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Earliest 1863-

Moor's Head




Moor's Head Inn 1935

Above photo 1935, kindly sent by Jim Lane.

Moor's Head Inn 1935

Above photo 1935, kindly sent by Jim Lane showing Melville Charles Oats outside.

Moor's Head Inn 1935

Above photo 1935, kindly sent by Jim Lane showing Melville Charles Oats outside.

Moor's Head 1952

Above photo circa 1952, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Moor's Head 1960

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Moors Head 1960

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Moors Head sign 1960

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Moors Head sign 1950

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Moor's Head

Above photograph circa 1960 kindly supplied by Terry Wheeler of the Ramsgate Historical Society.

Moors Head 1963

Above photo 5 March 1963, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Moor's Head at Adisham

Above photo by Paul Skelton, 22 Aug 2008.

Moore's Head at Adisham

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 22 Aug 2008.  

Moors Head sign 1960Moore's Head sign at Adisham

Above sign left, 1960 sign right 22 Aug 2008, by Paul Skelton.

Moor's Head

Above photo, date unknown.

Moor's Head inside

Above photo of the bar, date unknown.

Moors Head 2019

Above photo, April 2019, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe.

Moor's head Tankard 1880s

Above tankard, circa 1880s, kindly sent by Jim Lane.

Moor's Haed Tankard 1880sMoor's Head Tankard base, 1880s

Above tankard, circa 1880's with engravings from I C L(awrence), Moor's Head Adisham, kindly sent by Jim Lane.

Moors Head artifact

Mandie Matthias kindly sends me the above photo of an object that she bought from a house clearance in Wales, it obviously came from the pub, but what was it?


Kentish Chronicle 12 September 1863.


Thursday. Mr. John Streetting, of the "Lion's Head," Bishopsbourne, and Mr. William Clarringbould, of the "Moor's Head," Adisham, made applications for a spirit license. In the first place the applicant had pulled down a beerhouse, and much enlarged his accommodation, and the "Moor's Head" is a newly-erected commercial inn, close to the Adisham railway station. The applications were granted.

Kentish Gazette, 4 January, 1870.


A pigeon match was held on Monday (Boxing-day) at the "Moors Head Inn," opposite the station. A large number of the "right sort" assembled, but the weather continued so inclement throughout the day that no sport worth mention was enjoyed.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 12 July 1873.


Mrs. Claringbould, of the "Moor's Head," Adisham, applied for a special licence to keep open one hour later on Sunday evening - to supply refreshment to travellers by the late trains.

The Bench refused the application.


Dover Express 03 September 1909.


Mr, W. Hobbs, of the "Moor's Head Inn," Adisham, was granted an occasional licence for Mr. Sladden's farm sale on October 7th.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 5 October, 1923. Price 1d.


The "Moore's head," Adisham, was granted an occasional licence for Mr. Hadaway's farm sale on October 10th, Rowling Farm, Goodnestone.


Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald 01 January 1927.


We regret to record the death on the 24th inst. of Mr. William Hobbs, the youngest son of the late Mr. Henry Hobbs, of Tappington Farm, Denton. Mr. Hobbs passed away peacefully after an illness lasting nine weeks. He had held the license of the "Moor's Head," Adisham for the past twenty-one years, having previously been the licensee of the "Royal Oak" at Blean near Canterbury. Mr. Hobbs was well known in the village and district. He leaves a widow, a son and three daughters.


Dover Express 09 January 1931.


On Tuesday evening, the Wingham Fire Brigade was called to the "Moor's Head," Adisham, to a chimney fire. On arriving, flames were pouring out of the chimney. A fireman proceeded to sweep the chimney with a gooseberry bush, fixing a bush to a chain and dropping the chain down the flue continually pulling the bush through until all the fire was swept out.


From the Dover Express, 20 October 1933.


Uproar in Public House.

William Keenan, Aylesham, was charged with wilfully smashing glasses, ornaments, etc., valued at 3 10s., the property of William Cocks White, licensee of “The Moor’s Head,” Adisham, on 14th October.

Mr. White said defendant, with some other men, came to the house and went into the club room. There was a quarrel, and the place became in an uproar. Defendant hit a man on the head with a bottle. Immediately afterwards there was a melee, and tables were overturned and glasses and ornaments broken. Witness did not see defendant actually smashing anything, but he was one of the four who caused the uproar. Another man, Smith, who was with the defendants was the real ringleader, but the summons had not been served on him. The case was adjourned for a month.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 14 July 1939.

Ducks stolen at Adisham

Cyril Morgan (25), a miner living at Aylesham, was summoned for stealing two Aylesbury ducks, value 10s. the property of William Tull, licensee of the "Moor's Head," Adisham, on 8th July.

Defendant pleaded guilty.

Inspector Tebay said the defendant was in the "Moor's Head" from 8.30 till 10 p.m. .At 10.35 p.m. P.C. Wissenden saw defendant acting suspiciously at the rear of the premises. He went towards him, and defendant ran away, but P.C. Wissenden caught him. When asked to account for blood on his jacket, defendant said that he had cut his finger, and, in fact, the finger was bandaged. P.C. Wissenden found two freshly killed ducks, and questioned, defendant said, "I saw them running on the road and caught them and screwed their necks." Inspector Tebay added that defendant was a miner living at Milner Crescent, Aylesham. He drank rather a lot. He had a wife and two children. On 16th June he was fined 10s. for committing a nuisance, and on 23rd June he was fined 10s. with 12s. costs for being drunk and disorderly.

Defendant said that he would never have done such a thing had he not had so much beer in him.

P.C. Wissenden, in reply to the Chairman, said that defendant had been drinking, but was not drunk.

Defendant was asked to pay the value of the ducks, 10s. and 8s. costs, and also agreed to be bound over for two years, a condition that he should abstain from consuming intoxicating liquor and not enter premises at which intoxicating liquor was sold.

The Chairman said that the magistrates congratulated P.C. Wissenden.


Dover Express 23rd July 1948.

Wingham Petty Sessions.

A sitting of Wingham Petty Sessions was held at The Guildhall, Sandwich, on Thursday before Lord Hawarden, in the chair, Mr. F. Rose, Major S. E. Allen, Mrs. Plumptre and Miss Tower.

Food Summonses Adjourned.

When Phyllis Priscilla Ransley, “The Moors Head”, Adisham, was called to answer summonses relating to the use of three ration books after new ones had been issued, having been issued with a new ration book failing to return the old one when it was found and making false written statements, Inspector Griffiths said defendant had moved to Tunbridge Wells and the summonses had not been served.

Adjourned till September 2nd.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 1 October, 1965.

Ballet in the bar at Adisham

Out of opening hours, with the tables and chairs pushed back, the saloon bar of the Moor's Head, Adisham, is an ideal dance studio for 12-year-old Lynton York, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben York, the licensees.

Copper haired, blue-eyed Lynton, who lives for ballet, a pupil at Aylesham Secondary School, has just heard that she has been accepted for an audition at the Royal Ballet School at Richmond.

She has been studying ballet for only just over a year with Mr. Sydney Woodman, of Canterbury, and has already won the 4.D.M.Y. bronze medal and tomorrow dances for the silver.




CLARINGBOULD William 1863-74+ (age 61 in 1871Census) Post Office Directory 1874Whitstable Times

LAWRENCE Isaac Charles Jun/1879-Apr/88 (age 32 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882Dover Express

Last pub licensee had TRITTON William Apr/1888-1903+ (age 29 in 1891Census) Dover ExpressKelly's 1899Kelly's 1903

Last pub licensee had HOBBS William 1906-Oct/16 (age 34 in 1911Census) (joined forces)

HOBBS A Mrs (wife) Oct/1916+

HOBBS William to Jan/27 dec'd Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1922 (age 34 in 1911Census)

FOX Robert William to Jan/1930 Dover Express

YOUDEN Charles John Jan/1930+ Dover Express

HOBBS Florence Jan/1930-Apr/31 Post Office Directory 1930Dover Express

JENKINS Ernest Arthur Apr/1931-Mar/33 Dover Express

WHITE William Cox Charles Mar/1933-Feb/35 Dover ExpressKelly's 1934

Last pub licensee had OATES Melville Charles Feb/1935-Sept/36 Dover Express

TULL William Sept/1936-Jan/42 Post Office Directory 1938Dover Express

TOY William Thomas Jan/1942+ Dover Express

RANSLEY Phyllis Priscilla to 1948

EMES/EAMES Leonard Douglass "Sam" to June/1954 Next pub licensee had Dover Express

YORK Ben 1965+

KILVINGTON Jack 1971-74


The licensee of the Off-license in Adisham was transferred from Walter James ASHLEE to Hary COOK 1st Jan 1942.


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Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

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Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald



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