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Earliest 1670-

White Hart

Open 2019+

71 High Street


01303 238304

White Hart

Above postcard, date unknown.

White Hart 2007

Above photo 2007 by Kevin Woolterton Creative Commons Licence.

White Hart sign 1991White Hart sign 2010

White Hart sign Left March 1991. Sign right, 2010.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Awaiting picture of Whitbread sign.

Above card issued March 1955. Sign series 4 number 49.

White Hart garden

Above postcard, 1949, showing the garden of the "White Hart."


Full name for this is the "White Hart Commercial Inn and Family Hotel."

This pub has no cellars, which gives rise to the possibility that the house was a waterfront tavern, before the sea moved away and left the town high and dry. In 1670 the landlord, John Bassett, issued his own tokens as small change, when official copper coinage was in short supply. When the Town Hall was built next door, the Mayor rented a room in the inn for use as a robe chamber.


Kentish Gazette 24 July 1773.


Begs Leave to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he has taken the Post-House and Excise-Offices, the Sign of the "White Hart" in this Town, where Gentlemen and Ladies may be accommodated in the best Manner, and their Favours gratefully acknowledged.

N.B. Neat Post-Chaise to any Part of England.


From the Folkestone Herald, 9th May, 1931.

W G Humphreys 1931

Above photo showing Mr W G Humphreys, of the "White Hart Hotel," Hythe, whose death occurred last Saturday. Mr. Humphreys had taken over the hotel only three weeks ago.


The pub closed for a time in 2008 but reopened again in 2010.


From the Dover Express, Thursday 1 August 2019.

White Hart 2019

WHERE: High Street CO-OWNER Ben Wilson, 37, took over this historic pub nine years ago with parents Peter and Gilly Wilson. Mr Wilson, who employs, four chefs and 15 staff in all, says he is a great believer of evolving and change.

From redecorating regularly, to bringing in a selection of different menus, Mr Wilson said this is the key to keeping customers on board. That, and fresh, hearty food served to his guests' tables.

Ben said: "Business has changed slightly over the years as more people come to live here. I will be honest, I think we have lost a bit of custom through the Harbour Arm in the summer months, we have lost footfall.

“But it is up to me to keep people coming in, we cook everything fresh, we have a pizza oven.

"Before the Harbour Arm we had some really good summers, where we had our peak, but you have always got to keep your finger on the button.

"But Hythe has a great variety, everyone is having a go. As my dad says, you can't drag them in, you need to entice them in off the streets."

He paid tribute to the variety in Hythe and said many punters come into the bar for a drink before heading out for a meal.

“Give everyone an equal chance," he said.

"Hythe is a beautiful place, there is a lovely feel to the high street."



BASSETT John 1670+

TRITTON William 1773+

PETLEY Mr 1785+ Kentish Gazette

HILLS John 1832-47+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

KEY George 1851-62+ (age 53 in 1861Census)

FISHER John 1871-74+ (age 50 in 1874Census)

COBAY John 1881-99+ (age 35 in 1881Census)

HUMPHREYS W G Mr to April-May/1931 dec'd

HUMPHREYS Selina A Mrs May/1931-34+

WILSON Gilly, Peter & Ben 2010-19+


Kentish GazetteKentish Gazette

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34



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