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Earliest 1805

(Name from)

Royal Albion Hotel

Open 2020+

38-40 (6-12) Albion Street


01843 869895

Albion Hotel 1910

Above photo 1910.

Royal Albion 1930

Above postcard, 1930.

Albion Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Royal Albion Hotel restaurant 1958

Above restaurant 1958.

Royal Albion Hotel garden 1958

Above photo 1958 showing view of the garden.

Royal Albion Hotel 2012

Photo taken 23 August 2012 from by Jelltex.

Royal Albion Hotel

Above picture showing the Hotel from the seaward side.


Built in 1760 and a former residence of Charles Dickens.

The hotel started life as the "Phoenix" but was renamed in 1805 in honour of Nelson's victory at Trafalgar.

William Payton was also the brewer of the Albion Brewery, probably on the premises.

In 1958 bed and Breakfast was 25 shillings. Next door, the Omar Cafe was renowned for its bespoke Omar Khayyam wallpaper.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal, 21 August 1818.

August 10, at bromley, aged 18, Mt. William Payton, only son of Mr. Payton, of the "Albion Hotel," Broadstairs.


Dover Express, Friday 10 February 1933.

Dover Brewster sessions.

Plans for rebuilding the veranda of the "Albion Hotel," Broadstairs, were approved. Opening Hours Unchanged.


Thanet Advertiser, Friday 22 May 1936.


The Cinque Ports magistrates, at Margate, on Monday, granted the application made by Mr. A. J. Pepin, licensee of the "Rose Inn," Broadstairs, on behalf of 22 licences at Broadstairs and St. Peters for an hour's extension of the permitted hours on Whit-Saturday and Monday, 30th May and 1st June respectively.

A similar privilege was granted to the licensee of the "Royal Albion Hotel," Broadstairs.




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BALLARD James & George (nephew age 28 in 1861Census)

PRICE William H 1874-81+ Kelly's 1874 (also wine merchant age 39 in 1881Census)

SINCLAIR Dugald 1890+ Kelly's 1890 (Also wine merchant)

VILLIERS Edwin 1891+ Census

TERRY James Franklin 1901-03+ CensusKelly's 1903

COLLISON Fanny 1911+ (manageress age 58 in 1911Census)

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