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Duke William

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Duke William 1929

Above postcard, circa 1929, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Duke William 1930s

Above photo, circa 1930s, kindly sent by Mike Mirams.

Duke William 1960

Above photo, August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Duke William 1975

Above postcard, 1975, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Duke William, Ickham 2010

Above photo taken from Google Maps 2010.

Duke William sign 1991

Duke William sign July 1991.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Duke William inside 2010

Photo taken 20 October 2010 from by Jelltex.

Duke William inside 2018

Above photo, November 2018, by Rory Kehoe.

Duke William 2018

Above photo, November 2018, by Rory Kehoe.

Duke William 2018

Above photo, November 2018, by Rory Kehoe.

From the East Kent Mercury, 6 November, 1986.

Advert for the Duke William at Ickham

Kentish Gazette, 30 April 1844.


April 16, at Ickham, Mrs. Christiana Wickenden, landlady of the "Duke William" public house, aged 64.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 12 June 1849.


Important sale of the extensive Brewery of Messr's Flint, including 30 old established Inns and Public Houses, and other valuable property.

Mr. V. J., has received instructions to sell by auction, at the "Fountain Hotel," Canterbury, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 26th and 27th of June, at 12 o'clock each day, (in consequence of the death of the senior acting partner and the retirement of the surviving partners,) the valuable property known as Messrs. Flint's Brewery, in Stour Street, Canterbury, and the Inns, Public Houses, and other valuable property connected with theirwith. The first day sale on Tuesday, 26th June, 1849, will comprise the following property in and near the city.

Public houses.

Lot 1. The "City of Canterbury," situate on the road to Whitstable. Freehold.

Lot 2. The "George and Dragon," Westgate without, leasehold under Hind's charity for 17 years unexpired.

Lot 3. The "Three Compasses," Westgate within. Freehold.

Lot 4. The "Bell Inn" and Coach Office, in the High Street. Freehold.

Lot 5. The "Prince of Wales," St. Alphege Lane,. Freehold.

Lot 6. The "Weavers Arms," Broad Street, freehold and partly leasehold.

Lot 7. The "White Swan," Northgate. Leasehold under St. John's Hospital for a short term, at a ground rent.

Lot 8. The "Kings Head," Northgate. Freehold.

Lot 9. The "Swan Inn," at Sturry (close to the railway station). Freehold.

Lot 10. The "Ship," St. Martins Hill, freehold.

Lots 12. The "Star Commercial Inn and Tap," St George's, close to the Cattle market and Dane John. Freehold.

Lot 13. The "Blue Anchor," Old Dover Lane, near the Cattle market. Freehold.

Lot 14. The "Fleece Inn," High Street, opposite to the Corn market. Freehold.

Lot 28. Three neat Cottages opposite the Brewery, with large gardens extending to the river.

Lot 29. The "Two Brewers" public house and Spirit Warehouse, adjoining the last lot.

Lot 31. The "Black Dog" public house, Castle Street.

Lot 34. The "Duke's Head" Public House, Wincheap Street.

Lot 35. The "King's Head," Public House, Wincheap Street.

Lot 37. The "Royal Exchange," public house, Stour Street.

Lot 38. The "Kentish Arms," public house, and 5 cottages in Jewry Lane. Leasehold for a short term at a low rent.

Lot 40. The "Duke William," at Ickham, abiout five miles from Canterbury. Freehold.

Lot 41. The "Royal Oak Inn," at Deal. Freehold except a small portion.

Lot 42. The "King's Arms," Beach Street, Deal, and Cottage in the rear. leasehold for a short term, at a Ground rent.

Lot 43. The "Fleur De Lis," near the Railway Station, Dover. Leasehold for a term of 6 years, at a Ground rent of 3.

Lot 44. The "Two Brewers," Limekiln Street, Dover. leasehold for a term of 46 years, at a ground rent of 3.

Lot 45. The "Fountain Inn, adjoining the Market place at Dover. Freehold.

Lot 46. The "Lord Nelson," Radnor Street, near the harbour, Folkestone. Freehold.

Lot 47. The "Bricklayers Arms," Fancy Street, Folkestone. Freehold.

Lot 48. The "Castle Inn," at Sandgate. Leasehold for a short term, at a ground rent of 7s. 6d.

Lot 49. The "King's Head Hotel and Tap," at Margate. Freehold.

Lot 50. The "New Inn," at Elham, on the road to Hythe. Freehold.

Lot 51. The "King's Arms," at Milton near Sittingbourne. Freehold.

The Public Houses are for the most part in the occupation of unexceptionable tenants, and the majority of them are doing trades, both in beer and spirits, considerably above the average run of Country houses. (None of them have been beer shops; they're all old Licence Houses, with connections of long standing, thereby affording ample security for the permanency of the trade). The Premises generally are in a superior state of repair.

Particulars and Plans, price 1s. each, may be had of Messr's. Furleys and Mercer, Solicitors, Canterbury; at the "Fountain Hotel;" and of Mr. V. J. Collins, 3, Moorgate Street, London.


From Kentish Gazette 9 March 1858.


A Genteel Residence, in Ickham Street, near the Church.

The House contains two parlours, five bed rooms, pantry, and store closets and wash-house, with rain and spring water pumps, cellar, and two gardens; within a short distance of Grove Ferry, Sturry, and Canterbury Stations.

For further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Davies, "Duke William Inn," Ickham.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 8 March 1859.

Ickham. Concert.

Yesterday evening week and excellent concert was given at the "Duke William" public house, in this parish. The concert was on the Catch Club principal, and was given by the Wingham Catch Club Orchestra. Mr. Richard Elgar, of Wingham, occupied the chair, and a pleasant evening was spent. The orchestra performed several overtures and quadrilles, and the singing was very good.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 24 March, 1860.


The extra meeting of the Wingham Catch Club, announced to be held at the "Duke William Inn," Ickham, came off on Monday evening, and in consequence of the large attendance, was held in a spacious apartment of a hop oast, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. Henry Collard, of Ickham Court, who very obligingly had it well aired with large fires, and otherwise made it suitable for the occasion. Messrs. White, Adams, Barnard, and Master Court, of Canterbury, took the vocal department, and their performance received several encores. Mr. Elgar presided and was well supported. His health was proposed and heartily responded to, as also the Vice-President, the Orchestra, Mr. Henry Collard, and many others, which were severally replied to. Refreshments of the best quality were supplied by Mr. Robert Davis, and a numerous party partook of supper. The evening throughout was marked with much good feeling, and was protracted to rather a late hour.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 7 February, 1908.


Plans were submitted by George James Soames, licensee of the Duke William, Ickham, of a proposed alteration to the premises. A partition was at present permanently fixed between the bar and the club room, and in order to make one large room if occasion should arise, it was proposed to make the partition a moveable one .The plans were approved.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 4 May, 1923. Price 1d.


Mrs. Soames, of the "Duke William," Ickham, was granted an occasional licence to sell intoxicating liquor in a tent at the British legion Sports.




WICKENDEN Christiana to Apr/1844 dec'd aged 64

DAVIES Robert 1858-60+ (also carpenter and blacksmith)

FLEURY James 1871-74+ (age 37 in 1871Census) Post Office Directory 1874

KIRBY James 1882+ Post Office Directory 1882

CLEMENTS James pre 1901

CLEMENTS Ellen Mrs 1901-03 (widow age 48 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

WISE Edward to Nov/1903 Whitstable Times

Last pub licensee had SOAMES George James Nov/1903-13+ Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1913Whitstable Times

SOAMES Mrs Annie Marie to Oct/1923+ Dover Express (bankrupt)

PALMER Frank Oct/1923-Oct/29 Dover Express

SUMMERFIELD Percy George Oct/1929+ Dover Express

Last pub licensee had KEBBELL Mr & Mrs 1968+ Edward Wilmot Canterbury

PAYTEN Janet pre June/2019+ Next pub licensee had


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