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Earliest 1808

Albion Hotel

Demolished 1894

Goldsmid Place / 46 Harbour Street


Albion Hotel

Above photo, before the Royal connection, date unknown.

Royal Albion Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown.

Royal Albion Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Albion Hotel painting 1810

Above painting circa 1810 showing the "Old King's Head" (right) and the "Albion Hotel" (left.) Kindly sent by Bob Lee.

Ramsgate Harbour map 1849

Above map, 1849, kindly sent by Bob Lee.

Ramsgate Harbour map 1872

Above map,1872, kindly supplied and annotated by Bob Lee.


Also known as the "Royal Albion Hotel" this was built circa 1808, before being demolished to build Madeira Walk.

The building was demolished to make easier access to the east cliff area.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 16 November 1810.

Albion Hotel and Assembly Rooms Ramsgate.

Henry Bear, begs leave to acknowledge his sincere thanks for the public in general for the very liberal support he has hitherto received, and hopes for a continuance of their future favours, which it shall be his constant study to deserve.

H.B. also begs leave through this medium of this insertion, to acquaint them, that he has no connection whatever with the old "King's Head," or the proprietor but has taken the above hotel and Assembly Rooms opposite, which he has fitted up in the most accommodating style, for the reception of single gentleman and families.

Wishes at the same time to appraise the public that he imports his own wines and spirits, and from their being of the first quality, he trusts will insure him their future favours.

Ramsgate, Nov 8, 1810.


From the Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury (Stamford, England), Friday, September 16, 1825.

The "Albion Tavern" at Ramsgate has been one continued scene of festivity during the last few days. Mrs. Coutts and the Duke of St. Albans, with their vast retinue, have been staying there. These wealthy and noble persons have made various excursions in the Isle of Thanet.


From the Kentish Gazette, 4 April 1837.

RAMSGATE, April 3.

An awful instance of sudden death occurred here on Thursday last. Mr. Collins, who keeps the "Albion Tap," was engaged superintending the painting of a house in Hardres-street, apparently in perfect health and spirits, when he suddenly fell down, and instantly expired, he was about 45 years of age, and of sober habits.


From the Kentish Gazette, 4 April 1837.


March 28, at Ramsgate, Mr. Collins, aged 30, landlord of the "Albion Hotel Tap."


From the Kentish Gazette, 22 January 1839.


Jan. 13, at Ramsgate, Julia, daughter of Mr. J. Nash, of the "Albion Hotel Tap," aged three years.


From the Kentish Gazette, 18 February 1840.


(The following was in response to Queen Victoria's recent marriage to Prince Albert on 10 February 1840. Paul Skelton.)

The principal tradesmen suspended business and closed their shops, that all classes might join in the festive hilarity. About 200 children were feasted at the National School Rooms; 150 of the Teetotal Society took tea at Hubbard’s Rooms, and discussed the subject of the joys of matrimony; and 56 tradesmen sat down to a sumptuous dinner at Corbin's "Royal Oak Inn," served up in capital style, and worthy of the auspicious occasion. About 120 of the inhabitants and their daughters partook of a supper at Hiscock’s "Royal Hotel," after which they joined in the "graceful dance." Nearly 100 persons of the principal resident nobility and gentry were similarly engaged at Bear’s "Albion Hotel," keeping up the ball till near daylight. The poor at the Union were regaled with roastbeef, plum pudding, and beer, so that nearly the whole of the inhabitants did honour to the illustrious bride and bridegroom.


From the Kentish Gazette, 20 October 1840.


THE COMMISSIONERS under the Fiat will hold PUBLIC MEETINGS, at the "Albion Hotel," RAMSGATE, on FRIDAY, the 30th of OCTOBER next, at Seven o'clock in the Afternoon, and on SATURDAY, the 31st day of OCTOBER next, at two o’clock in the Afternoon precisely.

Debts may be proved at either Meeting, and the Commissioners will make a Dividend at the latter Meeting.

Persons who have not sent in particulars of their claims, are required to send them to my office on or before the 29th of October next.

MARTIN L. DANIEL, Solicitor to the Assignees. Ramsgate, 25th September, 1840.


From the Kentish Gazette, 25 January 1842.


The Royal Christening of the Prince of Wales will be celebrated by a ball at the "Albion Hotel," and an evening party, consisting of the principal gentry and tradesmen will meet at Corbin’s, "Royal Oak Hotel," to do honour to the occasion.


From the Kentish Gazette, 5 April 1842.

RAMSGATE, Tuesday.

Churchwardens’ Dinner at the "Albion Hotel."

A very numerous and respectable party of gentlemen and tradesmen dined at the "Albion." The president, the Rev. R. Harvey, was supported by the Rev. — Lillingston, Rev. — Davies, Dr. Canham, Snowden, Daniel, Capt. Hodges, — Sackett. J. A. Warre, Esqrs. The utmost unanimity prevailed throughout a most delightful evening, the Rev. gent, left the chair at half-past nine, and the company departed. The dinner was sumptuous and the wines excellent.


From the Kentish Gazette, 10 November 1846.


Bear:— Nov. 4, at Ramsgate, after a few hours’ illness, Mrs. June Bear, of the "Royal Albion Hotel," in her 49th year. The noble and affluent found in her, not merely the paid hostess, but generous minister to their wants, and anxious nurse by the couch of sickness—and the children of poverty never appealed to her in vain. Many years must elapse ere the recollections of her kindnesses can be effaced from the memory, and greatly indeed will her loss be felt in the circle of her sorrowing relatives and friends.


Southeastern Gazette, 13 September 1853.

Nicholls v. Merryweather

Proprietor of the "Royal Albion Hotel," for selling wines. The same witnesses proved the case. The defence in this case was that the party who was supplied with the wine went into a private room, and the waiter supplied the wine thinking they were guests of the occupants of the rooms.

Fined 15s. and 14s. costs.


At this stage of the proceedings Mr. Child suggested that as they did not press for penalties, they were willing to withdraw the informations upon the several defendants paying the costs incurred. The following persons were then mulcted in 5s. 6d. each:—

Wm. Hudson, "Bull and George Hotel;" James Corben, "Royal Oak;" Thomas Parnell, "Admiral Harvey;" Charles Brittain, the "Mitre;" Charles Page, the "Woodman;" George Holmes, "Trafalgar Hotel;" Henry Simmons, "Lord Nelson;" George Mussared, "Spread Eagle;" Richard Butler, "Cinque Ports Arms."


Southeastern Gazette, 13 September 1853.

Nicholls v. Baker.

The Chairman said that this case ought to be gone into, as the Bench at Wingham on Thursday last had postponed the application for a renewal of license until the result of this was known, as there had been a former conviction. Mr. Child said he was instructed to say that there was nothing peculiar in this case, and that this was the only house at which they found the door locked. The magistrates therefore allowed the matter to drop.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 6 December 1853.


November 24, at Sudbury, near Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mr. William Bear, formerly of the "Royal Albion Hotel," Ramsgate, age 40 years.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 27 July, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.


During the week the telegraphic wires in connection with the railway station have been brought over the tops of the houses in Chatham-street, High-street, Harbour-street, to the “Albion Hotel” on the ground floor of which will be the office. This arrangement will doubtless prove very convenient, especially to those connected with the shipping.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 3 August, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.

Deane John Hoare, a visitor staying at the “Royal Albion Hotel,” was charged with assaulting John Watson, a driver of donkeys. Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Complainant deposed:— Last Friday morning, about half-past nine o'clock, I was coming off the Sands with two donkeys. I was between them, when near the Refectory, the flap of the saddle of the off-side one caught the defendant's coat, when he made no more to do than up with his umbrella and hit me on the face, the mark of which is now to be seen. The force of the blow knocked me against the other donkey. I could hardly speak for several minutes, and my face swelled up very much. I had never seen the gentleman before. The donkeys were going little more than a walking pane.

Mr. Crofton said that the defendant had pleaded guilty to the charge, and having considered the circumstances attending it, the Bench were of opinion that a fine of 1s., and costs 13s. 6d., would meet the justice of the case. Money paid.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Ramsgate and Margate Newspaper, 17 February, 1894.


Sale of a quantity of BUILDING MATERIALS, the Hotel now being demolished for Town Improvements.

MR. GEO. J. DUNN has been favoured with instructions TO SELL BY AUCTION, On the premises as above, ON FRIDAY, FEB. 23rd, 1894, at Twelve o'clock noon, the MATERIALS.

Comprising—Quantity scantling, joists, floor and lining boards, panel doors, several half-glazed ditto, pitch pine panelling, match boarding, old bricks, slates, tiles, cupboards, fittings of drawers, gas fittings, firewood, stone paving, TWO GOOD BATHS and fittings complete, pitch pine counter with mahogany top (16ft. 6in.), pair of large glazed doors, marble and slate mantel pieces, stoves, sashes and frames, three galvanised tanks, SIX-PULL BEER ENGINE, quantity of bells, antique plaster medallions and effects.

Goods may be Viewed on Thursday, from One till Five o’clock. Catalogues of the Auctioneer, Cliff Street, Ramsgate.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 15 October 1927.

50 years ago cuttings from our columns.

The Horse Slipped.

On Monday afternoon, as Mr. Allright's pair-horse omnibus was being driven down Harbour Street, Ramsgate, to meet one of the London, Chatham and Dover trains, and when opposite the "Albion Hotel," one of the horses slipped down. There being a considerable incline at this spot, the four wheels were quickly upon the poor creature, which was in imminent peril from the other horse kicking. By the help of willing hands the horses were quickly unharnessed, and the animal encouraged to its feet, when it appeared little the worse for its fall.

[The pair-horse omnibus, like the "Albion Hotel," is now a thing of the past.]



BEAR Henry 1810+

BEAR Jane 1823-41+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

COLLINGS My to 28/Apr/1937 dec'd ("Albion Tap")

BEAR Richard 1840-47+

BEAR John 1851+ (age 40 in 1851Census)


ALTHEIA Adelaide E Mrs 1858+

WRIGHT Edward R H 1861-67+ (age 57 in 1861Census)

KING Edward James 1871+ (age 37 in 1871Census)

TOMKINS Mr 1875+

COLLEY John George Creed 1881-91+ (age 35 in 1881Census)



COLLINS Mr to 28/Mar/1837 dec'd

BUTLER Frederick 1867+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29



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