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Earliest 1891-

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Latest 1938

57 Broad Street


Exeter Arms 1921

The pub used to advertise "all local beers drawn from the wood" and was run by a Mr. Frederick & Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman in the 1920s. It was a free house when owned by them, although after Frederick Chapman's death (c.1930) it may have been sold by his widow to Tomson & Wotton. I can't think why Tomson & Wotton would otherwise have spent good money on the brewery windows/livery as seen in the pre-1940 pic.

After leaving the Exeter, Mrs Chapman went on to run the Woodman's Arms in Wincheap (which I think was a Gardner's, then a Tomson & Wotton house) until in closed in 1955.

The picture above shows the Exeter's decorated Canterbury Carnival float, which was a wagon borrowed from Pickford's. Elizabeth Chapman is the lady in the white dress/black belt on the right, standing next to Billy King, who's holding the horse.

Mrs Chapman's son, Frederick, is sitting in the front of the float, with Arthur Hadson standing to the left of the horse.

Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


Above picture pre 1940.

Exeter Arms 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


The pub was operating from between 1891 and 1938. It may have been yet another casualty of the world war 2, as I am told that this side of the street was redeveloped after the war, probably due to the damage it received during it.

Previous to it being called the "Exeter" and I believe to around 1885 it was called the "Marquis of Lorne."


From the Whitstable Times, 21 June, 1902.


Patrick William Fogarty was charged with attempting to commit suicide on the previous evening.

Sergeant Swain stated that at 7 o'clock the previous evening from information he received he went to the “Exeter” public-house, Broad Street, with P.C. Robinson. He there saw prisoner with a handkerchief tied round his neck. He had been drinking heavily the last three weeks. On the way to the police station prisoner said he had had a lot of trouble.

Prisoner was remanded until Tuesday next.


From the Whitstable Times, 9 August, 1902.


An inquest was held at the Guildhall, Canterbury, on Tuesday, by the City Coroner (Dr. T. S. Johnson), respecting the death of Walter Henry Holman, landlord of the “Exeter” public house, Broad Street, Canterbury, who committed suicide on the previous morning.

Ann Holman, mother of the deceased, identified the deceased as her son. The deceased had not been well of late, and he had complained of his head. Witness went to Mr. Greasley for some medicine and deceased seemed better on Sunday night. Deceased had had trouble of late through his wife leaving him. On Monday witness got up at 6.45, and she had to go into his room, where she saw him on the floor. He was bleeding. Mr. Greasley came and stitched up deceased's throat. He ordered his removal to the Hospital. The knife was by his side. Deceased never got drunk. Witness last saw him alive on Sunday night, when he was perfectly sober.

Annie Harris, housekeeper at the “Exeter” and sister-in-law of the deceased, stated that deceased had seemed very depressed of late. He worried always and made out he had not enough money, but that was not the reason. He was always talking about his wife leaving him. The deceased had not been drunk during the past month, but prior to that he occasionally got drunk. On the previous day witness was called by the last witness, and she saw the deceased and what he had done.

George Drake, labourer, living at the “Exeter,” stated that he had acted as deputy lodging-house keeper to the deceased for about twelve months. He was called up the previous morning, and he saw the deceased had cut his throat. When witness assisted him the deceased said “Let me alone.” Deceased drank very little.

P.C. Lockey gave evidence of moving the deceased on an ambulance from the Exeter to the Hospital.

Mr. N. R. Philips, house surgeon at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, stated that deceased, who was 41 years of age, was admitted to the Hospital on Monday morning at about 9 o’clock. Witness examined him and found life to be extinct. There was a wound in deceased’s neck. The wound had been dressed and stitched. The cause of death was loss of blood and shock.

Mr. John Greasley attended the inquest and made a statement as he ordered the deceased’s removal to the Hospital. He said he had known the deceased for about seven years. He had been subject to fits of mental depression, especially since his wife left him. Deceased had got a divorce from his wife and it was a great expense to him. He had been better for the past twelve months, but about a month ago he consulted witness and he had two bottles of medicine. On Sunday last the deceased had another bottle of medicine. Witness was called to the “Exeter” very early on Monday morning. He went there directly and took with him all the appliances he could as he was told the man had cut his throat. On arrival he found the deceased on his back. There had been a certain amount of bleeding but not so much as witness had seen in cut throat cases. There was a small wound in front of deceased's throat. The wound might have been caused by the pocket knife produced. There was no haemorrhage at the time. Witness searched for any bleeding points, and there was only a bleeding point on the skin. He put two stitches in to stop the bleeding. As it was a punctured wound and there was a chance of haemorrhage setting in witness ordered deceased’s removal to the Hospital where he could he constantly watched. He was exceedingly surprised to hear the man was dead on his arrival at the Hospital. When the deceased was examined by the House Surgeon at the Hospital witness saw there were extensive injuries to parts of the neck.

The jury returned a verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane.



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