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Earliest 1815+

(Name from)

Waterloo Tavern

Latest 1986+

(Name to)

47 Sturry Road (near Vauxhall)



Waterloo Tavern 1908

"Soldiers of the 7th Dragoon Guards, stationed at the Cavalry Barracks on Sturry Road, marching to the West Station en route for Egypt" in 1908. Cavalry Barracks were opposite "Vauxhall Tavern." These troops are marching past the infantry's St. Gregory's Barracks. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Waterloo Tavern 1908

Above photo, 1908, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Caption states that "...Lt. Col. Bernard R Dietz leads the 7th Dragoon Guards to the West Station en route to Egypt. On the left is part of the Cavalry Barracks and on the right is the Vauxhall Tavern and Henry Attwood's general shop..."

Waterloo Tavern 1950

Above photo, circa 1950, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Waterloo Tavern 1965

Above photograph by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

Waterloo Tavern

Above photo July 2001.

Waterloo Tavern sign 1986

Waterloo Tavern sign left December 1986. Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Waterloo Tavern card

Above aluminium card issued June 1951. Sign series 3 number 40.

Waterloo Tavern beermat

Above beermat 1960s, kindly sent by Mike L.


This one has caused a bit of confusion in the past, having seen this also addressed as 9 Albert Place as well as 47 Sturry Road. However, with them both being in the Northgate area, I am going to say they are the same, although I cannot find Albert Place ion the map today. (Local knowledge needed here.) The other pub in Albert Place being the "Black Lion" at number 12.

The premises has been dated as 1812, three years before the Battle of Waterloo. The original name being the "Ordance Arms." The building is definitely mentioned as the "Waterloo Tavern" in a directory of 1838, so must have changed name between 1815 and 1838.

It was said around 1988 to be frequented by local residents and soldiers

The premises again changed name to "Saxby's" after 1986 and more previously circa 2010 to the "Run of the Mill."


From Lloyds weekly Newspaper, 23 April, 1854.


Considerable excitement has prevailed in the parish of Sturry, a small village adjacent to Canterbury, owing to a report being generally circulated in the neighbourhood that a woman of the name Eliza Holmes, the wife of a labouring man, had died from the effects of fright caused by Superintendent William Walker, of the St. Augustine's division of Kent constabulary. Accordingly an inquest was holden on the body of the deceased woman, before Mr. S. T. Delasaux, coroner for the district, at the "Waterloo Tavern," Northgate, Canterbury, when the following evidence was adduced:-

William Holmes, husband of deceased, deposed that at the latter end of March last Superintendent Walker came to his house between ten and eleven o'clock at night, knocked at the back door, and requested to see the deceased. She got up accordingly, and went down stairs, when the superintendent called her out of the house to speak to her, She remained there about half an hour, without stockings, and only partly dressed. Walker told her he wanted her brother for stealing a box from the Sturry station of the South-eastern railway, and he subsequently took him into custody. From that time the deceased was taken ill. After the superintendent left, she went to bed and was taken with chills. She subsequently attended the East Kent quarter sessions at Canterbury, on the 7th of April, as a witness against her brother. On the day after the sessions the deceased was delivered of a male child. Witness obtained a certificate from Mr. Thornton, a surgeon, stating that the deceased was not in a fit state to appear at the sessions, which he showed to the superintendent, but he said it was of no use, and she must go. Witness accompanied here there, where she remained about three hours. The superintendent said that unless the deceased attended the sessions, witness would be liable to a fine of 100, and that was the reason he allowed her to go there.

Ann Taylor, who was with the deceased at her confinement, deposed to her stating that she had never been warm since the superintendent called her from her bed. On the Monday following the deceased was very much excited and delirious. This was the second day after her confinement. She called out "Here is Walker - put him away - knock him down," at the same time apparently fighting at him with her hands.

Mr. John Thornton, of Canterbury, surgeon, said:- I attended the deceased on Saturday morning, the 8th instant, when she delivered of a boy profuse blooding came on immediately after birth of the child, but which was eventually stopped. I saw her again in the course of the day, when she was tolerably comfortable. I was sent for early on the following Monday morning and attended, and found the deceased exceedingly low with much fever, and there was not at that time and return of flooding. I am clearly of opinion that fright caused the fever, which in a measure produced death. She continued as well as I could expect, except suffering from fever and extreme debility, until Saturday last, when she was seizes with inflammation of the covering of the bowls with flooding. I saw her again in the evening, when she was in a dying state. I saw her also on Sunday, when she remained in the same condition, and died on Monday morning from exhaustion and fever, the former of which was produced by reason of the birth of the child, and the latter partly from the consequences of the former, and partly from great anxiety; and I am of opinion that premature labour was brought on by over exertion.

After a short consultation, the jury found a verdict "That William Walker feloniously caused the death of the deceased, Eliza Holmes."

The coroner made out his warrant, and the accused has been forwarded to Maidstone gaol, to await his trial.



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