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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1801-

Crown and Sceptre

Latest 1922+

21 St. Peter's Street


Kentish Cricketers 1886

Above photo, 1886, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Postcard 1903

Above postcard, circa 1903, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown and Sceptre 1920

Above photo, circa 1920, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Former Crown and Sceptre

Above picture from Google showing the former "Crown and Sceptre" taken July 2009.

Former Crown and Sceptre 2017

Above photo, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe, September 2017.


Not a lot of information on this establishment at present but the Prussian Hermits are reported to have meet here every Wednesday at 8 o'clock during the year of 1837 and continued till at least 1862.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 31 May, 1862.

The Canterbury Prussian Hermits.

The anniversary of the No. 1. Lodge of the Grand, Loyal, and Philanthropic Order of Prussian Hermits took place recently at the Hermitage, the "Crown and Sceptre Inn," St, Peter’s Street, Canterbury. Between 30 and 40 of the Brethren sat down to an excellent supper after which about 30 brothers and gentlemen joined the party, to spend the evening in harmony and promote the general interest of the order. Several excellent songs were sung, and toasts and recitations given. The late N.G., in proposing the health of the worthy host (Mr. George Rye), observed that the past quarter (in which he had had the honour to preside over the brothers) was a most successful one, exceeding most if not all proceeding quartern for many years. The number attending each weekly meeting was nearly 60, and during the whole quarter the greatest harmony and good fellowship prevailed. He further said that he attributed the success in no small measure to the civil and obliging manner of the host, his unremitting attention to the wants of the brother's, and his willingness at all times to comply with their wishes. Other toasts followed (including "the present officers," proposed by Brother P. G. Alchin in a neat speech). About 11 o'clock the brethren separated, after having spent a very pleasant evening, fully determined to exert themselves to carry on and carry out the great, brave, generous and philanthropic objects of the Order.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 27 January 1900. Price 1d.


Philomeno Burns was charged with being drunk on Saturday.

Sergeant Swain found prisoner outside the “Crown and Sceptre” helplessly drunk.

Miss Cooper, in whose home the prisoner was, said that the matron would take her back to the home if the Bench discharged her. The prisoner worked as a laundress in the home.

The Bench discharged prisoner on her promising to go back to Miss Cooper's home.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 24 March 1900. Price 1d.


The Canterbury Coroner (Dr. T. S. Johnson) held an Inquest it the “Crown and Sceptre Inn,” St. Peter's Street, on Thursday, on the body of Louisa Canham, aged 45 years, who committed suicide. Deceased was a domestic servant, and had been in the employ of Mrs. Windsor, of 38. St. Dunstan's Street, since March 6. 0n Tuesday night she retired to rest about 10.46. On the following morning her mistress went downstairs about 9.15. and on going into the dining room saw no fire. She then went out into the kitchen; there was no fire there. She called upstairs to her servant, and getting no reply, went upstairs. On opening the door of deceased's bedroom she saw her hanging by the neck with a piece of rope passed through a staple in a beam, close to the window. She touched her and called her by her name. Getting no reply, she went out, and came back again and touched her once more. Still eliciting no answer she gave information to the police. Sergeant Swain went up about 10.15 a.m., and was shown into the room by Mr. Fairbrass, of London Road, and saw deceased hanging as already described. With the assistance of a man named Brett the police sergeant cut deceased down, and laid her on the bed. Dr. Sworn was called, and he pronounced life extinct. At the inquest Frederick William Canham identified deceased as his sister. He saw her three weeks ago on the Friday. She then appeared cheerful, and made no complaint. He had seen her at times since that; she seemed depressed, and he had endeavoured that; she seemed depressed, and he had endeavoured to cheer her up. It appeared that she had been keeping her brother's house for the past nine years, and left to go to service when be got married. The Coroner, summing up, said it was a sad case, and expressed his sympathy with the brother and with deceased's mistress. The jury returned a verdict of “Suicide whilst temporarily insane.”

It is stated that the deceased had relatives at the front, and it is surmised that anxiety concerning their safety contributed to the disturbance of her mental condition.


From the Whitstable Times, 24 August, 1900.


The City Coroner (Dr. T. S. Johnson) held an inquest at the "Crown and Sceptre," St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, on Thursday, touching the death of Mary Jane Balsey, who died under interesting circumstances.

William Belsey, a bricklayer, residing at 3, Garden Villas, Canterbury, stated that deceased was his wife, and was aged 45. She was taken ill on the 20th inst, at 11 o'clock at night, and became worse at one o'clock the following morning, so witness went for Mrs. Abbs, a midwife, who was in attendance within a quarter of an hour. On the morning of the 21st, after making enquiries as to the condition of his wife, he went to his work. At nine o'clock his daughter came to him at his work and told him to come quickly, saying that the doctor had been and stated that her mother had heart disease. Witness got home just after nine o'clock and found his wife dead. Mrs. Abbs told him that she had not asked for anyone and went off suddenly. Mrs. Abbs had attended her on three other occasions with success and she never would have anyone else.

Margaret Bateman Abbs, living at 88, Broad Street, Canterbury, deposed that she was a married woman, and was a certified midwife. She was engaged by the deceased to attend her two months ago. She was called at one o'clock on the morning of the 21st and attended. When the husband left for work deceased was all right. Soon afterwards she breathed heavily and witness sent for some brandy and gave patient some. She also sent for Mr. Sidney Wacher and the husband. The doctor came almost immediately, but on his arrival he found the deceased dead.

Alfea Mary Belsey, the deceased’s daughter, also gave evidence.

Mr. Sidney Wacher, surgeon, stated that he was summoned on the morning of the 21st about 7 o'clock. He went at once, and on entering the house Mrs. Abbs said: "I am afraid you are too late, she is dead." Witness found the child was not born so he delivered it and tried to restore it to life but failed. On further examination witness found the deceased had a rupture, and in his opinion this was the cause of death.



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