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Earliest 1866-

Plasterer's Arms

Latest 1878+

Rosemary Lane



The Canterbury Directory of 1878 identifies the "Plasterer's Arms," not to be confused with the "Plasterer's Tavern" in Northgate Street. Less that was an error of location.


Kentish Gazette, 15 March, 1870.

Burglary at Dover.

Chas Gower, 16 labourer, was indicted for burglary and stealing 3 14s. 4d., the money of William Swain, at Canterbury on the 15th January, and Damson Gower, his mother, for receiving a part of the money with a felonious knowledge. George Fowler, licensed victualler, at Canterbury, (Plasterer's Arms) said on the morning of January 15, he heard a noise in his back garden at twenty to three He called out and the male prisoner answered. Witness went out and met him coming out of a water closet. The boy had a cup of coffee in the house, and paid for it with 6d, which he took from a bag.

This farther communicated to the police as soon as he heard of the robbery. P.C. Holder said he went to prisoner’s house on the same morning; looked through the window and heard the prisoners laughing and rattling some money in a bag. he went in and asked for the money when the boy said he had not brought any and his mother said the had not received any. Witness saw a bag by the side of the female and took it from her.

Prosecutor, a baker, said he fastened up his house safely on the 14th January, and was awakened by the police to find that his house had been broken into. The bag produced was safe in a desk the night before with another bag containing two sovereigns, which was also missed.

The male prisoner said he had found the money in the street, and his mother supported his statement.

“Guilty.” The boy received a bad character from the police, and was sentenced to 15 months’ hard labour; his mother to 3 month’s hard labour.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 16 September 1871.

Annual Licensing Meeting.

An application was made on behalf of George Fowler, who lately kept the noted "Plasterers' Arms," Northgate, for a transfer to be made to Charles Turmine. Mr. Sprague stated to the Bench that this had been a very badly conducted house, and that only as recently as the previous petty sessions a case had been brought forward where a married woman had been convicted of robbing a man at the "Plasterers’ Arms," in broad daylight. He questioned the applicant (Turmine) as to the propriety of allowing this sort of conduct, and on Turrnine attempting to evade the fact by stating that he was from home on the occasion referred to, the deputy Clerk remarked that, as he had stated, his (Turmine’s) sister was there; it was a most disgraceful thing on her part to tolerate such a system. Mr. Drury (one of the magistrates) made some very strong comments upon the conduct of Turmine and those related to him, in allowing such disgraceful behaviour at his house. After much deliberation, and a very severe caution from the Mayor, the licence was transferred to Turmine.


Due to their being a "Plasterer's Tavern" also in Canterbury, the licensee list may be unfortunately mixed.



FISHER Thomas to Mar/1866 Maidstone and Kentish JournalKentish Chronicle

FOWLER George Mar/1866-Sept/71 Maidstone and Kentish JournalKentish Chronicle

TURMINE Charles Sept/1871+

???? James 1878+ Greens Canterbury Directory 1868


Maidstone and Kentish JournalMaidstone and Kentish Journal

Greens Canterbury Directory 1868Greens Canterbury Directory 1878

Kentish ChronicleKentish Chronicle


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