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Earliest 1874

Queen's Family Hotel

Latest 1891+

Prince of Wales Terrace


Former Queen's Family Hotel Former Queen's Family Hotel

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The Deal History Society give the opening and closing dates as 1878 (alehouse) and 1960s respectively, but from the information below, the Hotel was still operating as late as 1974 and I have found reference to a "Family Hotel" at Prince of Wales Terrace in 1874. I believe the above information to be an amalgamation of this and the other "Queen's Hotel" formerly the "South Eastern Hotel."


Situated between Sonds Street and Stanley Road, this premises was operating in 1874 as a Family Hotel, under the reign of Mrs. Emily Childs. However, an article that appeared in the local newspaper of 8 June 1878 indicated that the hotel was nearing completion. In that year Mr. John Willoughby was given as proprietor and it was stated that he could have a drinks licence for the building as long as they remained in one as they are. However, there is no mention of the hotel having a licence the following year.

In 1888 Mr. Willoughby was fined for allowing out of hours drinking.

The hotel has now been converted into a block of flats, but I am unsure when this took place or indeed when the premises ceased being a hotel.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 13 September 1884.

DEAL. Queen's Hotel.

Mr. Henry Irving entertained the Hon. E. and Lady Coleridge, Miss E. Terry and others at dinner in his apartments, "Queen’s Hotel," on Wednesday evening.


From an email received 2 January 2011.

I just came across an 1881 England Census which identifies my Great Great grandfather, John [Cook] Willoughby, as "Hotel Proprietor" of the "Queen's Hotel" on Prince of Wales Terrace. Based on the name and address I did a google search and found the Queen's Family Hotel entry in your site. Thanks for all the information.

I'm not exactly sure how long John Willoughby was proprietor of the hotel, but the census's from 1871 and 1891 place him elsewhere.

Please feel free to add this information as you see fit. If you have any information specific to John Willoughby and his family (wife Emily, daughters Emmie and May, and son John Ernest) please let me know.

Happy New Year! Cheers,

Paul Willoughby

Leesburg, Virginia




CHILD Mrs Emily 1874+ Post Office Directory 1874 (Family Hotel)

WILLOUGHBY John 1878-91+ Post Office Directory 1882


Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882


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