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Earliest 1838

Plasterer's Tavern

Latest 1888-

(Name to)

47-48 Northgate Street



Opened in 1838, this pub changed name to the "Princess Louise" about 1888. By 1897 it had changed again, this time to the "Model Tavern." The numbering has apparently changed during this time.


From the Kentish Gazette, 9 September 1845.


At the annual licensing on Thursday, the city magistrates renewed one hundred and nineteen licences.

Nine new applicants were granted us follows:— Thomas Attwood, "Old City of Canterbury," Oatenhill; Charles Denham, for the "Queen's Head," Northgate; Henry Clements, for the "Alto Douro," St. George’s-place; Eliz. Clinch. "Plasterers' Arms," Northgate; Joseph Harrison, "Royal George," Northgate; Joseph Hirst, "Dragoon," Military-road; Angel Hyde, "Military Tavern," King-street; George Lilley, "Waggoners' Arms," St. Dunstan; Henry James Page, "Windsor Castle," Bridge-street.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 23 June, 1860.


(Before William Brock, Esq., Captain Love, and Peter Martin, Esq.)

There were six prisoners for examination this morning belonging to the East Kent Militia.

John Johns, was charged by Sergeant Boswell, of the 70th regiment, with assaulting him and obstructing the Piquet in execution of their duty

The complainant said that on Friday evening, he went up into the chambers of the "Plasterers' Arms" public-house, Northgate, to see if any of his men were there. He found one or two and called the piquet up. A man belonging to his regiment said he would fight for it and pulled off his belt for the purpose. The prisoner said he would assist the other man, and he put out the light and pushed him (complainant) on the stairs. Complainant, as it was dark, ordered his piquet down stairs to prevent mischief but having got a light again he again went up, and the prisoner was taken into custody.

Fined 10s. and expenses, or 14 days' imprisonment.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 5 January, 1861.


At the Canterbury Police Court, on Monday, Joseph Frerman, soldier in the 70th regiment, was brought up, on remand, charged with stealing a cash-box, containing as was alleged, 1 in silver, the property of James Burrows, landlord of the "Plasterers Arms" public house, Northgate. When the ease was called on this morning, Superintendent Davis informed the bench that Martha Baker, the prosecutor's housekeeper, and one of the principal witnesses in the case, had left the city. It also appeared that the cash box was placed in such a position that it could be easily seen and taken away by any one passing the door of the bar. On the night of the robbery a number of soldiers besides the prisoner were in the tap-room and continually passing in and out, as were also several women of questionable repute. It was also stated that both the landlord and his housekeeper were the worse for liquor.

After deliberating some time and taking the circumstances into consideration, the bench decided to dismiss the case.


Due to their being a "Plasterer' Arms" also in Canterbury, the licensee list may be unfortunately mixed with reference to George Fowler.



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STEER William 1851+ (listed as butcher age 49 in 1851Census)

MOYS James 1858+ Melville's 1858

BURROWS James 1861+ (widower age 60 in 1861Census)

DADD J 1862+ Post Office Directory 1862

FOWLER George 1867-85+ (also basket maker age 47 in 1871Census) Historic Canterbury web siteGreens Canterbury Directory 1868



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