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Earliest 1970s

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Grand Burstin Hotel

Open 2020+

Marine Parade


Hotel Burstin postcard, date unknown

Hotel Burstin postcard, date unknown.

Grand Burstin Hotel Grand Burstin Hotel

Above photos showing the Grand Burstin Hotel 2009.

Motel Burstin date unknown

Above postcard, date unknown.


The Burstin Motel as it was first called was built in the 1970s.

The building was designed to resemble the main part of a ship - connecting it to the harbour - a design which caused much controversy at the time.

The building was built from the foundations of the "Royal Pavilion Hotel," originally built in 1843; parts of which for the new Burstin Hotel, such as the Victorian restaurant.

The building was bought from the Grand Leisure Group in November 2004 by Britannia Hotels who now have 35 hotels across the UK.


From the Dover Express, 26 November, 2009.

Secrets of the hotel.

SECRETS buried under the Grand Burstin hotel at Folkestone were revealed in words and screened photographs to members of The Dover Society this month.

Artist Ruth Patkinson from Folkestone spoke at St Mary's parish centre about the Royal Pavilion Hotel, a 400-bedroom establishment built near Folkestone harbour.

Miss Parkinson told how, when she first moved to Folkestone, she discovered a door at the back of the Burstin, which made her investigate further. She was given the run of the hotel and made many finds in the cellars and elsewhere. Much of the Royal Pavilion was demolished to make way for the Burstin although, she said, sections of the old hotel were still "crudely attached".

Her investigations around the cellars and other parts of the Burstin led her to research the guests who stayed at the Royal Pavilion, which gained its "Royal" prefix following an 1855 visit by Queen Victoria to inspect troops at Shorncliffe.

Folkestone newspapers each week listed staying guests at the Pavilion and these showed that members of the European financial Rothschild family were regular guests.

Other notable guests, many of whom had just crossed the Channel from Boulogne to Folkestone, included authors Dickens and Thackeray, the Punch cartoonist John Leach, Prince Albert, the Duke of Wellington, the King of Sardinia as well many princes and counts.

Miss Parkinson said it was a great pity that the Royal Pavilion was demolished and that at one stage the holiday camp pioneer Billy Butlin wanted to buy it.

"It's a pity he didn't," commented Miss Parkinson.


From the Dover Express, Thursday 26 March 2020. By John James.

Grand Burstin Hotel 2020

THE owners of some of the country’s most popular hotels, including the "Grand Burstin Hotel" in Folkestone, have come under fire after letting several staff members go in a brutal fashion.

A leaked letter has shown the manner in which the manager of the Coylumbridge Hotel in Scotland informed staff that they had lost their livelihoods and their accommodation.

In the letter, employees were told that their "services were no longer required" and that they needed to "vacate the hotel" immediately.

The letter attempted to blame the government for the sudden move.

The Coylumbridge Hotel and Folkestone's "Grand Burstin" are both run by the Britannia Hotels group.

The letter said: "Taking the latest Govemment advice, this letter is to confirm that with effect from March 19, 2020 your employment has been terminated as your services are no longer required.

"You are asked to vacate the hotel accommodations immediately, returning any company property to John Macfarlane, hotel controller, before leaving the hotel."

Following the dismissal, the letter went viral on Twitter with many expressing their disgust that a company could treat its staff like this in the midst of a public health emergency.

These include outspoken TV host Piers Morgan who described the action as "contemptible".

John G Burns said on Twitter: "Aviemore Coylumbridge Hotel sent this letter to staff today.

"Not just fired but chucked out of their accommodation with no notice and no redundancy pay!

"Britannia Hotels should be ashamed of themselves. Certainly no 'room at the inn' here, disgusting."

Linda Lindsay wrote: "That is absolutely disgusting, @BritanniaLtd should hang their heads in shame treating their employees like that."

The Herald and Express has approached Britannia Hotels and the "Grand Burstin Hotel" for comment. Britannia Hotels has so far declined to comment on the matter.



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