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Earliest 1989

(Name from)

Penny Theatre

Open 2019+

30-31 Northgate


Penny Theatre 2009

Above picture and sign below from Google, March 2009.

Penny Theatre sign 2009 Penny Theatre

Above taken from their web site:-


Originally the Alexandra Music Hall and Penny Theatre that operated from between 1750 and about 1903, rebuilt in 1850 and a balcony added in 1860, with an auditorium at the rear, the overall dimensions being no more than 18ft wide and 35ft long.

The theatre stopped in 1898 but may have continued on and off till 1903. Number 30 at the time being called the "Princess Alexandra," which I have reference to operating till 1903. After that date the building was used for a variety of different uses, including various shops, storage use, a restaurant and then again as a small unsuccessful variety hall, and finally closed in 1989. The building is now a Grade 2 listed building.

The legendary Judge Dredd died in the theatre from a heart attack as he walked off the stage on the 13th March 1998.

Lately operating as an amusement arcade the premises is now owned by the Stonegate Pub Company, a chain that has different branded pubs in most of the major U.K. towns and cities, and is operating as both a pub and presenting a wide range of music and comedy nights.


Penny Theatre 1988

Above showing the premises before it re-opened as the "Penny Theatre," and housed the amusement arcade owned by Leisure Investments in 1988.


The pub also offers free wi-fi and shows live sport all day. Apparently favoured by students the premises still houses the tiny theatre at the back in which live bands such as Radiohead and the Cranberries have once played.

In 2008 the bar was known as the "Scream" bar but this was removed around about 2009. I believe this is a bit of a gimmicky pub, with lots of promotions and what they call a "Yellow Card" for student price reductions, but have been told that often there is an entry fee to go inside.


Inside the Penny Theatre

Above photo showing the bar area.

Inside the Penny Theatre

Above showing the seating areas.

Inside the Penny Theatre

Above showing the hall.

Inside the Penny Theatre

Pool room. All above photos from




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