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Earliest 1847-

Mulberry Tree Tavern

1873- (Name to) 1968+

47 Dane Road / King Street


Mulberry Tree Hotel

Above photo, date unknown, from the

Mulberry Tree 1961

Above photo, 1961, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Mulberry Tree

Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.

Mulberry Tree 2010

Photo taken 15 September 2010 from by Kevin Lane.


The "Mulberry Tree" is an eighteenth century house which seems to have changed its name for a short time to the "Freemason's Tavern" (c.1873).


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 25 April 1925.


The "Mulberry Tree," the ancient hostelry at Margate, was the meeting-place of a happy assembly on Monday evening, the host and hostess (Mr. and Mrs. F. Harrison), who were on the eve of giving up the house after some seven years’ successful tenancy, entertaining a large party of friends at dinner.

Mr. Fred Harrison is a member of a well-known St. Peter’s family, and, in pre-war days, was an enthusiastic sergeant of the Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles. Mrs. Harrison is a daughter of the late Mr. W. H. Moses, of Ramsgate.

Thursday’s gathering, presided over by Mr. D. Carroll (of St. Peter’s), included some of Mr. Harrison’s friends of boyhood and military days, the leading champions who have fought the battles of the Mulberry Tree Darts Club, and members of the flourishing Mulberry Tree Sick Benefit Society.

A substantial, well-cooked dinner was served, and afterwards there was a musical and variety programme of exceptional merit.

Opportunity was taken to present to Mr. and Mrs. Harrison a very handsome clock, with cathedral chimes. A brass plate attached was engraved: "Presented to Mr. and Mrs. F. Harrison by their many friends on leaving the Mulberry Tree Hotel."

Handing the clock to Mr. Harrison, Mr. Carroll suitably expressed the appreciation of all the subscribers and friends towards the host and hostess for their unvarying kindness end goodwill, and voiced the best wishes of all for the future.

Mr. C. J. Mullett (Ramsgate), who had known Mr. Harrison in his boyhood and yeomanry days, added similar sentiments.

Returning grateful thanks, Mr. Harrison spoke of the pleasant times he had spent in the shade of the Mulberry Tree, and the lasting friendships he had formed. He was leaving the house with many happy associations, and his wife and he would always treasure the splendid gift they had that evening received.

Messrs. Bass and Sidler were largely responsible for the success of the preliminary arrangements and the after-dinner programme. The entertainment was contributed to by Mr. C. R. Whitehead (an amusing "Little People"’ marionette turn), Mr. Marcus Kennett and Mr. C. Pyle (comedians), Mr. F. Harrison. Mr. W. R. Nixon, Miss Dorothy Rose. Messrs. H. Keeler. C. Bradley. D. Hickson. C. Bass, and D. Carroll. Mr. McCardle was a most able and adaptable pianist.


Dover Express 28th May 1948.


Formerly manager and agent of Chislet Colliery, Arthur E. Sutton (51), who led the Kent Miners contingent in the Victory March through London, was awarded the MBE for outstanding work in the CD and mines during the war and who is now licensee of the “Mulberry Tree”, Margate, pleaded not guilty at the East Kent Quarter Sessions at Canterbury on Tuesday to receiving 1150 cigarettes on April 30th well knowing them to have been stolen. Similarly charged was Edward Pope while Thomas Bannan pleading guilty to stealing the cigarettes from his employers, Bobby and Co., Ltd., Margate.

According to the evidence, the cigarettes, which admittedly were taken by Pope to Sutton, were found hidden in a basket in the garden of the inn.

Sutton’s defence was that he bought the cigarettes from Pope, whom he knew and trusted, on the assurance that they were not stolen. When, later, he heard that they were, he told Pope to take them away, and the latter did so in a shopping basked. Later he was informed that the cigarettes were hidden in the garden and he immediately phoned the police. He admitted that the police only found the cigarettes at the third search of the garden.

After a 20 minutes retirement the jury found Sutton not guilty and Pope guilty. The latter was sentenced to six months and Bannan to nine months.

As Sutton left the Court, he was congratulated by police officers.


Thanet Advertiser, 01 June 1948.

Licensee Acquitted. Did Not Know Cigarettes Were Stolen.

One of Margate's best-known licensees was acquitted on a receiving charge by the jury at East Kent Quarter Sessions, Canterbury, on Tuesday.

He was Arthur E. Sutton, aged 51, of the "Mulberry Tree," and he pleaded not guilty to receiving 1,150 stolen cigarettes on 30th April.

When the jury returned their verdict of not guilty, the Deputy Chairman (Mr. Christmas Humphreys. K.C.) said that on the evidence before the court it was a very proper verdict.

Similarly charged with Sutton was Edward Pope, who was found guilty and sentenced to six months imprisonment, while Thomas Bannan, who admitted stealing the cigarettes from Bobby and Co. Ltd., his employers, was sentenced to nine months.

The case against Sutton was that he bought the cigarettes from Pope for 5 and that a police search revealed the cigarettes hidden in a basket in the garden.

For the defence, it was admitted that the cigarettes were bought, but Sutton said he had the assurance of Pope, whom he knew and trusted, that they were not stolen. When he became suspicious that that was not so, he ordered Pope to take them away and they were put in the basket for that purpose. Later, when he was informed that the cigarettes were hidden in the garden, he telephoned the police.


This has also been referred to as the "Freemasons Tavern," as shown on an 1873 map.



WRAIGHT Elizabeth Mary Ann 1847+

HUDSON Joseph H 1849+ Williams Directory 1849

POINTER Edward 1851+ (age 26 in 1851Census)

(Name to "Freemasons Tavern")

WOTTON Mary Ann Elizabeth 1890-91+ (widow age 55 in 1891Census)

WILLS James 1901-03+ (age 36 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

KNELL Edward Walter 1911-13+ (age 44 in 1911Census)

HARRISON Fred 1922-Apr/25

WEBSTER Glenville 1930+

PONT Thomas W 1938-39+ (age 52 in 1939)

SUTTON Arthur E 1948+

Last pub licensee had RICHARDSON Benjamin & Margaret Next pub licensee had July/1965-Mar/68


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Williams Directory 1849From Isle of Thanet Williams Directory 1849


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