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Notes of 1853



South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 3 May 1853.

Half Moon Inn, 131, High Street, Borough.

Near to the Brighton and Dover Railway Stations.

This house has been freshly decorated and refurnished, and a system of management has been adopted which combines good fare and comfort with moderate charges.

Warm baths at 8d. Excellent billiard table by Thurston.

Good French wines, at 2s. 6d. and 3s. a bottle.

Beds 1s. and 1s. 6d. Breakfast ditto.

Watchman All Night. Booking office and stables.

(At present I am not sure where Borough is likely to be if indeed it is in Kent.)


Southeastern Gazette, 30 August 1853.


Wednesday. (Before Capt. Burton, Dr. Drawbridge, and J. L. Levy, S. Steele, and E. R. Coles, Esqrs.)

To-day being the annual licensing day, the magistrates assembled at eleven o’clock for the dispatch of business.

Mr. Stephenson, on behalf of James Tutt, applied for a license for the "Fountain" beer-shop, Strood. The application was opposed by Mr. Lewis, and refused by the magistrates.

Mr. Lewis then applied for a license for the "Homeward Bound" beer-shop, St. Nicholas, in tenure of James Kason Goble. The application was unopposed, and the Court granted the license. (At present I have no idea which pub this is. Paul Skelton.)


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 6 September 1853.

This being the annual licensing day, the following applications for licences to beer-shops were made, but refused.

"Dorset Arms," Northfleet, supported by Mr. Arnold, and opposed by Mr. Prall.

"Crown," Perry Street, Northfleet, supported by Mr. Arnold and opposed by Mr. Topham, landlord of the "Rose" public house.

"Brown Jug," Whitaker Street, Chatham, supported by Mr. Thomas Hills, and opposed by Mr. Prall. At the hearing of this application one of the magistrates had left the bench, leaving an even number, and, on coming to a conclusion, there were 3 for and 3 against the licence. The application, therefore, fell to the ground.

"North Star," Northfleet;

"Alton House," Hammond place, Chatham;

"Royal Observatory," New Brompton;

"Halfway House," New Brompton;

"Royal Sapper," Brompton;

"Anchor and Hope," Brompton.

The following licence was the only one granted. The "Elephant and Castle," Luton Road, Chatham. This was the fifth application, and was supported by Mr. McCarthy Stevenson.

The "Wagon," at Gillingham. On this licence being renewed the Bench cautioned the landlady's daughter, who appeared for her, as to the manner in which the house was conducted in future, as there had been frequent complaints, and it was a disgrace to the neighbourhood.

All the old licences were renewed.