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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1824-


Latest 1942

57 Burgate Street


Crown 1906

Above photo, circa 1906, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1920

Above postcard 1920, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown Inn

Above photo, date unknown.

Crown 1924

Above photo, 10 September 1924, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Showing Cardinal Bourne and Father Grady, marked the 700th anniversary of the Franciscan Friars first arriving in Canterbury.

Crown 1927

Above photo circa 1927, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown Inn

Above and left showing the "Crown Inn," taken from the web site Historic Canterbury

Crown Inn 1930

Above photo 1930. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1935

Above photo, circa 1935, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Looking along Iron Bar Lane towards Burgate, with the weather-boarded Crown at the end.

Crown 1941

Above photo, 1941, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Damaged early in the war, the Crown was patched up and defied the Luftwaffe by continuing to trade.

Crown 1942

Following war damage in 1942 the licence was held in suspense and the premises demolished. Above photo, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown war damage

Another photo showing war damage, 1942. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown damage 1942

Above photo, 1942. Not sure why Hewlett Johnson (the "Red Dean" of Canterbury) is looking so happy though. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1942

Above photo, 1942, kindly sent and annotated by Rory Kehoe. After the March 1942 Baedeker Raids. Of the mediaeval Crown Inn, only the chimney stacks remain.

Crown location 2014

Above Google image, June 2014, showing the location of the "Crown," to the right of the picture.

Crown location 2017

Above photo taken and sent by Rory Kehoe, 2017.


This was situated in Burgate on the corner of Iron Bar Lane.

I also have reference to another "Crown" addressed as High Street that appeared in the Stapleton's Guide 1838.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 20 July, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.


Thomas Webb, hostler, was charged by his master, Mr. Mittell, of the “Crown” public house, with embezzling thirteen shillings.

Henry Mittell, said:- The prisoner was in my employ to look after the horses and sell the corn. Whatever the gentlemen like to give him extra, he has for his own use. He had no wages from me, but he had his board and lodging. All the feeds of corn he sold he was to pay me for at the rate of sixpence per feed. On Saturday night, when I went into the stable to look for him, he was gone, and I saw nothing of him till this morning. I first employed him on the 2nd inst. I then gave him the key of the corn chest. I gave him an order to get me a bushel of oats, on the 6th inst. from Mr. C. Dean, in Rose Lane. He had a bushel of Mr. Dean last Saturday. I had no settlement with him. I wished to settle with him once, but he said “not now, I will call in again,” but did not, so that we have had no settlement. There hare been five gallons consumed of the last bushel. The two bushels would make 32 feeds which would be 10s. I went out last Saturday night to have a settlement for the whole, and I saw nothing of him till this morning. No one else had access to the chest, he had a lock and key, so that no one else had access to the stable. I charge him with embezzling 13s. I do not know when the feeds were sold, but generally on the two Saturdays. I discovered that he had the bushell above mentioned (of Mr. Dean on Saturday last), after he had gone. I arranged with him on Saturday the 29th June, and he was to come on the Tuesday following.

By the prisoner:— I gave you the key of the corn chest on the Tuesday. The other ostler took the key away with him, therefore I was obliged to get a new one made. You had to lake care of the corn and account to me for the feeds, which you did not do.

P. C. Twyman:— This morning I was sent for by Mr. Mittell to apprehend the prisoner, and I found him at the “Lord Clyde” public house in Military-road. I told him the charge against him was of receiving money for Mr. Mittell and not giving an account of it. He said he had lost a burnisher and two brushes. I searched him but found nothing on him.

Edward Joseph Pyner:— I live at Barham. Mr Mittell is my brother-in-law. When I come to Canterbury I always put up at the “Crown,” and always have. I know the prisoner. I paid him some money on Tuesday last. I don’t know whether I paid him the week before. Last week I gave him 1s.; that was 6d for the feed of corn and the rest for himself. I know that the first Tuesday that he came he was not there till the evening, for there was no one to see to the horses.

Charles Dean, said, I am a corn chandler residing in Rose Lane. I have some slight recollection of the prisoner, but I have so many people come to my shop, that I cannot swear to him. I have an account with Mr. Mitchell. This was not the man that fetched the corn for Mr Mittell last Saturday. I think I could swear to the man I served some corn to for Mr. Mittell, last Saturday week, but not to this man; it was to the same man as last Saturday that I sold it. What makes me think this is not the man, is that the other had redder hair than the prisoner.

The prisoner, after the usual caution, on being asked what he had to say replied “nothing.”

He was then committed for trial at the next Canterbury Quarter Sessions.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 22 February, 1862. Price 1 1/2d.


A man named George May was brought up in custody charged with stealing a quantity of groceries, the property of Mrs. Tappington, of Upper Hardres, from the stable at the “Crown In,” Burgate street, on Saturday. It appeared that Mrs. Tappington, having purchased a supply of groceries, ordered them to he sent to the “Crown.” They were placed in the stable, in which prisoner was seen by Mrs. Browning, the landlady, during the afternoon. On the ostler going into the stable as instructed by Mrs. Browning, he found that the prisoner was gone, and on looking round he missed the groceries. The prisoner was afterwards seen with the groceries in his possession, and information being given to the police he was apprehended by P.C. Holloway. The groceries were found thrown over a wall near the Riding Gate. The prisoner, who was drunk at the time the offence was committed, pleaded “guilty” and was sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment, with hard labour.



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