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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton and Jan Pedersen

Earliest 1845-

Jolly Sailor

Latest 1857+

 South Street



Kentish Gazette, 22 June 1847.

Praiseworthy Conduct.

On Sunday afternoon, a lad about twelve years of age, said to be the son of the landlord of the "Jolly Sailor" public house, Folkestone, fell into the harbour, and must have been drowned had not Mr. Henry Baker hastened to his rescue. The poor boy was taken out of the water in an exhausted state, and delivered to his friends. Too much praise cannot be given to Mr. Baker, for his promptness and humanity in this case, and which we believe is not an isolated one.


Canterbury Journal 7 September 1850.

The 29th was the General Annual Licensing day, when all the old licences were renewed, and a new one granted to John Back for the "Jolly Sailor."


Kentish Gazette 9 August 1853.

Three men, named John Golder, John Back (a publican), and Thomas Lawrence, were charged, on the information of James Summer, a Coast Guard officer, with having entered the harbour in a boat called the Chance, having concealed about their persons altogether about 20 lbs. of tobacco, besides some cigars and spirits. The prisoners were remanded for the direction of the Commissioners of Customs. On Thursday they were again brought up and fined 100 each, or to be imprisoned during Her Majesty's pleasure. The fine was not paid.


Folkestone Chronicle 15 December 1855.

Wednesday December 12th:- Before James Tolputt esq., Mayor, James Kelcey esq., William Major esq., and G. Kennicott esq.

John Rolfe, beer house keeper, charged with having his house open at half past four on Sunday last.

The case being proved by police constable Samuel Nicholls, the defendant was convicted in the penalty of 5s., and 8s 6d costs.


Southeastern Gazette 18 December 1855.

Local News.

Monday: Before James Tolputt Esq.

John Rolfe, beer-shop keeper, was fined 5s. and 8s. 6d. costs for having his house open on Sunday afternoon last.


Southeastern Gazette 8 January 1856.

Local News.

Friday: Before The Mayor, W. Major, and J. Kelcey, Esqs.

John Rolfe, landlord of the Jolly Sailor, was charged with having a number of shirts, trousers, and other regimental necessaries, which case was ordered to stand over till Monday.


Southeastern Gazette 15 January 1856.

Local News.

Monday: Before The Mayor and W. Major Esq.

John Rolfe again appeared, but not being able satisfactorily to account for the possession of the goods, he was ordered to pay 2 5s., the treble value of the articles and to be fined 5s. and costs, making 3 in the whole.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 26 January 1856. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.

Wednesday January 23rd :- Before James Tolputt esq., Mayor, G. Kennicott esq., and J. Kelcey esq.

John Rolfe, landlord of the "Jolly Sailor," South Street, was fined 40s. and costs, for allowing drunk and disorderly characters to remain in his house.


Southeastern Gazette 29 January 1856.

Local News.

Wednesday.—John Rolfe, landlord of the Jolly Sailor beer-house, Heath Street (sic), was charged on the information of Supt. Steer, with wilfully permitting drunkenness and other disorderly conduct in his house.

Fined 40s., including costs.


Folkestone Chronicle 3 January 1857.

Wednesday December 31st: Before W. Major, J. Kelcey and G. Kennicott esqrs.

John Rolfe, beer house keeper, was charged by Superintendent Steer with harbouring prostitutes in his house, the Jolly Sailor, in South Street. It appeared that between 10 and 11 o'clock on Sunday morning last, a piquet came into the town to search for a soldier, and proceeded to the defendant's house, in the tap room of which they found three soldiers and several disreputable women. This being the second or third time defendant had been summoned before the magistrates, he was convicted in the penalty of 20s and 8s 6d costs. In default to be levied by distress and in default of sufficient distress, to be committed to the house of correction at Dover for one calendar month.


Southeastern Gazette 6 January 1857.

Wednesday: Before W. Major and G. Kennicott, Esq.

John Rolfe, landlord of the Jolly Sailor beer-house, South-street, appeared to answer the information of Superintendent Steer, charged with knowingly harbouring prostitutes and bad characters at his house on Sunday, the 21st inst.

Superintendent Steer stated that the house was one of the worst description; the landlord had been fined that day week in the penalty of 5 and costs, and had been three times previously convicted. The bench fined him 1 and costs 8s. 6d., and in default of payment distress warrant to issue, or one month’s imprisonment.


Kentish Gazette 6 January 1857.

John Rolfe, landlord of the "Jolly Sailor beer-house, appeared to answer the information of Superintendent Steer, for knowingly harbouring prostitutes and bad characters in his house on Sunday, the 21st. Fined 1, and 8s. 6d. costs, to be levied by distress, and in default, one month’s imprisonment, this being the fifth conviction in 12 months.


Kentish Gazette 27 January 1857.

On Monday Wm. Kelly, a private in the 41st Regiment, was charged before the magistrates for having assaulted two of the police force, who had been with the picquet to the Jolly Sailor to remove some disorderly soldiers, of whom prisoner was one, when he struck and kicked the police in a savage manner. He was sentenced to a month's hard labour in default of paying a fine of 5; and for the further offence of causing damage at the same house, he was ordered to an additional six weeks’ imprisonment, he being unable to pay a fine of 1.




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HUGHES Thomas circa 1845-51 Bastions

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ROLFE John 1854-57 BastionsFolkestone Chronicle


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