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Notes of 2011


From the East Kent Mercury, Thursday 6 January, 2011.


TWO pubs in Deal will have their licences reviewed after being accused of selling alcohol to under 18-year-olds.

The "Granville Arms," in Cambridge Road, and the "Walmer Castle" in South Street are both accused of serving people under the legal age to drink alcohol.

Police have requested the reviews and officers will submit reports when the "Granville Arms" case is looked at today (Thursday).

Brendan Carrick, landlord of the "Walmer Castle" pub, said his licence will be reviewed at a meeting of the district council's licensing sub-committee.

He is also accused of breech of licensing conditions.

On his Facebook Page he has been inviting customers to write in support of the pub. He said: "Police have decided to ask for a review of the licence because they say we are letting people in after midnight.

"There were reports of under age drinking at the bar which were never proven.

"They seem to think everything that happens in South Street is the fault of the "Walmer Castle,"" he said.

According to Mr Carrick, police want to reduce the licence to 2am on Friday and Saturday nights instead of 4am. He must also ensure that door staff work every Friday and Saturday.

The "Alma" pub in West Street is also accused of breach of conditions and failure to promote licensing objectives.

A consultation into the review of the Granville Arms ended on Christmas Eve and the consultation into the "Walmer Castle" and the "Alma" finished on December 27.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 10 February, 2011. 60p


Organisers make Dover War Memorial project their charity

Report by Rhys Griffiths

Beer festival 2011

HUNDREDS of drinkers enjoyed a selection of the country's finest beers at Dover's winter ale festival last weekend.

Organised by the local branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), it was the 18th time the popular event has been staged at the town hall.

The historic venue was packed with beer-lovers on Friday and Saturday, enjoying around 70 strong ales with unusual names such as Old Stoat Wobbler and Rest in Peace.

For the second year running the festival organisers decided to make the Dover War Memorial Project (DWMP) their chosen charity, with proceeds from the two-day event going to this good cause.

Marilyn Stephenson-Knight, who attended the festival with the charity's co-founder Simon Chambers, said: "In 2010 it was a fabulous surprise to receive CAMRA's donation, and it was absolutely crucial too. The DWMP was down to its last few pounds and struggling to carry on.

"Part of the donation enabled the DWMP to research and plan the extensive 90th Anniversary of the Unknown Warrior project, which gained Heritage Lottery Funding. That's well over a hundredfold return, benefiting hundreds of young people in Dover, across Kent and in London."


From the East Kent Mercury, Thursday 24 March, 2011.


AN AMERICAN collector of beer cans plans to visit Dover next month to add to his stock.

Jeff Lebo

Jeff Lebo has more than 80(000 cans in his collection, believed to be the largest in the world.

He has travelled the globe in search of his tin treasures and in April will be starting a month long trek throughout England. Wales and Scotland In an attempt to document all of the known cans produced in the UK.

His website, has pictures of many rare and unusual beer cans from around the world and he hopes to find many more examples on this journey.

He has often paid 200 dollars or more for particular examples and he plans to go scuba diving for cans in the lochs of Scotland.

Mr Lebo expects to be in Dover between April 22 and 25.

Anyone who has any old or unusual beer cans which might be of interest to him can contact him to arrange a meeting on e-mail through his website at or calling on 001-717-577-8327.


From the Dover Mercury, 14 April, 2011.


3D Advert

COMMUTERS at a London station were treated to an unusual sight ... the White Cliffs of Dover being repaired and cleaned by a crack team of workers.

It was put together by Carlsberg, which created an impressive 3D projection display at Liverpool Street Station to unveil the brand's fresh new look and slogan, That Calls for a Carlsberg.

A video has also been launched showing a SWAT team cleaning the cliffs.

It shows part of the cliffs crumbling and falling into the sea before the team moves in to repair the damage and give the cliffs a fresh, new look.

A company spokesman said the new line of That Calls for a Carlsberg represents their passion for heritage, quality, great taste and doing the right thing, while connecting with today's active, adventurous generation of beer drinkers.

"The proposition encourages drinkers to step up and do the right thing for their friends and be rewarded with a Carlsberg" he said.

Should the video not play in your browser, it can be downloaded by clicking here.


From the Dover Mercury, 28 April, 2011.


A TEENAGER who went on to the roof of a public house in Dover after threatening to kill himself was talked down to safety by police negotiators.

It happened just after 9pm last Tuesday when police officers were called to London Road following reports of violence and threats of suicide made by the 17 year old.

The youth, who was said to be local, climbed onto the roof and stayed there for more than three hours. Police negotiators attended and eventually persuaded him to come down at 12.35am on Wednesday.

He was arrested on suspicion of domestic grievous bodily harm and affray.

He was taken to William Harvey Hospital at Ashford but was discharged after treatment.

(I am not sure which pub this refers to yet. Paul Skelton.)


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 19 May, 2011. 60p


Beer sales fell by 3.8% in the first quarter of 2011, compared with the same period in 2010, according to the latest UK Quarterly Beer Barometer published by the British beer & Pub Association (BBPA).

Both the on and off-trade showed a decline of 3.8%, and the decline of sales in pubs has slowed, following an 8.8% fall in the same period in 2010 - the fastest first quarter decline since 2005. The impact of the 7.2% tax rise in the Budget has yet to surface in the BBPA's statistics.

Brigid Simmonds, BBPA chief executive, said: "Sales in the sector are still fragile."


From the Dover Mercury, 26 May, 2011. 70p


A SHOP worker in Dover has been given an 80 fixed penalty notice for serving alcohol to someone who was drunk.

The notice was served by licensing officer PC Stephen Alexander after a CCTV operator saw a drunk woman in the High Street.

The operator tracked the woman with the cameras because of concern for her safety.

PC Alexander, who is based at the Dover Community Safety Unit, attended and spoke to the woman shortly after she had bought a can of Stella from a shop in High Street.

The alcohol was seized under local authority powers and the shop worker who sold the alcohol was given the fixed penalty notice.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 26 May, 2011. 60p


A SHOP had more than 330 cases of beer taken away as adequate paperwork was not produced during a spot check.

The shop, in the centre of Dover, received a visit from a Kent Police licensing officer and a team from HM Revenue and Customs.

The swoop was called Operation Clean Sweep.

A police spokesman said: "The majority of the premises were all working well however, one premises could not produce paperwork for beer in the shop.

"As a result of this HM Revenue and Customs have taken the beer away to be stored and allowed the owner time to produce the relevant paperwork."

During the event Kent Police also arrested one man for theft of metal, arranged the removal of a car with dangerous parts and stopped 12 cyclists and advised them not to ride on the path.

Staff from Dover District Council found an overcrowded home, a blocked fire escape and lack of fire precautions in several homes.

Two officers from the UK Border Agency spoke with 22 people and made further Inquiries with 14 of them. They are still in discussions with two.

Also taking part in Operation Clean Sweep were representatives from Dover District Council, including Civil Enforcement Officers, other officers from Kent Police, the Dover Community Safety Unit, Kent Fire and Rescue service, the UK Border Agency; Kent County Council's Trading Standards, Education Welfare Officer and Community Wardens.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 9 June, 2011. 60p


Report by Gary Wright

A FATHER drank at least 15 pints of lager before he smashed his way into his girlfriend's home and beat up her new boyfriend.

Paul McCairn, 33, also hit the police officer who was called to the house in Sandown Close, Deal, to arrest him, and last Wednesday appeared before magistrates in Folkestone to be sentenced.

The court heard McCairn had spilt from his girlfriend of 13 years Claire Kennedy, and their nine-year-old son, after he had an affair which resulted in a pregnancy.

McCairn moved back in with his mum in Wilson Avenue, Deal, but on April 15 he had cycled over to the house, where he knew his former girlfriend was with her new partner.

At an earlier hearing on May 4 he had admitted two assault charges, a charge of possessing a knife in a public place and another of using violence to secure entry.

Prosecuting, Rachael Laughland told the court: "Leading up to the assaults he'd drunk 15 or 16 pints of lager between 5pm and just before midnight. That was a normal amount when he went out."

The court was told he arrived at the house and smashed a window to get in and then went looking for the boyfriend, who was hiding in his son's bedroom, as his ex-girlfriend called the police.

He punched the new boyfriend repeatedly in the face and when the police arrived, McCairn punched the arresting police officer.

Since his arrest on April 16 for the double assault he has been sacked from his job as a care worker.

Leanne James, mitigating; told the court McCairn had always worked with adults with learning difficulties.

She added: "Sadly, since he can no longer work, this means the property where Miss Kennedy and his son lived and he paid the mortgage for will be repossessed and they will have to move."

Before magistrates decided the sentence she reminded them he also has maintenance to pay for a second child.

Sentencing him to 150 hours of unpaid work, the chairman of the magistrates bench Alistair Lloyd said: "I don't know how you didn't drown with all that volume of lager. The compensation payments will teach you to keep your hands to yourself."

He was also ordered to pay 100 to the boyfriend Leslie Burrows and the same amount to police Inspector Stephens, with 85 costs to be paid at 10 a fortnight.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 9 June, 2011. 60p


THE Dover War Memorial Project has received a boost from the town's real-ale drinkers.

The White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales, held in February, adopted the Dover War Memorial Project as its 2011 Festival charity. Drinkers at the event paid for their beer using tokens and when they left they were encouraged to donate the value of any unused token to the project.

At a ceremony held in "Blakes" in Castle Street on May 25, Martin Atkins, chairman of the Deal, Dover, Sandwich and District branch of CAMRA presented a cheque for 500 to Marilyn Stephenson-Knight of DWMP.

He said "We were so pleased to have seen the project move so far forward in the last year that the Festival committee took the unusual step of choosing it as the recipient of our charity donation for the second year running. This is a worthy cause that highlights to younger people the history of all those from Dover who have died in defence of our country."


From the Dover Mercury, 16 June, 2011. 70p


Cheque presentation

CHEQUE PRESENTATION: Manlyn Stephenson-Knight, from the Dover War Memorial Project, and Martin Atkins and Dave Green from CAMRA.


REAL ale campaigners have made a 500 donation to the Dover War Memorial Project as a result of the White Cliffs Beer Festival which was held Dover Town Hall in February. It's the second successive year that the project has been adopted as the good cause to be supported by Campaign for Real Ale's Dover, Deal, Sandwich and District branch. The presentation took place at "Blake's" in Castle Street, Dover when branch chairman Martin Atkins said the project was a very worthwhile cause, which they are happy to support.

"We have taken the unusual step of supporting it for a second year as we were so very pleased with how far forward the DWMP has moved over the last year," he said.

"We are particularly pleased to have supported their Unknown Warrior 90th Anniversary project, teaching hundreds of young people about local casualties and memorials and the significance of remembrance."

Marilyn Stephenson-Knight said the project were very grateful for the donation.

"Every penny will be put to good use in memory of our fallen," she said. "The Dover War Memorial Project is completely voluntary, and we fund as much as we can ourselves, personally. But to continue all the work we do we are totally dependent on donations and last year we were down to the last few pounds, and struggling.

"Completely unexpectedly, along came Camra - like the 7th Cavalry to the rescue with just the help we needed, at just the right time.

"We used part of last year's donation to research and win a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

"From that we were able to co-ordinate the Unknown Warrior project, benefiting and teaching young people all across Kent and into London. We have lots of plans for the future too."

• More information about the project is available at


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 21 July, 2011. 60p


Thief stole trainers one day after arrest for taking whisky

Report by Gary Wright

A SHOPLIFTER swapped his grubby trainers for a brand new pair in an outlet store and when spotted by staff ran off leaving his three children behind.

Darron Fagg, 38, of Royal Victoria Place, High Street, Dover; appeared before Folkestone Magistrates Court last Wednesday to plead guilty to two shoplifting charges.

When he stole the trainers he was on police bail having been arrested only the previous day for another shoplifting offence where be had tried to hide stolen goods inside the shop, then return later.

Prosecutor Neil Sweeney told the court "On July 8 he went into the Co-Op in Dover and put three bottles of whisky into a Tesco bag he had with him. He went to the clothing area of the store, out of sight of CCTV and then left the shop without the bag.

"He returned a few hours later, wearing different clothes, went to the place he'd stashed the bottles then walked out. But the bottles set off the alarm."

His scam was revealed on CCTV and he was arrested by police on July 11 - his birthday - where he confessed that he only stole to get money to pay for his heroin addiction.

He was released on bail but the following day he went to the Original Factory Shop in Deal with his three children.

Mr Sweeney said: "He pulled the security tag from the trainers, damaging them, and then put them on and put his old shoes in the box. When he realised he was being watched by a member of staff, he ran off leaving his three children in the shop.

"When he was arrested by police he told them he was trying the shoes on then couldn't find his old ones. He said: "I shouldn't have to walk home in bare feet."

During: Fagg's appearance last week magistrates could not sentence him as he had also failed to comply with a previous community order which the Probation Service is already in the process of asking to be revoked.

Fagg's solicitor Donald Worsley told magistrates that if his client was not released on bail, his three children would be taken into care as their mother is also a known drug addict.

He explained his client was taking a heroin substitute as part of efforts to get clear of the drug.

he said: "My client is on 40 milligrams of methadone a day, his wife is on 90 and by herself she cannot cope.

"Their children are six, eight and ten years old and the mother sleeps for much of the day. My client suffered a leg injury which has meant hospital treatment and he has tried to get his family away from drugs by moving to another part of Dover recently."

Magistrates will sentence Fagg on July 27 after full probationary reports have been completed.

He was released on conditional bail and was told to report daily to Dover Police Station.


From the Dover Mercury, 28 July, 2011. 70p


A MAN who admitted drink-driving has been banned for three years.

Glyn David Kirk, 46, of Folkestone Road, Dover, appeared at Channel Magistrates' Court, Folkestone.

The court heard he was driving in Pencester Road, on February 12, when he was stopped and gave a breath test of 55 micro-grammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes.

Magistrates disqualified Kirk from driving for 36 months and fined him 120.

The disqualification will be reduced by nine months if Kirk satisfactorily completes a course approved by the Secretary of State by November 13, 2013, costing 192

Kirk must also pay court costs of 200 and a victim surcharge of 15.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 11 August, 2011. 60p


man admits drinking a 'fair few'

Report by Gary Wright

A FORMER P&O worker was caught drink driving by an eagle-eyed cop who spotted him pulling up in the middle of the road at 3am.

The WPC pulled over Darren Chaffey's Ford Focus. He was arrested after telling the officer he had "drunk a fair few."

Chaffey; 62, of Mill Road, Deal, appeared at Folkestone Magistrates Court last week where he admitted a charge of drink driving on July 21.

The court heard that he was stopped in Western Road, Deal, less than a mile from his home after he had stayed on with pals at the pub where he works as a barman.

Prosecutor Julie Farbrace told the court: "He stumbled out of the vehicle and the police officer could smell alcohol on his breath. When he was asked by the officer how much he had been drinking he told her: "I don't know, a fair few."

He gave a breath test and the reading was 60 microgrammes of alcohoI in 100 milliIitres of breath - the legal limit is 35.

The court was told that when he was arrested he said: "I should never have got in a car."

Defence solicitor Leanne James said her client, who had a clean licence, had worked for P&O Ferries for 30 years but has retired from seafaring and now worked in a pub.


She said: "My client is diabetic and had not eaten all day. Clearly the alcohol got into his system and he did not calculate the effect "He can't explain why he got into the car, normally he will take a taxi home."

Miss James explained that the loss of his licence would cause Chaffey problems looking after his grandchildren and had only told his partner about his arrest on the day of his court appearance.

She said: "He will have to tell his son and daughters that he can no longer use the car to help with his part-time caring duties for his grandchildren."

Chaffey who was smartly dressed in a suit and tie, was banned from driving for 17 months, fined 350 with 85 costs with a 15 victim surcharge.

He was offered the option to take part in a drink drive awareness course, which will cost him 192, but once completed will cut his ban by 25 per cent meaning he could be back on the road by September 2012.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 25 August, 2011. 60p


AN ALE and cider festival is to be held at the East Kent Railway this weekend marking the end of its centenary celebrations.

For three days starting this Saturday, the celebrations will run from 11am to 5pm and boast a wide range of local brews to sample and enjoy. There will also be a barbeque, and an extended timetable has been scheduled.

Tickets are priced at 10 per adult and includes a return ticket and a pint of ale.

For details visit


From the Dover Mercury, 25 August, 2011. 70p


To round off their centenary summer celebrations, volunteers at the East Kent Railway are holding an beer and cider festival this weekend.

Its 100 years since the railway first opened to freight between Shepherdswell and Tilmanstone Colliery and a number of special events have been held to celebrate the anniversary.

The Beer and Cider Festival will take place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11am-5pm, and it will be the third year that the festival has been held.

There will be a regular train service operating between Shepherdswell and Eythorne.

At Eythorne there will be a barbeque, a real ale bar and a real cider bar, sourced from Gadds' the Ramsgate Brewery, the Wanstum Brewery in Canterbury and the Tiddly Pomme at Faversham.

There will be music, a coconut shy, cards and dominoes and quiz sheets. Tickets cost 10 per adult including a return journey and a pint of ale.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 8 September, 2011. 60p


Suspected metal thieves trying to smuggle about 250,000 worth of beer kegs have been arrested.

The Eastern European men allegedly tried to bring through the empty kegs in five separate lorries last month.

The aluminium kegs remain the property of breweries when empty and cannot be sold.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 29 September, 2011. 60p


PUBS in the South East, including Dover continue to fare better than locals in the rest of the country despite punters curbing their drinking.

Across the UK, trips to the boozer have fallen by 19 per cent in the past year as shrinking household budgets cut into spending.

The figures from consultants Zolfo Cooper equate to a fall to four visits a month compared to five a month a year ago.

Over the same period, the average spend per person per visit has dropped to 15.08 from 17.88, leaving landlords 2.80 worse off per customer.

The British Beer and Pub Association blames the downturn on UK alcohol taxes.

A spokesman said: "These figures prove what we've said all along that the Government is pricing people out of going to locals.

"Hundreds more pubs could close unless something is done.

However, there was better news for landlords in London and the South East as the region recorded the fewest number of drinkers to report they are drinking less often this year.

It also has the highest number of drinkers visiting the pub at least once a week - 51 per cent versus a national average of 44 per cent.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 13 October, 2011. 60p


A DRUNK banned from Dover town centre has been jailed for three months after breaking the terms of her anti-social behaviour order.

Abbie Thompson, 26, appeared before Folkestone magistrates on Friday for sentence after admitting at a hearing on Monday that she had breached her community order and the Asbo issued less than a month ago for racially abusing a shopkeeper. The terms of the Asbo were not to consume alcohol in any public place, nor to use abusive language or behaviour for two years.

Nell Sweeney, prosecuting, told the court: "On October 1 police were called to an incident Involving an ambulance crew in Worthington Street.

"They arrived to find the defendant, who was obviously drunk, with red eyes and smelling of alcohol, carrying half a can of Special Brew in one hand and in the other, a carrier bag with three more cans. She kept telling police officers to "f*** off' and used the c-word repeatedly."

Magistrates revoked the community order and send Thompson to jail.

Chairman of the bench Cynthia Constable said: "You have totally failed to comply with the order and we are sending you to prison for 90 days.

"You have refused to comply with anything, you have harassed members of the public, and that's not a nice thing to do."


From the Dover Mercury, 29 December, 2011. 70p


I READ Martin Tapsell's letter two weeks ago about JD Wetherspoon naming its new pub and instantly thought (I'm sure like many others) our own Sir Norman Wisdom. Wouldn't it be a lovely idea to honour him in this way?

Jeanne Thompson, address supplied.


From the Dover Express, 29 December, 2011. 60p. Report by Gary Wright


Claimed depression and anxiety over wife in mitigation

CO-OP cleaner Derek Revell swiped bottles of booze when he was supposed to be mopping floors.

Revell, 55, of Beaufoy Terrace, Dover, appeared before Folkestone magistrates last week where he admitted taking alcohol worth a total of 122 over eight nights from the shop in Pencester Gardens.

He was caught when staff realised drink was disappearing and they checked the store's CCTV cameras for the time between October 28 and November 4.

When he was arrested Revell told police he was depressed after the death of his mum and when he discovered his wife was having an affair, Neil Sweeney, prosecuting, told the court.

But his wife sat at the back of the court to support her husband and magistrates heard they were reconciled.

Revell of previous good character had only one previous conviction - a burglary from earlier this year after he broke into his wife's workplace to try and see her e-mails after he became suspicious that she was seeing someone else.

Vikki Simpson-Lee, defending, said her client had struggled financially after his mother's funeral. “He resorted to alcohol and as a consequence has lost his job,” she said.

A stand down report was ordered and the Probation Service's David Mowbray came back into court and said Revell had been a binge drinker and had suffered separation from his partner this year.

“In 2008 he was drinking a bottle of whiskey a day but after he was diagnosed with diabetes had stopped,” said Mr Mowbray “This year had been difficult but he has not drunk since he was arrested for the alcohol theft.”

He was given a 12-month community order with an order that he undergo an alcohol treatment course and a course on avoiding re-offending. He was told to repay the 122 to the Co-Op with 85 costs.


From the Dover Express, 29 December, 2011. 60p. Report by Gary Wright


DOVER: Notorious drunk James Reid was back in court facing charges last week.

Reid, 34, formerly of Edred Road, Dover, appeared before Folkestone magistrates on December 21 where he admitted stealing a 12 bottle of vodka from Asda on October 25 and failing to surrender his bail for the court hearing on November 14.

He was sentenced to 60 hours of unpaid work and, because of his outstanding fines of 390, magistrates ordered he pay just 20 towards the court costs.