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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1891-

(Name from)

Model Tavern

Latest 1989

54 Northgate Street


Above photo, celebrating the Armistice in 1918, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Above photo, 1961, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Model Tavern 1965

Above photograph taken by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

Model Tavern 1989

Above photo, 1989, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Former Model Tavern

Above picture from Google, July 2009, showing the former "Model Tavern."

Former Model Tavern

Above photo kindly sent by Leonie Seliger, May 2014.

Model Tavern 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe.

Model Tavern sign 1961

Above sign 1961.

Model Tavern card

The above sign, wasn't actually designed and released by Whitbread, but has been designed by Robert Greenham in the same style as the card sets they distributed as a representation of what the sign looked like. Robert says:- This was based on the image which appeared on Whitbread's metal map for East Kent which was painted by D. W. Burley in 1950, on commission from Whitbread.

Whitbread metal map 1950

The above metal map, kindly sent by Robert Greenham was released, in 1950 and painted by D. W. Burley, and was titled Inn-Signia of Whitbread Houses in East Kent, Whitbread & Co Ltd. The Inn Signs designed by:- M. C. Balston, Vena Chalker, Kathleen M Claxton, K. M. Doyle, Ralph Ellis, Marjorie Hutton, Harvey James, Prudence Rae-Martin, Violet Rutter, L. Toynbee and Kit Watson.


In 1838 the pub was listed with the name of the "Plasterer's Tavern," and in 1888 as the "Princess Louise." Eventually by 1897 it became the "Model Tavern."

According to Edward Wilmot's book "Inns of Canterbury" published 1988, the inn closed in 1989. Probably to the relief of the customers as it is reputed that the inn-keeper around about 1964 was in the habit of cutting off the end of his customers ties and using them to decorate his bar with.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 14 April 1900. Price 1d.


The Canterbury Coroner (Dr. T. S. Johnson) held an inquest at the "Model Tavern," Northgate, on Friday evening, touching the death of Sarah Louisa Scamp, aged three months.

Sarah Louisa Scamp, mother of deceased, deposed that the child was taken ill on the previous Saturday, and she took it to Dr. Brian Rigden, who gave her a bottle of medicine. Mr. Rigden advised witness to get a Dispensary paper, but she did not do so, and on Monday she went to Mr. Frank Wacher and got a bottle of medicine from him. The next day she got a Dispensary paper and Mr. Brian Rigden again prescribed for the deceased. Witness got so tired sitting up nursing the child that she went to bed that night with the deceased. Witness woke up at five o'clock in the morning and covered the child's hand over, and then she fell to sleep only to wake at 7.30 to find the child dead. She sent for Mr. Brian Rigdan almost immediately. The child was christened. Witness' husband was serving in South Africa with the Militia Battalion of the East Kent Regiment.

Mr. Brian Rigden stated that the child when brought to him was not in his opinion dangerously ill. He had made an external examination, but had not found any marks of violence. From what the mother had told witness as to the position she found the deceased he was of opinion that death was due to suffocation caused by overlaying.

The jury returned a verdict accordingly.



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LAMBERT William 1913+ Post Office Directory 1913

FORWOOD C H 1922+ Post Office Directory 1922

PRIOR W H 1930+ Post Office Directory 1930

UPTON P A 1938+ Post Office Directory 1938

BENSON Bob & Marion 1966+


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