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From an email sent to me from Donna [Jarvis] Zimmer, 6 June, 2010

I am Donna [Jarvis] Zimmer, 4x great grand daughter of William Brockman and his wife Catherine [Popkiss] Brockman, former owners/ victualler's of the "Hovelling Boat" and "Lion Inn".


I have no pictures but I can give you a little family history on the Brockman family.


William was born in 1796 in _______, Kent, England. He died in October 1860 at Pine Terrace, Durban, Port Natel, South Africa.


He married to his wife Catherine Popkiss on 7th of July 1823 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England. On the marriage record it stated that he was an inn keeper in Dover.


Pigot's Directory's [that I have info from]: 1823, 1828, 1829, 1832, 1833, 1834, 1839, 1840.

Brockman, Dover or Wm Brockman, Hovelling Boat, Great street, Dover.

Pigot's 1840- "Lion", William Brockman, Queen Elizabeth street

1841 Dover Census Records indicate, victualler, Elizabeth street.


They had a family of 11 children.

1] Rosanna Brockman; b. 1824 Dover - d. 1892 Hythe

2] Thomas Young Brockman ; b. 1825 Dover - d. 1895 Watford

3] Catherine Brockman; b. 1827 Dover - d. after 1891

4] William Brockman; b. 1829 Dover - d. 1829 Dover

5] Fanny Brockman; b. 1830 Dover - d. 1881-1891

6] Georgiana Brockman; b. 1832 Dover - d. ?

7] William Popkiss Brockman; b. 1833 Dover - d. 1836 Dover

8] Louisa C. Brockman; b. 1835 Dover - d. 1915 Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts USA * She married to George William Graves in 1852.

9] John Frederick Brockman; b. 1837 Dover - d. 1838 Dover

10] William Henry Brockman; b. 1839 Dover - d. 1862 Zululand, Africa

11] Edward Popkiss Brockman; b. 1842 Dover - d. 1843 Dover

Feb 1850 William Brockman, wife Catherine and 3 children, Fanny, Louisa and William Henry sailed on the "Lady Bruce" from London and arrived at Port Natel, Durban, South Africa on 9th May 1850. William was allotted land for farming but instead became a policeman. By 1852 he was Constable at the Port. From 1856-1860 he was the Nightwatch at the Customs House. In 1860 after 10 years of service he gave up his post due to ill health and died by 13th Oct 1860.

His wife Catherine went back to England and died there on the 19th Apr 1885, York street, Dover.

Daughter Louisa married to a mariner, George William Graves, and came to America to live, she being my 3rd great grandmother.


Just thought you might like to know the "owners" history and story.


Donna [Jarvis] Zimmer

USA, New Hampshire


From the Canterbury Box K No.7 affidavits for grant of probate.

Sarah BROCKMAN – grant of probate re the estate of John BROCKMAN deceased, late of Charlton by Dover, innkeeper 10 February 1844.