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Notes of 1868


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 14 September 1868.

Annual General Licensing Day.

The magistrates assembled on Tuesday at the Town Hall for the purpose of renewing standing licences of publicans and of hearing applications for new licences; there were present H. Ditchburn Esq., (chairman) G. Sims, T. Troughton, C Spencer, and G. Taylor, Esq., and Dr. Armstrong.

All the old licences were first renewed.
When the applications for new licences came on, Mr. E. Watts applied on behalf of William Brown, "Echo Tavern," corner of Whitehill Road for spirit licence, the house being only licence for the sale of beer. Mr. Watts produced a recommendation in favour of the application signed by 31 householders.

Edward Parfitt, of the "Railway Tavern," Railway Place, applied for spirit licence; objections were made in this case by Mr. Parker, of the "Queens Arms," Windmill Street, and by Mr. Clinch, "Bricklayers Arms."

Joseph Hardy, "Clarence Arms," Windmill Street, applied for spirit licence; objectors, Mr. Parker, "Queen's Arms," Mr. Fletcher, "Russell Arms," and Mr. Moore, "Windsor Castle."

The landlord of the "Coach and Horses" applied for spirit licence; no objection.

The landlord of the "Gladstone Arms," Cutmore Street, applied for a spirit licence; Mr. E. Hilda objected on behalf of Mr. Channer, the "Cricketers."

Mr. Goodwin of the "North Star" applied for a spirit licence.

Mr. Hilda applied on behalf of Mr. Stevens, of the "Refreshment Rooms" in connection with the "Albion Baths," for a spirit licence, and also opposed previous applications on behalf of Mr. Stavers. Mr. Hilder put in a recommendation in favour of the application, signed by a member number of respectable person.

The magistrates then retired to consider the application. After a consultation, which lasted about 20-minutes, the magistrates again took their seats in the hall. The chairman announced that the magistrates had decided to refuse all the applications accepting that of Mr. Brown, "Echo Tavern."