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Earliest 1871-

Southampton Arms


Ville of Wood


Southampton Arms

Above photo, date unknown.


Only information I have regarding this establishment at present is a licensee transfer found in the Dover Express of 7th July 1871.

Further information suggests this was at Westgate-on-Sea, which was indeed in the parish of Acol.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 7 July, 1871.


The "Southampton Arms," Acol, near Margate, was transferred to John Buckley, Westgate victualler; "Nottingham Castle," Westgate, from Harry Barber to George Francis Verini, Ramsgate, wine merchant. the two last applications were adjourned to Broadstairs, the applicants each holding another license.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 18 September, 1874. Price 1d.


"Southampton Arms," Ville of Wood, from John Buckley to Henry Barber.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 18 September 1880.

Westgate-on-Sea. Shocking death of a lady.

An inquest was held before W. H. Payn, Esq., coroner, at the "Southampton Arms," Westgate-on-Sea, on Wednesday, on the body of a woman named Ann Vernon, who committed suicide by throwing herself from the window of a house.

Elizabeth Chatham said:- I am an attendant at the house of Dr. Harding, called North Lawn, at Westgate-on-Sea. The deceased lady, Ann Vernon, was and inmate of the house. She came there on 17th June last from Greenford in Middlesex. She was not in good health and was suffering from a mental disorder. I have been in constant attendance upon her. Yesterday I had been out with her for a drive, and on returning home she went upstairs and I accompanied her. She said she was going into her sitting room, and I followed her. Before I reach the top step I heard her lock the door. I knocked at the door, but she would not answer me. Dr. Harding came up also. He tried the door, and I heard her answer him, but I was too much frightened to know what she said. I then went down to the front garden, where I found the deceased lying on the ground. She did not speak. She's picked up and taken upstairs to her bedroom. She lingered about half an hour when she expired. I did not hear any observations from her after she was picked up. I did not think she spoke. I know that the window of the room was open, because I noticed it on passing the house. She was under a delusion that she would be put to death.

Mr. George Clarence Harding deposed:- I am a surgeon, residing at Westgate-on-Sea. The deceased, Ann Vernon, came to my house on 17th June last for the purpose of being placed under my care. Her sister and brother-in-law came with her and remained with her a fortnight. I found that her mind was affected. She brought her own attendant, the last witness, with her. She had remained in a quiet state until now. She went out as stated by the last witness. They returned about 12 o'clock. Miss Vernon went upstairs, the attendant going with her. I was in my study at the time. I was told that Miss Vernon had locked herself in one of the front rooms. I then went up and found the door locked and tried to force it open. At the same time I told her to unlock it. She said she would not, and I then heard her cross the room and push the window up. I tried again to force the door, but stopped on account of voices outside. I then went downstairs and found the deceased lying in the front garden. With assistance we carried her to her bedroom. I examined her, but could find no fracture anywhere. I applied restoratives and she remained conscious for 5 minutes, but after that she gradually sank an expired. She never spoke, but pointed to the place which caused her pain. Her age was 75 years.

The jury returned a verdict of suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity.


Tenbury Wells Advertiser, Tuesday 2 November 1886.

Action Against a Liberal Candidate.

In The Westminster County Court, the case of Wootton v. Davis has been on for hearing before Judge Bailey.

The plaintiff, Messrs. Thomson and Wootton, were brewers, of Ramsgate, and the action was for recovery of 40.0s. 9d. from Mr. Edward Davis, the proprietor of the "Beach House Hotel" and the "Southampton Arms," Westgate-on-Sea, for beer supplied.

Mr. Prosser and Mr. Denman were counsel for the plaintiff; Mr. Ellis Davis appeared for the defendant.

John Foster, plaintiff's manager, sworn that the amount claimed was still owing.

Mr. Davies in cross-examination:- You are a Conservative? (laughter).

Witness:- I know that.

Mr. Davis:- You being a Conservative and my client a Liberal, you thought you would harass him in his candidature for your district? (Isle of Thanet).

Witness:- No, we did not.

Mr. Davis:- It is not strange that you you only found out you have better sue him for a transaction in 1880 when he was canvassing in 1885?

Witness:- We could not find him in 1884.

Mr. Davies:- His name has never been out of the directory.
For the defence Mr. Davis asserted that his client had paid for everything supplied up to the time that he disposed of his interest in the business, and that the action was nothing more or less than a Tory dodge. It was no new thing for a person to have a writ issued against him directly he became a candidate for Parliament, with a view of damaging him in the eyes of the electors.

The judge gave the verdict for the plaintiffs for the amount claimed and costs.


I believe the license of this establishment was to be transferred to that of the "Railway Hotel" in 1880, however, as yet I have no information whether that actually happened or indeed whether the "Railway Hotel" ever opened.

If this is indeed the same pub, it looks like it continued till at least 1929.


Thanet Advertiser, Friday 20 September 1929.

Flashing Helmets.

On Monday the 2nd competition of fire brigades took place at St. Peter's, in the meadow adjoining St. Peter's Cottage, the residents of Mr. Edmund F. Davies.

At midday the competing brigades with their engines assembled on the green face in the "Southampton Arms," Westgate-on-Sea.

The procession consisted of the Ashford steam engine, and manual engines from Ramsgate, Broadstairs and St. Peter's, Deal, Sandwich and Westgate, those from Ramsgate and Westgate drawn by four horses.

Preceded by the Margate brass band, the cavalcade of engines, all taut and trim, with the flashing of the polished helmets in the hot sunshine, followed by a string of carriages, attracted much attention along the road through Margate to St. Peter's, which was in gala dress, and where there is competitions, drills, etc., were carried out. Before the competition, however, the brigade men, numbering about 200, were regaled with a good dinner in a large marquee.

[In those days Mr. Edmund F. Davies, afterwards first Liberal candidate for Thanet, was very intimately concerned with local affairs.]



WHITAKER Thomas Langton 1871 (also builder age 27 in 1871Census)

BUCKLEY John July/1871-Sept/74 Dover Express

BARBER Henry Sept/1874+

POTTER William 1881 (only listed as bricklayer age 62 in 1881Census)

1881 Unoccupied Census

DAVIS Edward 1886+



Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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