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Earliest 1768-

Woolpack Inn

Open 2019+

Church Lane


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Woolpack 1979

Above postcard circa 1979, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Woolpack 2009

Above photo circa 2009, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Woolpack Inn

Above photos taken from their web site.


Above photo, date unknown.

Woolpack 2018

Above photo 2018.

Woolpack sign 1991 Woolpack sign 1991Woolpack Inn sign

Above signs left, July 1991, sign right 2014,

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Woolpack Inn card 1985

Above card, circa 1985, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Woolpack Inn map 1985

Above card reverse, circa 1985, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


From their website:-

The "Woolpack Inn" is a 16th Century Country Inn, located in the picturesque hamlet of Warehorne, 1 mile from Hamstreet. The property is believed to date from the mid 1500s, with parts of the property preceding this date.

The "Woolpack" was built as a farmhouse originally, or could have had something to do with the Church of St. Matthew opposite, as the properties on Church Road next door are called Glebe Cottages. in the 1700 and 1800's the "Woolpack" was one of the centres of the wool fairs for the marsh and Weald of Kent. Wool was brought in quantities and sold to buyers from all parts. The pub probably takes its name from wool, being weighed and packed there.

The "Woolpack" has been closely associated with smuggling, and although there is only anecdotal evidence, it has greater claim than many to have been the haunt of smugglers. It is on record that on one occasion armed men brought a cargo of smuggled goods to Warehorne from Dymchurch and distributed it into smaller quantities for further onward delivery. In the book "Smuggling in Kent and Sussex 1700-1840" by Mary Waugh, the "Woolpack" is one of the few Inns pictured. The "Woolpack" is also particularly associated with the 'owling trade', the smuggling of wool to avoid excise duty. The only tangible reminder of the owling trade today is several inns, including the "Woolpack". The image our swing sign depicts this. The "Woolpack" afforded smugglers many hiding places and being perched on a hill above the marsh, was a good look-out and gave smugglers a good opportunity to escape the excise men. Again, Mary Waugh comments in her book about the smugglers tunnel linking the "Woolpack" to the church of St. Matthew opposite "Thought this is now locked up, it is still periodically inspected by the Excise!" The tunnel is indeed blocked up, a former owner having confessed to pouring concrete down it. Locals also confirm that it does indeed exist but was also dug into when services were installed in the road outside.

The "Woolpack" is renowned for ghosts. Paranormal investigations in August 2008 reputedly made contact with several spirit entities, including old smugglers, a young girl, a clergyman and an old resident named Fred, who has a penchant for buxom ladies, and kept touching one lady in particular!


Kentish Gazette 09 November 1768.


A Good accustomed Public House, known by the sign of the "Woolpack" at Warehorne Green, with the stable, garden, and appurtenances there unto belonging; and now in the occupation of William Smith.

For further particulars enquire of Messrs. Francklyn and Pattenson, Attorneys at Ashford, in Kent.

N.B. The Tenant will shew the Premises.


From the Kentish Gazette, Friday 25 January, 1793.


On Monday the fourth day of February next, at Mr. Howland's the "Woolpack Inn," Warehorn, between the hours of twelve and two, in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall then and there be produced.

By J. Simmons, a Freehold, well-built brick Messuage or Tenement, with a Carpenter and Wheelwright's shop and store buildings adjoining, with a good garden and a small meadow, with right of water at a pump, and pond, together with the pasturage of the green or lawn, now in the tenure and occupation of Mr. Avann, at an easy rent and low assessment of the Land Tax.

Particulars may be known by applying to the Auctioneer, at Staplehurst.


Kentish Gazette 10 July 1801.


The "Woolpack Inn," at Warehorne - a large house, in good repair, which may be entered upon at Michaelmas next.

For full particulars enquire of Mr. W. Howland, Warehorne.


Kentish Gazette, 14 October, 1806.


George Maylam begs leave to inform his friends, and the public in general, that he has taken the above Inn, and assures them, his endeavours to accommodate in every department of his business for their convenience and comfort of his customers, shall be such as to entitle him to their favour, which will be most gratefully acknowledged.

N. B. Wines and spiritors liquors of the best quality.


Canterbury Weekly, 10 December, 1836.

On Sunday night last, or early Monday morning, the house of Mr. Michael Fagg, of Warehorne, known by the sign of the "Old Woolpack," was broken open, and about 4 in money, 6 silver teaspoons, marked M.I.F., a 12 gallon copper, a copper tea kettle, and 15 yards of new cotton, stolen.

The Warehorne Prosecuting Society have offered a reward of 10, which we hope may lead to the detection of the offenders.


South Eastern Gazette 6 November 1860.


Last week Mr. Parsons, of the "Woolpack Inn," Warehorne, while on a visit at Tucker's Farm, Orlestone, was accidentally caught by a leg of his trousers in a thrashing machine which was at work, and his leg was dragged in and the flesh torn in a very bad manner. Fortunately no bones were broken, and he is now doing very well.


By 2018 the pub chain Ramblinns owned the premises.


From the By Charlie Harman, 12 November 2019.

Rocksalt buys pubs in Folkestone, Brabourne and Warehorne.

Three of Kent's top pubs have swapped hands, transferring from one group to another.

Ramblinns previously ran four inns - The "Globe Inn" Marsh in Rye, The "Five Bells Inn" at Brabourne, The "Radnor Arms" in Folkestone and The "Woolpack Inn" at Warehorne.

The latter three will now be taken over by The Pickled Egg Pub Company, which currently runs a mix of restaurants and bars.

Owned by Mark Sargeant and Josh De Haan, the group currently has a portfolio consisting of The "Duke William" at Ickham, The "Wife of Bath" in Wye, along with "Rocksalt" and The "Smokehouse" in Folkestone.

Mr Sargeant, a Michelin-starred chef, said: "Josh and I have been massive fans of John and Alison’s Ramblinns and when the opportunity arose to buy three of the four we jumped at the chance.

"We can’t wait to continue their great work at these fantastic pubs and we aim to only enhance their excellent reputations.

"All three pubs will continue to trade as normal and we are excited by the opportunity to serve their communities.

"We intend to make some small changes in the new year, particularly to the menus, but for now it’s business as usual.”

Under Ramblinns, The "Five Bells Inn" near Ashford was named as the best pub in Kent by the National Pub & Bar Awards in April.

Ramblinns will continue to operate the "Globe Inn" Marsh, with founder John Rogers saying: "I think that now, for many reasons, is the right time to pass on the baton to a new and proven operator and 'free thinker' who has a vision for the future and to continue to grow all that we have achieved.

"This is wonderful news for the "Five Bells," the "Woolpack" and "Radnor Arms" as they are embraced into a highly successful local portfolio of independent pubs and restaurants that operate to the highest standards.”



SMITH William 1768+

HOWLAND Mr 1793-1806

MAYLAM George 1806+

FAGG Michael 1828-41+ (age 63 in 1841Census) Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

PARSONS Benjamin 1851-61+ (also farmer and carpenter age 61 in 1861Census) Melville's 1858

EMERTON James 1871+ (also painter age 41 in 1871Census)

ROOTS Silas 1881+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

EDWARS William 1891+ (widower age 68 in 1891Census)

DAY Samuel Robert 1901-03+ (age 49 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

HOLLENSBEE George 1918+ Post Office Directory 1918

HOLLENSBEE Miss Ann 1922-38+ Post Office Directory 1922Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938


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