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Earliest 1964

Cherry Pickers

Open 2014+

Ashley Avenue


Cherry Pickers 1978

Above photograph kindly supplied by Jan Pedersen, 1978.

Cherry Pickers 2012

Above photo kindly sent by Phil Nicholson, 29 November, 2012.

Cherry Pickers sign 1986Cherry Pickers sign 1994

Cherry Pickers sign left July 1986, sign right November 1994.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Cherry Pickers sign 2014

Above sign 2014.


The "Cherry Pickers" may have associations with local cherry orchards, but another explanation is that many years ago the 11th Hussars were stationed at nearby Shorncliffe Camp, and were easily recognised by their cherry-pink breeches.

I was informed by Jan Pedersen in November 2017 that the building has been demolished.


Cherry Pickers 2017

Above photo, 22 November 2017. Kindly sent by Kay & Mick Yates.


The area is now being renamed Emory Place, but no idea who he was. Local information required.


Cherry Pickers location 2020

Above October 2020. Kindly sent by Kay & Mick Yates.

Cherry Pickers location 2020

Above October 2020. Kindly sent by Kay & Mick Yates.


Folkestone Herald 18 August 1962.

Local News.

Plans for a new public house at Cheriton were revealed at Folkestone Transfer Sessions on Wednesday, when the Justices approved an application for the provisional grant of a publican's licence, made by Mr. Walter Thunder, on behalf of Mackeson and Co., Ltd.

Mr. Phillip Bratcher, representing the brewery, explained that his clients proposed to build a public house called The Cherry Pickers on their site at the junction of Ashley Avenue and Dennis Way, Cheriton. Outline planning permission had been given by the Council's Housing and Town Planning Committee. Mr. Bratcher said that if the grant was approved, Mackeson's would surrender their full off-licence in respect of premises in Ashley Avenue, owned by them, and known as The Imperial. They would also give up their “hung-over” full on-licence remaining since the war, for the Wheatsheaf, in Bridge Street, Folkestone. The Cherry Pickers would rely mainly on local custom, and not on passing travellers, for business. Mr. Bratcher went on to say that entrances to the saloon bar, public bars, and to the off-sales department of the new public house would be in the front of the building, facing the Ashley Avenue/Dennis Way junction. Mackeson's intended to have a resident licensee on the premises, and would eventually apply for a transfer of the provisional grant to him.

After examining the plans showing detains of The Cherry Pickers, the Justices granted the licence.


Folkestone Gazette 14 October 1964.

Local News.

The Cherry Pickers.

This is the name of Cheriton’s new public house, which will be opened tonight. Choice of the name by the owners, Mackeson and Co. Ltd., is a happy and also appropriate one, for it is not far from the old Cherry Gardens pleasure grounds, while it will also remind older residents of that famous cavalry regiment, the 11th Hussars, who were nicknamed “The Cherrypickers”, and were stationed at Shorncliffe Camp at various times. They were among the Old Contemptibles, but long before then they were known as The Cherrypickers,’ a name they earned in the Peninsular War, I understand.

Licensee of the Cherry Pickers, which faces up Ashley Avenue, is Mr. Roy Alexander, who is very well known in the district. He has run two other Mackeson pubs, The Three Mariners, Hythe, and The City of London, Dymchurch. He played cricket for Hythe, and is a Southern Counties Hockey Association umpire. For three years he was secretary of the Folkestone Licensed Victuallers' Association. Both he and his wife hold the Licensed Trade Diploma.


Folkestone Herald 17 October 1964.

Local News.

A new public house, the Cherry Pickers, was opened on Wednesday night to serve the Cherry Gardens District of Folkestone. Among those present to see the first pint drawn shortly after 6 p.m. were the Chairman of the Licensing Justices, Mr. F.J. Baden Fuller, and the Mayor of Folkestone, Councillor H.J.V. Johnson.

They were among the many guests who enjoyed the hospitality of the owners, Mackeson and Co. Ltd., and mine host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Alexander, after the first pint had been drawn. This was done by 70-year-old ex-Squadron Sergeant-Major Harold Leakey, a first world war veteran of the 11th Light Dragoons - who were nicknamed “The Cherrypickers” as far back as 1811.

The new inn, in Ashley Avenue, even has its own ornamental flowering cherry tree planted in its turfed forecourt, while two of the bars are named the “Napoleon” and the “Waterloo”, after two famous varieties of cherries. The sign, which depicts two magpies feasting off a cherry tree, was illuminated and the neon exterior lights switched on during the opening ceremony when the managing director of Mackeson's, Commander N.C.M. Findlay, R.N., (ret.), flicked a switch.

Apart from being named after the district in which it is so strategically situated, the inn also preserves the link between the district and the 11th Hussars, who were stationed at various times at Shorncliffe Camp. The regiment was nicknamed “The Cherrypickers”, so the story goes, after they were surprised by French cavalry picking cherries in a Spanish orchard during the Peninsular War. The men were forced to fight a dismounted action. Prints of the Cherrypickers in different uniform of the various periods of their history hang in the Waterloo bar, while in the Napoleon bar hang prints of various types of cherries.

The main feature of the Cherry Pickers is that it has been designed as a family house to meet the needs of a growing residential neighbourhood. The many modern comforts include central heating, and a cooling plant in the cellar. The large car park, which has floodlighting is a useful further asset.

Fifty-year-old Mr. Alexander, the man behind the bar, is well-known in local trade and sporting circles. He has previously run two of the company's other houses, the Three Mariners, at Hythe, and the ity of London, at Dymchurch. For three years he was Secretary of the Folkestone Licensed Victuallers' Association, and lately has been managing an off-licence near his new public house.


Folkestone Herald 11 November 1972.

Local News.

Two men who set upon a third man because, it was alleged, he was sarcastic and provoked them, were told by Folkestone magistrates on Tuesday their action was cowardly. Dennis William Pumphrey, of Brockman Road, Folkestone, and David Robins, of Westboume Gardens, Folkestone, both pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Mr. Terence Shillito, of Somerset Road, Folkestone. The two 21-a-week maintenance men were fined 25 each and bound over to keep the peace for a year in the sum of 10. Mr. Shillito received cuts on his nose, a bruised back and forehead as a result of the incident.

Inspector Philip Roberts, prosecuting, said the men set upon Mr. Shillito as he left the Cherry Pickers public house, Cheriton, at closing time.

The landlord came to his assistance. Robins and Pumphrey, who are both married, went to Mr. Shillito’s home and waited by his car for him to appear. The police were called and the men taken to Folkestone police station.

Pumphrey said in a statement he and Robins had been drinking in the pub at lunchtime and put some money in the juke box The record started playing but Mr. Shillito turned down the volume. The same thing happened in the evening. They started talking to Mr. Shillito and, Pumphrey alleged, he was provoking and sarcastic to his friend, Robins. Pumphrey said: “We went outside and David and me jumped on him and gave him a good hiding”.


Folkestone Gazette 14 March 1973.

Local News.

During a disturbance outside a public house last Christmas Eve, a Folkestone man had his nose broken. The story of the trouble outside the Cherry Pickers, in Ashley Avenue, was told at Folkestone Magistrates' Court Friday.

Arnold Robert Ryder, a medical assistant with the Royal Navy, was cleared of an assault on William Joy, of Woodfield Close, occasioning actual bodily harm. Ryder, of Gosport, pleaded Not Guilty. He told the court that after trouble inside the pub, a group of people moved outside. He went out to see what was going on, and stood on the fringe of the group because he did not want to get involved. He heard the sound of breaking glass, and thought that Joy was threatening him with a bottle or broken glass. He punched him once in the face, then returned to the pub.

Joy said that Ryder had attempted to kick him, missed, then butted him in the face. His nose was broken, and he was treated at the Royal Victoria Hospital.


Folkestone Gazette 26 November 1975.

Local News.

Albert Edgar King told Folkestone Court on Friday that he tapped a window to attract the attention of an ex-licensee.

But Inspector Clifford Horrell, prosecuting, told of incidents at The Cherry Pickers public house at Cheriton where King had had several drinks and later punched a pane of glass which smashed.

King, aged 35, of Broadmead Road, Folkestone, admitted criminal damage. The case was adjourned for reports.


South Kent Gazette 28 March 1979.

Local News.

Police are hunting several men who attacked a barman in Cheriton on Saturday night. But fears that workmen from the M20 motorway construction site could be responsible have been scotched by both police and local landlords. The incident happened at 11.10 p.m. in the Victoria public house, Risborough Lane, when barman Brian Brown told customers it was time to leave.

A police spokesman said that Mr. Brown, who lives in Christchurch Road, Folkestone, received a bleeding nose, cut gums and facial bruising. “Navvies” from the Danton Lane, Cheriton, motorway site were blamed for the assault because the assailants had not been identified and one spoke with an Irish accent.

However, Police Inspector Peter Ford told the Gazette “We’ve had no trouble at all from the site. If the situation with site workers continues as it is then we shall be perfectly happy”.

Mr. Brown was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press but the Victoria’s landlord said “This is the first time we’ve had trouble in the pub since I came here three years ago”.

Speculation that motorway workers could be a possible source of violence was scotched by landlords at: The White Lion in Cheriton High Street - “So far they’ve been perfectly well behaved in here”.; The Morehall, Cheriton Road “Nice lads ... no trouble whatsoever”.; The Nailbox, Shorncliffe Road – “A bit noisy, that's all”.; The Cherry Pickers, Ashley Avenue, Cheriton – “We've had a few in, but they've been perfectly O.K.”.


Folkestone Herald 15 October 1982.

Local News.

Sponsored runs, tugs of war, raffles and other events was how customers of a Cheriton pub raised money for a guide dog for the blind. At the Cherry Pickers pub on Sunday a 1,000 cheque was given by landlord Mr. Mike Higgins to Mr. Eric Heys, regional organiser for Kent's Blind Association. Customers had been raising the money for about a year and the guide dog has been named Cherry after the pub. A picture of the dog was presented to the landlord and will hang in the bar of the Ashley Avenue pub.


Folkestone Herald 27 October 1989.

Local News.

Pub regulars had a special reason for raising money to boos the Royal Marines School of Music Appeal Fund. The 450 made on a boot fair held by the Cherry Pickers in Folkestone was to go to it's chosen charity for the year, multiple sclerosis. The change of heart came when regulars realised why a friend, George Sketcher, had not been in for a drink for several days after last month's Deal tragedy. George, a former band corporal at Deal, was mourning eight of the 11 bandsmen he taught, who were killed by an I.R.A. bomb at the music school barracks.

Pub fundraisers asked him to join a jazz jamming session at the boot fair and to present a cheque for the money raised to Royal Marines Band Sergeant, Andy Wall.

George, who once played with Count Basie, said “When I heard about the bombing I was really cut up and didn't come into the pub for a few days. The people who have organised, come along and supported the boot fair are absolutely marvellous – I cannot thank them enough”.

Band Sergeant Andy Wall said “We didn't know just how many friends we had until after the tragedy. The money raised will be put to good use”.


Folkestone Herald 11 January 1991.


On behalf of Folkestone Old People's Welfare Committee, the staff and clients, I would like to thank the landlady of the Cherry Pickers, Mrs. Jackie Higgins, and the committee members of the Cherry Aid Charity, Brian Baker (Chairman), Roger West (Treasurer), and others, who donated a cheque for the sum of 750 to Age Concern. The Deputy Mayor, Ian Parker, attended the occasion, which was a Christmas party for our members. The cheque will help fund the future development of the upstairs of the Cheriton Day Centre.

I would especially mention the efforts of the fundraising committee, which was set up two years ago. The Cherry Aid Charity has raised over 5,000 in that time by organising many events. We are indebted to them and to the customers of the Cherry Pickers for supporting our work for the elderly in this area.

Rosemary Braid,

Area Organiser, Folkestone Old People's Welfare Committee,

Shaftesbury Avenue,



Folkestone Herald 9 August 1991.

Local News.

Regulars of the Cherry Pickers pub in Cheriton have just handed over 2,000 in cash and equipment to charities. The pub's customers and fundraising committee – known as Cherry Aid – stage events and competitions over the year to help those in need. This year they have included a fun day, a swear bottle and barbecues.

Kent Air Ambulance, Folkestone's Adult Education Centre and the Multiple Sclerosis Society all received cheques for 500. Another 500 was spent on three nebulisers for people suffering asthma attacks. They were presented to two local doctors and the Royal Victoria Hospital.


Folkestone Herald 6 November 1997.

Local News.

A Poppy Day collection box has been stolen from a Shepway pub. The cold-hearted thieves struck at the Cherry Pickers pub, in Ashley Avenue, Folkestone, and took the box, thought to have contained around 10 in change. The box was later found with its top broken open in the car park of the pub. The incident happened around 6.30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 30, and landlady Mandy Hurst says she is outraged. She said “It is bad for it to happen, but even worse for that charity at this time of year. I think it is disgusting”.


From the Folkestone Herald, 18 July, 2013. By Antony Thrower



CLOSING: Lisa Kendall outside the Cherry Pickers with unhappy regulars.

Cherry Picker's locals

THE heart of the community is being ripped out, according to devastated regulars of a pub earmarked for closure and demolition in August.

The management of the "Cherry Pickers," in Ashley Avenue, was last week informed of the decision by the pub's owner Punch Taverns to sell the land for development.

But regulars have vowed to start a campaign to keep it open.

Resident Kerry-Anne Smith, 39, said: “It was a real shock when we were told.

“We are desperate for this vital amenity to stay as it is and not become another statistic of pubs being demolished by developers.

“This pub has a lot to offer, with a garden, which is rare in Cheriton, new beers being offered, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

“At weekends, a group of us always go down for drinks. We call ourselves the Sunday club. Lisa's been fantastic since she took over. The pub's really improved, with good quality food, a new pool, darts, and football team.


“The pub was really becoming an asset - the heart of the community -and it's being ripped out. We won't go down without a fight.”

Manager Lisa Kendall, 41, who sold her family home to take over the Cherry Pickers in March, now faces finding a new place to live with husband Brian and their three children.

The unhappy regulars are now looking to start a petition against the closure, which is due to take place on August 1.

Mrs Kendall said: “I'd like to thank our customers for their loyalty and custom.”

A spokesman for Punch Taverns added: “We can confirm the "Cherry Pickers" is still on the market and we are in advanced discussions with a potential purchaser.”


From the Folkestone Herald online, 10 October 2013.


Two cars were engulfed in flames at a pub in Folkestone last Tuesday night.

Fire crews were called to the "Cherry Pickers," in Ashley Avenue, at about 11.30pm.

They used compressed air to tackle the inferno, and water to cool some nearby metal beer barrels to stop the flames from spreading, but at least one of the cars was completely destroyed.

Police were also at the scene and the cause of the fire is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Constable Kirstine Davies on 01303 289431, giving reference ZY/29472/13


Local Paper May 2014. By Hayley Robinson and Tricia Jamieson.

Derelict Pub.

Investigations are under way into a huge fire that ripped through a derelict pub.

More than 30 firefighters spent over five hours tackling the blaze at The Cherry Pickers pub in Ashley Avenue, Cheriton, on Sunday.

Six engines plus a turntable ladder were sent to pub at 11.20am.

There was no one in the building and no one was injured.

Investigators from Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) were at the pub yesterday (Tuesday) to start looking into the cause.

Crew manager Mick Scott-Smith, from Folkestone fire station, said: “When we turned up there was smoke billowing from every door and broken Window. We just got on with the job.”

Hose reel jets were used to deal with the blaze.

The number of crews was downgraded to one at 3pm and firefighters were still at the scene on Sunday evening damping down.

Ashley Avenue was closed at the junction with Tile Kiln Lane and Shaftesbury Avenue while fire crews tackled the blaze.

Police officers also attended to assist with the road closure.

Kyle Tyler, 14, was a passenger in his dad Nigel’s car when he took a photo of the incident as they passed it.

The pair were on their way to drop some items off at a relative’s house before making their way to Maidstone.

Mr Tyler, 45, of Wear Bay Road, Folkestone, is the owner of the children’s indoor play centre Kidz Planet, which is 200 yards away from the pub.

He said: “We saw the smoke about 11.30am.

“When we went by there was one fire engine and the fire officer and another engine were turning up.

“I think it will be completely gutted as it looked like it had taken hold of the roof.

“The pub closed about a year ago and was going to be turned into flats then it was bought by a chain and reopened as a pub before being taken over by an individual. They tried to make it work but it closed about a month ago and someone said they saw a removals van there last week.”

A spokesman for KFRS said: “There were no reports of any injuries. An investigation is under way into the cause of the fire.”


From 25 May 2014, by Hayley Robinson

More than 30 firefighters deal with blaze at Cherry Pickers pub in Ashley Avenue, Folkstone.

More than 30 firefighters tackled the blaze after six engines and a height ladder were sent to the Cherry Pickers in Ashley Avenue, Folkestone, at 11.20am.

Hose reel jets were used to deal with the blaze which was extinguished just before 2.10pm.

More than 30 fire-fighters tackled the blaze at the former pub.

Cherry Pickers fire

Picture: Kyle Tyler.

The cause is currently unknown.

The road was closed at the junction with Tile Kiln Lane and Shaftesbury Avenue so Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) could deal with the incident. All routes are now open to traffic.

Kyle Tyler, 14, was a passenger in his dad Nigel's car when he took a photo of the incident as they passed it.

The pair were on their way to drop some items off at a relative's house before making their way to Maidstone.

Mr Tyler, 45, of Wear Bay Road, Folkestone, is the owner of the children's indoor play centre Kidz Planet which is 200 yards away from the former watering-hole.

Crews used a height ladder and hose reels to tackle the blaze.

Cherry Pickers fire

Picture: Danny Mantle

He said: "We saw the smoke about 11.30am because my business is right near it.

"When we went by there was one fire engine and the fire officer and another engine were turning up.

"I think it will be completely gutted as it looked like it had taken hold of the roof. I don't know if anyone was in it.

One of the firefighters inspecting the roof of the pub.

Cherry Pickers fire

Picture: Danny Mantle

"The pub closed about a year ago and was going to be turned into flats then it was bought by a chain and reopened as a pub before being taken over by an individual. They tried to make it work but it closed about a month ago and someone said they saw a removal van there last week."

A spokesman for KFRS said: "There are no reports of any injuries and the cause of the fire will be investigated."

Kent police added: "The incident lies with KFRS at this stage and we are in liaison with them as is normal practice."


Cherry Pickers 2015

Above photo, February 2015. Kindly sent by Kay and Mick.

5 February 2015

The Owner/Occupier

1 Shaftesbury Avenue



CT19 4NU


Dear Sir/Madam

Proposed demolition at: The Cherry Pickers, Ashley Avenue, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4NY

The Council has received notice of intention to demolish a building at the above address.

A copy of the notice and the Council's counter-notice issued under Section 81 of the Building Act 1984 having regards to the proposed demolition of the above property can be viewed online by visiting the Shepway District Council website at and selecting “Demolition Notices Online” within the Building Control section.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the address below.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Lewington

Principal Building Control Officer

Planning Services (Building Control)



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