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Earliest 1847-

(Name from)

Jolly Gardener's

Latest 1938+

3 Northgate Street / Cold Harbour Lane


Jolly Gardener's

Above photo kindly sent by Robert Smith. Date unknown.

Jolly Gardener's 1961

Above photo kindly sent by Robert Smith. Date unknown.

Jolly Gardener's 1935

Above photo 1935 kindly sent by Robert Smith and Tim Timpson.

Jolly Gardeners 1930

Above photo, 1930, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Vicinity of Jolly Gardener's

Above picture from Google, March 2009, shows the area in which I believe the "Jolly Gardener's used to be. The building shown, right, is addresses number 2 Northgate.

Robert Smith says the following:- Unfortunately you have the location of the pub slightly out. Whilst the address is correct at No. 3 Northgate the pub was located on the site of where the Cold Harbour Flats currently stand and was on the corner of Northgate and Cold Harbour Lane (which no longer exists).

The above photo shows the same location as the photo on your site - from left to right are house numbers 14, 13, 12 and 11. I understand that No. 11 was once a Victorian Pub.

In the above photo to the far right you can just make out the yellow brick of Cold Harbour flats which would have been the site of the Jolly Gardener. The buildings seen were demolished in 1983 and sat in front of the Sainsbury's car park.


Traced from between 1858 and 1938, I believe this area was heavily damaged in world war 2 and demolished shortly afterwards. Today it is used as the Northgate short stay car park.

However, notes found on the "Poem of Canterbury" sheet says that the pub used to be the "Queen's Arms" until about 1867.


From The Advertiser, Saturday 2 September, 1882.


On Monday afternoon the body of a newly born child was discovered in the River Stour at Cold Harbour, Canterbury. It was tied up in some sacking in which a stone had been placed; and it was brought to the surface through the pole of a boat coming in contact with it. The body was discovered by two boys named Bligh, who were going down the river in a boat. On Tuesday evening the City Coroner, Dr. T. S. Johnson held an inquest at the "Jolly Gardener Inn," Northgate, on the body.

After hearing the medical testimony of Mr. C. Holttum, who gave his opinion that the child had not had a separate existence, and that no marks of violence were apparent, the jury returned an open verdict of "Found Drowned."

The matter, we understand, is in the hands of the police, but no clue of the mother has yet been traced.



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