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Earliest 1960-

House of Agnes Hotel

Open 2018+

71 St. Dunstan Street


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House of Agnes pencil sketch

Pencil sketch, date unknown.

House of Agnes drawing 1972

Above print from "City of Canterbury Streets and Buildings," drawing by John Berbiers. 28 May 1972.

Fleur de Lis Inn

Above postcard, date unknown. The card also had printed underneath it, "Agnes Wickfield's House. David Copperfield."

House of Agnes 1910

Above postcard circa 1910. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

House of Agnes 1910

Above photo, circa 1910, kindly sent by Garth Wyver.

House of Agnes beermat

Above beer-mat kindly sent by Mike Lyon.

House of Agnes Hotel

This fascinating wintry picture of St Dunstan's Street was taken before the First World War from the railway crossing and looks towards the Westgate Towers.

Many surviving late medieval timber framed buildings can be seen along the street's south side in both the old and current photographs. Nearest the camera on the right is the triple gabled "House of Agnes," which is thought to be the one described by Charles Dickens, in ‘David Copperfield', as belonging to Mr Wickfield. By the late 1930s it had become a cafe run by Mesdames Wells, Smith and Williams.

Further down on the same side, and opposite the junction with Station Road West, can be found another medieval triple gabled building, which had at one time been the "Star Inn." By the time the old picture was taken the inn had long gone, and the building divided into three parts as Nos. 77 to 79 St Dunstan's Street. By the late 1930s it was still three separate parts; a private dwelling, a grocer's and draper's shop respectively.

A number of buildings on the other side of St Dunstan's Street were destroyed in the blitz of Canterbury, including some that can be seen on the left of the old photograph. The south side received considerable blast damage, particularly the former "Star Inn," but fortunately was not beyond repair and restoration.

House of Agnes Hotel

Today, the south side of St Dunstan's Street has altered little since the early years of this century, and only the occupants have changed. The "House of Agnes" is now a restaurant and hotel, and two thirds of the old "Star Inn" have been reunited as a hospice shop. The other third has become an extension for the "Rose and Crown" public house next door.

House of Agnes 2017

Above photo, 2017.

House of Agnes rear 2017

Above photo showing the rear, 2017.


This, I have found listed as a Bed and Breakfast in 2018, but it used to operate as a hotel, so I'm adding it in this list till someone tells me otherwise. I believe it is now operating as a restaurant.



FROST E l & L E ????


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