Morris Jones (son from Australia.) However, Morris says the person in the picture is Tim Loughnane, which would make the photo 1963+

Duke's Head 1955

Above photo, showing the Duke's Head, 1955. Kindly sent by Morris Jones.

Duke's Head 1955

Above photo showing outside of the pub in 1955, persons in photo left Trudy Jones, Howards wife, & the other lady is Madge Williams, Howards sister. Kindly sent by Morris Jones.

Duke's Head 1955

Above photo showing the locals outside the pub in 1955. Kindly sent by Morris Jones, shown in picture centre 2 rows back age 12.

Duke's Head inside 1955

Above photo showing the inside of the pub in 1955. In the photo are also brothers Arthur and Roy ???? Kindly sent by Morris Jones.

Duke's Head 1955

Above photo showing the inside of the pub in 1955. In the photo are also brothers Arthur and Roy ???? Kindly sent by Morris Jones.

Duke's Head licensees 1955

Above photo showing licensees Howard Griffiths Jones and his wife Trudy Jones and dog Brandy in 1955. Kindly sent by son, Morris Jones.

Duke's Head 1956

Above photo, circa 1956, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Duke's Head 1960s

Above photo, 1960s, showing L to R, Tim Loughnane, Margaret Loughnane and Daphne Mansfield. Kindly sent by David Mansfield.

Duke's Head 1960s

Above photo, 1960s, showing Bottom photo Bob Hughes left and Margaret Loughnane right, others unknown. Kindly sent by David Mansfield.

Duke's Head 1961

Above photo, 1961, kindly sent by Tim Timpson.

Duke's Head 1961

Above photo, 1961, kindly sent by Tim Timpson.

Licensee Tim Loughnane 1963

Photo taken outside, circa March 1963 while on leave.

(RN) L to R:- Patrick Raines, Tim Loughnane (licensee,) Jack Connell. The ceramic quart pot in Tims' hand was dug up from the back garden of the pub, next to the Bat & Trap pitch. (It was cracked but useable!)

Locals 1963

Photo taken, circa March 1963 while on leave (RN).

L to R:- Ray Taylor, Jack Connell (with cracked quart pot), Patrick Raines. Kindly send by Carol Raines.

Duke's Head 1965

Above photograph taken by Edward Wilmot in 1965.


Mentioned in the 1792 licensing list and owned by Flint's Brewery by 1795. In 1847 it had been taken over by Flint and Co.

Later taken over by Mackesons of Hythe and later Whitbread.

Unfortunately closed in 1972. It is said the inn sign was still in place as late as 1987.

1965 Licensee Tim Loughnane had retired from the RN having served as Chief Stoker on the fast minelayer HMS "Manxman". Margaret passed away some years ago with Tim passing in 2013 aged 96.


Kentish Gazette, 25 November 1803. Cant

Monday was married at Stelling Mr. Wm. Pearson, late of the "Star Inn," in this city, to Mrs. Culver, widow of Mr. John Culver, late of the "Duke’s Head" public-house, in Wincheap-street.


Kentish Gazette, 5 October, 1804.


Tuesday died, Mr. William Mathers, master of the "Duke’s Head" public-house, Wincheap-street, in this city.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 17 October 1809.


October 16, at Nackington, Mr. John Mathews, landlord of the "Duke's Head" public-house, Wincheap-street, Canterbury, to Miss Mary Millams.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal - Tuesday 13 March 1810.

Nocturnal depredations to an alarming extent, collectively, though but trifling in an individual capacity, has been committed for several nights past, in this city by some nefarious villains, as yet undiscovered. On Thursday night last a quantity of lead was stolen from over the door of the "Duke's Head" public house, in Wincheap Street; and on the same night several other petty robberies were perpetuated. It behoves the inhabitants, therefore, to be on their guard, and to endeavour to detect, and bring to condign punishment, a few of these miscreants, as a terror to others.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 12 June 1849.


Important sale of the extensive Brewery of Messr's Flint, including 30 old established Inns and Public Houses, and other valuable property.

Mr. V. J., has received instructions to sell by auction, at the "Fountain Hotel," Canterbury, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 26th and 27th of June, at 12 o'clock each day, (in consequence of the death of the senior acting partner and the retirement of the surviving partners,) the valuable property known as Messrs. Flint's Brewery, in Stour Street, Canterbury, and the Inns, Public Houses, and other valuable property connected with theirwith. The first day sale on Tuesday, 26th June, 1849, will comprise the following property in and near the city.

Public houses.

Lot 1. The "City of Canterbury," situate on the road to Whitstable. Freehold.

Lot 2. The "George and Dragon," Westgate without, leasehold under Hind's charity for 17 years unexpired.

Lot 3. The "Three Compasses," Westgate within. Freehold.

Lot 4. The "Bell Inn" and Coach Office, in the High Street. Freehold.

Lot 5. The "Prince of Wales," St. Alphege Lane,. Freehold.

Lot 6. The "Weavers Arms," Broad Street, freehold and partly leasehold.

Lot 7. The "White Swan," Northgate. Leasehold under St. John's Hospital for a short term, at a ground rent.

Lot 8. The "Kings Head," Northgate. Freehold.

Lot 9. The "Swan Inn," at Sturry (close to the railway station). Freehold.

Lot 10. The "Ship," St. Martins Hill, freehold.

Lots 12. The "Star Commercial Inn and Tap," St George's, close to the Cattle market and Dane John. Freehold.

Lot 13. The "Blue Anchor," Old Dover Lane, near the Cattle market. Freehold.

Lot 14. The "Fleece Inn," High Street, opposite to the Corn market. Freehold.

Lot 28. Three neat Cottages opposite the Brewery, with large gardens extending to the river.

Lot 29. The "Two Brewers" public house and Spirit Warehouse, adjoining the last lot.

Lot 31. The "Black Dog" public house, Castle Street.

Lot 34. The "Duke's Head" Public House, Wincheap Street.

Lot 35. The "King's Head," Public House, Wincheap Street.

Lot 37. The "Royal Exchange," public house, Stour Street.

Lot 38. The "Kentish Arms," public house, and 5 cottages in Jewry Lane. Leasehold for a short term at a low rent.

Lot 40. The "Duke William," at Ickham, abiout five miles from Canterbury. Freehold.

Lot 41. The "Royal Oak Inn," at Deal. Freehold except a small portion.

Lot 42. The "King's Arms," Beach Street, Deal, and Cottage in the rear. leasehold for a short term, at a Ground rent.

Lot 43. The "Fleur De Lis," near the Railway Station, Dover. Leasehold for a term of 6 years, at a Ground rent of 3.

Lot 44. The "Two Brewers," Limekiln Street, Dover. leasehold for a term of 46 years, at a ground rent of 3.

Lot 45. The "Fountain Inn, adjoining the Market place at Dover. Freehold.

Lot 46. The "Lord Nelson," Radnor Street, near the harbour, Folkestone. Freehold.

Lot 47. The "Bricklayers Arms," Fancy Street, Folkestone. Freehold.

Lot 48. The "Castle Inn," at Sandgate. Leasehold for a short term, at a ground rent of 7s. 6d.

Lot 49. The "King's Head Hotel and Tap," at Margate. Freehold.

Lot 50. The "New Inn," at Elham, on the road to Hythe. Freehold.

Lot 51. The "King's Arms," at Milton near Sittingbourne. Freehold.

The Public Houses are for the most part in the occupation of unexceptionable tenants, and the majority of them are doing trades, both in beer and spirits, considerably above the average run of Country houses. (None of them have been beer shops; they're all old Licence Houses, with connections of long standing, thereby affording ample security for the permanency of the trade). The Premises generally are in a superior state of repair.

Particulars and Plans, price 1s. each, may be had of Messr's. Furleys and Mercer, Solicitors, Canterbury; at the "Fountain Hotel;" and of Mr. V. J. Collins, 3, Moorgate Street, London.


Kentish Gazette, 10 September 1850.

On the annual licensing day (Thursday last) our city magistrates suspended the following licenses:-

"Military Tavern," King Street;

"Eight Bells," King Street;

"Duke of York," Riding Gate;

"Kentish Arms," Jewry Lane;

"Eagle," Whitehorse Lane;

"Golden Cross," Northgate;

"Queen's Head," Northgate;

"City of London," Tower Street;

"Duke's Head," Wincheap;

"True Briton," Northgate;

"Royal George," Northgate;

"Queen's Arms," Northgate; and

"Three Grenadiers," Military Road.


Sheerness Guardian 30 April 1859.

INSOLVENT DEBTOR TO BE HEARD BEFORE the judge of the County Court of Kent, holden at Canterbury on Thursday the twelfth day of May, 1859, At eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely.

Alfred Stroud, (also known as Alfred Baker), formerly at the "Star Inn," High Street, Blue Town, Sheerness, in the county of Kent, licensed Victualler, and Post-master, then of number 49, Dane John place, Watling-street, and late of the "Duke’s Head Inn," Wincheap street, both in Canterbury, in the said county of Kent, out of business or employ.


Insolvent’s Attorney,



South Eastern Gazette,10 January, 1860.

ADISHAM- Death of a Labourer Injured on the Railway Works.


On the evening of Wednesday last, an inquest was held by T. T. Delasaux, Esq., at the "Duke’s Head," Canterbury, on the body of Elgar Brett, a labourer, who died in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, under the circumstances detailed in the following evidence. Mr. H. S. Wraight (senior parish officer) was chosen foreman.

Richard Moxon, residing at Adisham, deposed that he was a labouring man working on the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Works. He had known the deceased for the past five months, and was also employed at the same railway works. On the 14th December last the deceased was driving two horses, which were drawing six waggons, and when he tried to liberate the horses from the waggons, he slipped, fell to the ground, and was rolled over and over by two of the waggons. He was pressed against one of the waggons, and his thigh was broken.

Mr. William Blasson, house surgeon at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, deposed that he was present when the deceased was taken to that establishment, and he immediately took charge of him. Witness examined the deceased, and found a simple fracture of the left thigh, and also the great and second toes of the right foot fractured. He set the thigh, and to all appearance deceased was going on very well, but he died at 11 o’clock on Monday night last. From the appearance of the fractured thigh witness was induced to believe that that was not the cause of death, and he had that day made a post mortem examination of the body. On opening the pericardium, he found it to be full of a yellow opaque fluid, and the surface of the heart was enveloped in a thick layer of recently deposited lymph, which produced death. The complaint would have produced death, had the deceased not received a fractured thigh. Witness also believed that if the deceased had not been suffering from the complaint, he would have recovered, as he was going on well up to six days previous to his death.

The jury returned a verdict of "Natural death."


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 9 June 1900. Price 1d.


The Coroner next held an inquest touching the death of Richard Stroud, aged 58, a labourer, late of the "Duke's Head," Wincheap.

The Master of the Workhouse (Mr. W. Thurgar) identified the body of the deceased, and stated that he was admitted to the Workhouse the previous Saturday at about five o'clock. He was brought to the House by the Relieving Officer in a cab.

Marianna Kitchen, assistant nurse at the Workhouse, stated that she attended the deceased when admitted. A nurse stayed with him all night, and the deceased died on Sunday night at 10.15.

Mr. F. Watcher, surgeon, stated that he was called to see the deceased at about two o'clock on Saturday afternoon at the "Duke's Head." He was ill and his pulse was bad. As he seemed friendless witness ordered him to the infirmary. He gave instructions as to his care, which were carried out. Death was due to pneumonia and heart failure.

The Coroner summed up, and the jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.

Duke's Head advert 1968

Above advert 1968. Kindly sent by Len Parrick.

From an email sent 13 September 2019.

It may be of interest to know that the "Dukes Head" was frequented by 6th form pupils from the Simon Langton Grammar School in 1969/70 and was packed with same on its last night before it closed. The pub sign was taken down and hung on the outside staircase to the 6th form common room at the school, much to the displeasure of Chris Rieu, the then headmaster. It only stayed for a few days, before, I believe being returned to the brewery.

I’m sure someone took photos, but sadly I don’t have any copies.


Martin Lazell. Former 6th form pupil at the school, 1969/70.



BARBER William 1792+ Edward Wilmot Canterbury

SAFFREY John 1795+ Edward Wilmot Canterbury

CULVER John pre 1803

MATHERS William to Oct/1804 dec'd

MATHEWS John 1809-34+ Pigot's Directory 1824Pigot's Directory 1828-29Edward Wilmot CanterburyPigot's Directory 1832-34

MATHEWS Sarah (Widow) after 1834+ Edward Wilmot Canterbury

CLARKE Richard 1838-40+ Stapletons GuidePigot's Directory 1840

WRIGHT Frederick Tay 1847-82+ (age 69 in 1881Census) Bagshaw's Directory 1847Melville's 1858Post Office Directory 1862Post Office Directory 1874Greens Canterbury Directory 1868Post Office Directory 1882

WRIGHT Mrs C C 1891+ Post Office Directory 1891

RAYNER Robert Friend 1901-03+ (age 59 in 1901Census) Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

Last pub licensee had NORRIS William Stephen Mar/1912-13+ Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1913

DOWLE Horace 1922+ Post Office Directory 1922

STEWART W J 1930+ Post Office Directory 1930

WILSON Arthur George 1938-39+ Post Office Directory 1938

JONES Howard Griffiths 1955+

LOUGHNANE Tim & Margaret Next pub licensee had 1963-72+


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If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-