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Bar 26

Dec 2009

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26 Marine Terrace


Bar 26

Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.


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From, August 23, 2006

This week's Thanet Times reports that our local police wish to close down "Bar 26," is this right. As far as I am concerned, the main role of our police is to gather evidence, arrest criminals, and prevent crime, none which is contentious.

However in this particular case, there appears to have been a history of police objection to the existence of "Bar 26," landlord Andy Gerrard is quoted as saying ''when I wanted to open the bar the police opposed it...''he later goes on to say ''.... in here People behave themselves. How can I be held responsible for things that happen after people leave my bar?''

Further in Thanet Times report Peter West area commander put forward this statement to Licensing chiefs.

1) Prevention of crime and disorder -''The high number of incidents linked with drunkenness gives police grounds to believe management of the premises does not fulfil this objective''

2) Prevention of public nuisance. ''This is a seafront venue and several incidents recorded in this document occurred within sight of members of the public using this leisure area.''

3) Protection of children from harm. ''There is evidence under 16s have been drinking at the premises.''

Two differing views, assuming both are truthful accounts, I would hope that the licensing authority takes a balanced view.

The police objection is quite notable, in that it doesn't appear to have evidence of anti-social behaviour actually occurring within the premises, and by that I mean violence taking place within the premises. When I used to drink on Margate seafront some 30 years ago, fights within the pubs and clubs were commonplace, so if it's correct, as would appear from both sides of this argument that this is a pub where you can drink without being distracted, where is the problem.

The problem apparently, from the police's objection is mainly as a result of violence and disorder occurring away from these premises, what I find difficult to believe is that participants in these incidents all come from one public house, surprising really?, you would think that this type of disturbance would generally result, from groups emerging from several licensed premises along Margate seafront.

Obviously in 30 years, drunken yobs have modified their behaviour, according to the police, one can only presume that drunken yobs now have greater control, and rather than lash out in the heat of the moment, now arrange in a gentlemanly fashion, to take a stroll some distance from the pub, then kick the S*** out of each other, in the timeless way these morons, always have done.

One other theory might be, that "Bar 26," not being part of a large pub chain or brewery, lacks the muscle to defend itself, but its closure would probably lessen the disturbances on Marine Terrace, until such time as a another pub is open to replace this one.

Again it's 30 years, since I have experienced a good night out in Margate, but in my day there was usually a heavy police presence along Margate front, perhaps it would be better if Peter West, could deploy officers as they used to be.

Although I have never been, "Bar 26" is clearly a popular drinking house, or otherwise it would not have been able to obtain 800 signatures in support.

For the full story you'll have to purchase a copy of the Thanet Times.


From, Thursday, December 24, 2009.

A NEW licence application has been made for "Bar 26" in Margate only a week after the original licence holder was told to shut the bar's doors.

The application for “regulated entertainment and late-night refreshment supply of alcohol” was received by Thanet council on December 8, just a week after Andy Gerrard lost his licence on December 1 after failing to respond to a closure notice issued over fire safety issues.

Police licensing officer Nigel Cruttenden said the application was made by the current premises owner and the bar will be reopening under new management with a new name and new staff in March.

He said: “The new bar will not be open as late as under the previous licence but will still be a late-night bar.”



I believe the name changed to "Harry's Bar" in December 2009.



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