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Earliest 1867

(Name from)


Open 2014+

129 High Street (Shakespeare Terrace 1903)

(0 Buenos Ayres in 1871Census)


Shakespeare 1950s

Above photo, circa 1950s, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Shakespeare 2010

Above photo 2010 by Nigel Cox Creative Commons Licence.


Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.

Shakespeare 2019

Above Google image, 2019.

Shakespeare sign 1993Shakespeare sign 2010

Above sign left, 1993, sign right 2010.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Shakespeare water jug

Above water jug, date unknown.


Originally called the "British Tar" and also known as the "Jolly Tar" but the latter may have been the colloquial name, or a misprint in the papers.


From the Whitstable Times, 26 January 1867. Price 1d.


Wednesday. Present—Sir W. M. Coghlan, K.C.B. and Major Wilkie


A ticket-of-Leave-man, named George Moyne, was committed for trial at the adjourned sessions, for stealing a 2s. piece, 3s., and 6d. from the person of Charles Anslay, at the “Shakespeare Hotel,” on the previous evening.


From the Thanet Hidden History.

The Shakespeare Public House in Margate is up for sale and what a sad end to its long history. At a guess it was built at around the 1760s or earlier before the Houses at Buenos Ayres were built in 1830 and obscured the Pubs full view of the Harbour also an extension was built to the left side much later as visible in the old and new photo's. Here is a small History write up and below that is a story where a woman was transported to a penal colony for 7 years for stealing a dress from the pub!

The first houses on Buenos Ayres were built at the end of the 18th Century and completed by 1830. In winter or after a storm the houses were cut off from civilisation due to their proximity to the sea.

Prior to 1806 it was just known as an extension of Canterbury Road, or New Road but around 1806 Buenos Ayres was in the news as the Argentine city had just been captured by British invasion. On medieval documents elsewhere in Kent I have seen Beaux Aires which means fine or fresh air.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 23 February, 1965.

He raised 20,000 for charity in one evening.

Ken & Timmy Tims 1865

From coal mining in South Wales, promoting boxing throughout the midlands and pint-pulling in Margate; that, almost in a nutshell, takes in the very career of genial Mr. Ken Timms, licensee of the "Shakespeare Hotel," Canterbury Road, Margate.

Has been at the "Shakespeare" since 1954, first as manager and now has tenant. Before they actually had two years at the Margate Working Men's Club, coming to the town from a hotel in Birmingham.

Born at Gilfach Goch a village near Bridgend, Ken's first love as a young man was boxing and he was amateur flyweight champion of Wales in 1926, shortly after which he turned professional.

During the war he was employed at a Coventry engineering factory, finishing as chief buyer. Then, in partnership with his old friends Jimmy Gough, he became a boxing promoter.

"Our greatest achievement was promoting the first coloured boxer to go for a British title," he said. "Dick Turpin was the fighter and he outpointed Vince Hawkins to become middleweight champion in 1948.

Villa Park, Birmingham was a venue and the bout was watched by roughly 12 thousand fans. Also on the bill that night was such redoubtable pugilists as Rinty Monaghan and Don Cockrell - then a light heavyweight.

That promotion realized 20,000 for charity and goes down in Ken's book as the most successful evening he and his partner ever organised. Ken, in fact, started all three Turpin Brothers on their path to boxing glory and had them on his bill constantly during his five years in the business.

While in the fight game he became friendly with Mr. Maynard Mitchell, the boxing Board of Control steward for the Midlands as well as kingpin brewer of the area, and he persuaded Ken to go into the licensed trade.

His ties with Margate, however, go back more than 33 years - the time he has been married. Before the nuptials his wife Muriel ("Timmy" to all her their friends) worked in Margate and she always had a hankering to return to the town.

Ken, as wiry as ever and with a strong the Napoleonic jut to his jaw, is also an accomplished pianist and his "cabaret" is always eagerly awaited at the patrons of the "Shakespeare" - a pub full of atmosphere and bonhomie.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 30 October 1979.

Thieves forced me to quit pub says sea-front landlord.

Ted and Binks White 1979

Ted and Binks While pictured behind the bar of the Shakespeare. Margate.

BURGLARS have forced Mr. Ted White to retire from the "Shakespeare" public house on Margate sea-front.

They have struck four times in two weeks.

The most recent was last week when 140 was stolen from the till.

It forced Mr. White. (65) who has bronchial trouble, to quit after 10 years as a landlord.

He said "I had previously been thinking about retirement, but the break-ins have finally made up my mind.

"Another factor is that trade has been steadily declining over the past 10 years. People are afraid to come here because of the vandals and hooligans who smash up the place."

Mr. White feels that the last year has been the worst of all and he has lost count of the number of times he has had his windows broken.

Thanet has been his home for nearly 40 years and he has been married to his wife. Binks (66), for 41 years.

He served in the Navy for 14 years before becoming caretaker at King Ethelbert's School and then worked as a barman in Margate.

Although he is not retiring until tomorrow (Wednesday) Mr. White had his farewell party on Friday to say goodbye to his regulars.

"Retirement will enable me to spend more time with my children and to relax a little," he said.



Last pub licensee had BURTON Thomas 1867-68

DARBY William 1871-81+ (age 42 in 1871Census)

BAYLEY George 1890-1903+ (age 38 in 1891Census)

Last pub licensee had COLSON Robert H 1948-52 Next pub licensee had

TIMMS Ken 1954-65+

NEALE Joseph A ????

WHITE Ted & Binks 1969-79




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