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Earliest 1695


Open 2022+

52 Abbey Street (Standard Quay)


01795 536 471


Above photo, date unknown.

Anchor 1940

Above photo, circa 1940.


Above photo, date unknown.

Anchor Anchor sign Anchor plaque

Above photos taken by Pat Streater 1 September, 2012.

Anchor sign 1993Anchor sign 1993

Above signs, 1993.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


The "Anchor" was originally called the "Anchor and Standard" as the plaque shows, and is now a Shepherd Neame tied house.

However, it may also have gone under the name of the "Blue Anchor" as well whilst under the rule of Edward Shrubsole at the turn of the 19th century.

The pub is sited in Abbey Street, conveniently near the Creek whose dockside labourers it served. According to old documents the Faversham Abbey once owned ‘the Anchor in Abbey Street', probably the predecessor of the present seventeenth century house.


26 March 1789.

Insured:- Julius Shepherd, Faversham, Kent, brewer.

Other property or occupiers: in Faversham: the Anchor (Edwd. Shrubsole, victualler).


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal, Friday 6 June 1806.


On Friday morning, in the 62nd year of her age, Mrs. Shrubsole, of the "Blue Anchor" Faversham.


Kentish Gazette, 6 June, 1806.


On Friday morning, in the 62d year of her age, Mrs. Shrubsole, of the "Blue Anchor," Faversham.


Kentish Gazette, 18 July, 1806.


July 15th, in the 62d, year of his age, Mr. Edward Shrubsole, master of the "Blue Anchor" public-house, Faversham.


Kentish Gazette 01 November 1842.


Oct. 16, in a fit, after eating a hearty breakfast, Mr. Jesse Buesden, many years landlord of the Anchor, Faversham, aged 46.


From the Kentish Gazette, 11 July 1848.


July 2, at Faversham, Elizabeth Boalter, widow of Mr. Taylor, many years landlord of the "Anchor Inn," Opringe, aged 64.


Southeastern Gazette, 12 April 1853.


The monthly petty sessions for the borough were held on Wednesday last, before the Mayor and J. Bate, Esq., when the following cases were heard and disposed of.

George Collins, landlord of the "Anchor," appeared to answer complaint of Maria Charrington, for allowing gambling in his house. The complainant stated that on the 2nd April instant, at about ten minutes past eleven, she went to the defendant's house, and in the tap-room found her brother, a boy of sixteen, and several others playing at cards and "push-halfpenny." The defendant denied that the boys were playing at cards. Fined 10s. and costs.


From the Kentish Chronicle 8 October 1859. Price 1d.


George Clark, a travelling cutler, was examined before the Mayor on Tuesday, charged with damaging the walls of the "Anchor Inn," by throwing stones at them. It appeared that he was turned out of the house at 12 o'clock at night. Ordered to pay 6d. damage, and costs; committed in default.


Dover Express 9th August 1940. Dover Police Court 2nd August 1940.

Jim Henry Mercer of the “Anchor” Inn, Abbey Street, Faversham, was summoned for driving a motor cycle within the Defence Area, five miles from the coast, on July 20th, without a Defence Permit.

Mr. J. H. Mowll appeared for defendant who pleaded not guilty.

P.C. Grant said that at 4.30 p.m. on 20th July he was on duty at Crabble Hill when he saw Mercer driving a motor cycle combination from the direction of Canterbury. As no Defence Permit was exhibited, witness stopped him and asked him if he had one. Defendant replied “I have not got it yet”. He added that he was on his way to the Police Station to get one and made the application the previous week. He used the cycle for the firm’s work. In reply to Mr. Mowll, witness said that the Order came into force about ten days previous to the offence.

Mr. Mowll said that he could not help feeling that the case was very unsatisfactory but he was not criticising the police. The defendant applied the previous week for a permit and he was told to bring his Identity Card which he had not got on him then. He had lived in Dover for 10 years before going to Faversham. Defendant had been working for the Petroleum Board since the beginning of the war and was engaged on work of national importance. Actually, he was at first refused a permit, but as a result of the Petroleum Board pressing the matter, he was given one. He thought that defendant had been dealt with most unjustly in being brought before the Court that morning. The Petroleum Board were the people who provided the police and others with petrol.

The Chairman said that the police were justified in bringing the case, but, in the circumstances, the Bench had decided to dismiss the summons under the First Offenders’ Act.


Anchor Inn terriers 1949

Mrs. Calloway, of the "Anchor Inn," Faversham, Kent, 1949, is the lucky owner of these two terriers - mother and daughter - who are always ready to entertain.


From an email received, 29 November 2014.

William J (Bill) Fagg, picture taken in 1940 owned/licensee of the pub from around 1930 to the early 40's.

I believe he died in 1945. Also in the photo are his daughters Hilma Fagg 1914-2001 (left) & Lilian May Jamieson nee Fagg 1907-1999, and my dad Colin Jamieson as a 7 year old 1933-2014.

Andy Jamieson.

Anchor licensee and family 1940


From 6 November 2012. By Claire McWethy.

IT WAS out with the Crabshack and in with the coffee as Faversham's "Anchor Inn" reopened following a 70,000 makeover last month.

Grant and Natalie Ravenscroft

The changes are down to new husband and wife team Grant Ravenscroft, 48, and Natalie, 42, who took over the Abbey Street pub from Hamish Stuart and Claire Houlihan on October 1.

They have refurbished the toilets, laid new flooring and changed the lighting as well as introducing a shop selling local jams, chutneys and cakes with the help of private backers.

The Crabshack seafood restaurant has been replaced with a dining room and coffee shop.

Grant, who moved to the UK from South Africa 27 years ago, said: "We always liked Kent but when we saw the "Anchor" we just fell in love with it.

"We want to make it different from a typical evening boozer. We think the changes will create a relaxing, clean and fresh environment. The kind of place you can go for a drink and something to eat in the evening, or coffee and cake in the afternoon.

Former landlord and Average White Band guitarist Hamish had brought a reputation for live music to the "Anchor," culminating in the annual Moare music festival where the likes of Paul Young and Rolling Stones drummer Mick Taylor performed.

Mr Stuart said: "At the moment I'm just taking a holiday.

"I have no concrete plans for what to do next. But I'll be letting everyone know as soon as I decide."

Meanwhile, Mr Ravenscroft pledged to continue Hamish's support for live bands. He said: "The music will stay but we might have more acoustic stuff to keep the neighbours happy.

"We are hoping to build a stage in the garden for bands and theatrical performances and want to have a place for petanque, too."

The couple met after French-born Natalie complained about a meal to restaurant manager Grant. Since then they have run a bed and breakfast in Islington, a hotel and restaurant near Bordeaux and most recently Berkhamsted golf club in Hertfordshire.

Mr Ravenscroft added: "More than anything though, we want the "Anchor" to be a real community pub with a mix of all different sorts of people. The bar will stay the same and we are trying to preserve the old bits because that it is what it is, a historic pub."



SHRUBSOLE Edward 1789-15/July/1806 dec'd

BUESDEN Jesse 1824-Nov/42 dec'd (age 46 in 1842) Pigot's Directory 1824Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34Pigot's Directory 1840

LOCKYER/LOCKYEAR Raymond 1851+ (age 36 in 1851Census)

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HATCHER Richard 1861-62+ (age 28 in 1861Census) Post Office Directory 1862

ROOK Edward 1871+ (age 59 in 1871Census)

KEMPSELL James 1874+ Post Office Directory 1874

GOATHAM Edwin 1881+ (also carrier age 42 in 1881Census)

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FAGG William J 1930-38 Post Office Directory 1930

FORSTER Herbert G 1938+ Post Office Directory 1938

MERCER Jim Henry 1940+


FENTIMAN/FENTIMEN George & Hilda 1950s-80s

SMITH David & Judith 1980s Next pub licensee had

Last pub licensee had GREY Jim 1980+

Last pub licensee had VICTOR Nathaniel & DILNUTT Ali 2000-2003

VICTOR Nathaniel 2003-04

STUART Hamish & HOUIHAN Claire to 1/Oct/2012

RAVENSCROFT Grant & Natalie 1/Oct/2012+

???? Joe 2016+


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