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Earliest 1571-

White Horse

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The Square


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Chilham village square 1905

Above postcard, 1905. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1906

Above postcard, circa 1906, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1927

Above postcard, circa 1927, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1934

Above photo, circa 1934, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1936

Above photo circa 1936, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse postcard

Above postcard incorrectly labelled White Hart. Date unknown.

White Horse 1949

Above photo, 1949, kindly sent by Tim Timpson.

White Horse 1952

Above photo 1952.

White Horse 1854

Above photo circa 1954, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1961

Above photo, 12 December 1961, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1961

Above photo, circa 1961, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1963

Above postcard 1963, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1964

Above postcard circa 1964, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1965

Above postcard, 1965, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1965

Above photo, circa 1965, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse

Above photo, date unknown. Looks to be the same as the next three below to me.

White Horse Inn 1930

Above postcard circa 1960s.

White Horse 1969

Above postcard, circa 1969, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1970

Above photo circa 1970, kindly submitted by Erik de Klein.

White Horse 1970

Above photo, 4 September 1970, kindly sent by Roger Woodman.

White Horse 1970s

Above postcard, circa 1970, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1970

Above photo, 1970, kindly sent by Roger Woodman.

Above painting, date unknown, by Sullivan Pugh.

White Horse 1972

Above photo, 1972, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Above postcard, circa 1978, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1979

Above photo circa 1979, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1982

Above photo circa 1982, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse 1990

Above photo, 1990, kindly sent by Garth Wyver.

White Horse 1990

Above photo, 1990, kindly sent by Garth Wyver. Sowing his daughter Sarah.

White Horse 2008

Above photos, 18 February 2008, taken by Eric Hartland.

White Horse 2013

Above photo 2013 by Nigel Chadwick Creative Commons Licence.

White Horse 2018

Above photo, April 2018, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe.

White Horse sign 1991White Horse sign 1994

White Horse sign left July 1991, sign right June 1994.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis www.innsignsociety.com

White Horse sign 2022

Above sign 2022, by Paul Skelton.

White Horse Whitbread sign

Above card issued March 1955. Sign series 4 number 50.


The "White Horse" is one of the most photographed inns of Kent, standing as it does in the picturesque village square. It is reputedly haunted, not surprisingly as the village and its nearby castle are steeped in history. The pub itself is fifteenth century, and was the alehouse used for festivals held at the parish church behind the inn.


Extract from the will of William Ruck 1571.

Will Ruck William Boughton under Blean 1571 1571 PRC/32/31/326.

White Horse.

I will and do give unto CYRYAKE, my son, all that my messuage or tenement named the Sign of the "White Horse," situate and being in the said parish of Chilham, together with all houses, buildings, courtyards, closes, or orchards, gardens and hereditaments whatsoever to the same messuage or tenement belonging, which I lately purchased of one Robert Payne, to have and to hold unto him the said CYRYAKE and to his heirs forever.

Seems our William Ruck had 3 pubs in total, the other 2 in Boughton Under Blean.

"White Horse," "Bell."


It was supplied by Jude, Hanbury's Canterbury ales and stouts in 1927.

The White Horse has also appeared in a film. The pub and St. Mary's church were used in the 1965 adaptation of Daniel Defoe's classic novel "The Amourous Adventures of Moll Flanders."


Information and photos taken from http://www.ghostconnections.com 2005

White Horse 2005

Photo's taken from http://www.ghostconnections.com 2005.

White Horse bar areaWhite Horse fireplave


In the year 1646, Samson Home, vicar of St. Mary's church came to reside at "The White Horse." With the coming of the reformation in 1660, Samson, a supporter of Cromwell and the commonwealth, opposed the church and was ejected from office in 1662. He died alone and penniless here in 1669. It was during the 1956 alterations the inglenook fireplace that had been bricked up since 1740, was uncovered. Since that date many a pint glass has fallen on the shelves only to land upright and unbroken.

Is Salmon trying to tell us something! Also during the alterations in 1956, two complete and perfectly preserved male skeletons were found under the kitchen floor - at a depth of two feet.

General supposition is that they were either soldiers who fell in the battle at Chilham during the Wat Tyler rebellion, or the much older remains of men buried in the pre-Christain era.

The skeletons now rest in the churchyard of St. Mary's, Chilham, where they were given a Christian burial by the vicar after the coroner's inquest had pronounced them to be Ancient Bones and not the result of undetected crime!

Taken from information available at The "White Horse."


The Investigation 7th May 2005.

The Team

Kim Slater, Colin Miles, Dean Thomas, Patrick Noble, Jan Batchelor


23.00pm:Team set up base in the bar area.

Trigger objects placed:

Cross and toys in inglenook fireplace

Voice recorder next to trigger objects

Glass on bar

Cam-corder recording movement of glass

Voice recorder in bedroom

Motion detectors:-

Side entrance to bar

Across entrance to kitchen upstairs


01.00am The team walk around the pub and take a series of photographs. Some of the team feel apprehensive about the men's toilets.

01.15am Temperature 20.4c No readings on EMF

01.30am The whole team sit in the bar by the inglenook fireplace. The team ask for spirit communication. No Response!

01.56am The telephone rings and a strange noise is heard. Paddy dials 1471 to obtain the number.

01.58am A sound came from the bar area. Team investigate and note that the bank terminal was downloading information. Shortly after this noise was heard Kim and Colby hear a noise, describes as a harmonica coming from the bar. Not all the team heard the noise.

02.00am A cold feeling descends on the team and they all feel a change in the atmosphere. Jan feels cold and has goose bumps. Some of the team experience light touches on there heads. Dean seems to be feeling more than most.

02.10am Team break for coffee.

02.25am The team attempt table tipping by the fireplace. Each team member calls for spirit communication. No Response

02.47am The team decide to stop the table tipping experiment due to lack of results.

02.54am The phone rings again once Paddy calls 1471 to retrieve the number. Upon investigation it would seem that the two phone calls noted are the bank line calling the chip and pin terminal, to download information. A print out from the terminal verified this showing times of transactions as 01.56am and 02.55am.

03.03am The phone rings eight times and the terminal updates again.

03.10am Dean feels as if someone is touching his head, a few of the team also feel this.

03.15am The team move upstairs. Before leaving Ian starts voice recorder by fireplace trigger objects.

03.16am The whole team enter the main bedroom.

03.20am Colby has the feelings of cobwebs on his face. This happened twice. Team checked the area and no webs were found.

03.45am Team ask for communication. A few slight taps were heard. This could be the central heating system as the radiators were hot.

03.48am Kim goes downstairs to collect a camcorder for lone vigils.

04.00am Team switch off sensor in kitchen upstairs and wait in room. No activity noted.

04.10am Whole team return to bar downstairs.

04.13am Paddy goes upstairs to main bedroom for lone vigil.


Paddy's Lone Vigil

4.11am: Paddy asks for spirit communication, buy light or sound. No Response

4.12am: Colby enters the room to place a voice recorder.

4.13am: Paddy says he doesn't feel entirely comfortable. He can hear the team downstairs, he can hear someone walking up the stairs. All team were present in the bar area downstairs. No sounds detected on tape.

4.14am: Paddy feels as if he is not alone.

4.15am: He can hear the odd clicking noise. No sounds detected on tape.

4.17am: Paddy can see a flash of light coming up the stairs.

4.18am: He gets the impression of movement but can't see anything moving. Paddy notes the birds signing outside.

4.20am: A click is heard on tape not evident to Paddy.

4.22am: Another flash of light and a bang is seen/heard by Paddy. He says he can see a bright light on the wall, briefly. He can hear a camera bleeping. Paddy can hear movement but unsure of source. Nothing detected on tape.

4.23am: Paddy can hear a phone. None of the team had a phone switched on. He sees another flash of light and hears a strange noise. Nothing on tape. Paddy claims he can still hear a phone and radio interference.

4.24am: Paddy's vigil ends.


04.15am Ian finds static thermometer on the floor by the fireplace, the case was broken.

04.26am Colby goes upstairs to main bedroom for lone vigil.


Colby's Lone Vigil

4.27am: Colby pans around the room with the camera. He can hear a humming noise and thinks its downstairs. Dean radios to Colby to inform him that the heating is on.

4.28am: Colby keeps focus on the doorway.

4.29am: Colby turns the camera to himself, a loud humming is recorded.

4.30am: Colby then asks for spirit communication. A small orb is noted on the camera to the right. This is probably a small insect.

4.31am: He asks for spirit again. No Response

4.32am: Colby asks for spirit to move the door. He can hear creaking. Nothing detected on tape.

4.33am: He asks again for spirit to move the door. No movement noted.

4.34am: Colby then asks spirit to tap on the window or the floor. No sounds noted. Colby thinks the door has slightly opened. Viewing the tape no movement of of the door was noted.

4.37am: Colby says he feels very calm and relaxed.

4.38am: Dean radios Colby giving extra time on his vigil.

4.39am: Colby bangs the carpet to try and create dust orbs. Nothing detected on tape.

4.39am: Colby's vigil ends.


04.43am Ian goes to main bedroom for lone vigil.


Ian's Lone Vigil

4.42am: Ian calls for spirit communication. He asks for spirit to show themselves. He asks for a knock or tap. Nothing detected on tape.

4.44am: Ian asks again for a sign by, flash, bang or touch. Nothing detected.

4.46am: Ian says he can hear the team downstairs.

4.47am: Ian turns the cam on himself, and says he can hear the birds outside. He says that the room doesn't have the same feeling as earlier in the evening. He feels less anxious.

4.49am: Ian calls for spirit again. Nothing detected on tape.

4.50am: Ian pans the room again with the camera.

4.52am: Ian's vigil ends.


04.55am Dean and Kim go to the men's toilets for a vigil.

05.05am Team sit by fireplace talking.

05.20am Investigation ends.


Transcript of audio captured by video monitoring bar trigger object Ghost Connections UK. Duration of tape 1 hour 2 min

Camera started while crew still bar area

Dean comments on feeling tingly while in bar area.

Dean calls for spirit, ask for a sign and suggests moving wine glass trigger object on bar. No Response

Dean asks for spirit again. No Response

Colby calls for Samson. No Response

Dean calls for spirit again, while talking a slight "ching ching" is heard on tape audio. Noise not evident to team

Kim claims to hear music, but no one else can.

Colby calls for spirit and takes a picture. No Response

Dean asks for a sign. No Response

Colby spots the ceiling light will spin and suggests using it.

Team chats for a while.

Another "ching" is heard on tape again. No evident to team.

Colby asks for spirit to touch/move the ceiling light. No Response

Deans says feels tingly again.

Tap heard from food service area, Dean asks spirit if anyone over there to make that noise in that area? No Response

Colby/Dean hear noise, Dean describes as a whir, whir, whir, also heard by Ian/Kim & Paddy, Paddy compares to a washing machine going into spin cycle?

Team generally talk some more.

Tap/click heard again from food service area.

Dean asks spirit to if was them to respond with another sound. No Response

Paddy hears same noise from same area.

Colby goes to sit near area where noise coming from.

Colby now says hears music from other bar area. Kim is also hearing music again.

No audio captured on video.

Dean walks into that bar and hears nothing.

Colby finds the tap/click from food service area is the coffee machine!

Team breaks for coffee and eat Colby's sausage rolls! Video continues to watch trigger object. No movement captured.

Bar phone rings once only! Time noted by team they then continue break.

Card machine heard on tape audio, explains the phone ringing!

Ian hears noise like camera shutting down, Kim thinks sounded like a harmonica.

Ian returns to bar and feels immediately cold and tingly with hairs on end, Paddy asks what's happening as IR monitor on that area going crazy”

With telephone, and Kim hearing music again Colby suggests is anyone outside, a car or something? No one there.

Colby suggests 1471 on telephone, everyone feeling on edge, Paddy checks phone, 01:56 hrs no. called 01484-*****

Team continues to discuss events.

Odd noise, cannot describe, heard over Deans Voice.

Team continue discussion over coffee.

Team sits in bar trying table tipping.

Dean, Kim and Colby call for spirit. No Response

Team talks.

Tape ends.


Conclusion of monitoring

At no time during the duration of the tape did the glass trigger object move. Several sounds were noted.


Ghost Connections would like to thank Don for his hospitality and his trust by allowing the team to investigate The "White Horse."

We would like to further our investigations with a further visit to The White Horse later in the year.

Don has since kindly agreed to let Ghost Connections return for further investigations in the winter 2005.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 09 September 1865.


The licenses of the public houses in the Ashford division were renewed. The following new licenses were applied for:—

Mr. W. Furley, solicitor, of Canterbury, applied for a license for the "White Horse" beershop, Chilham, kept by Samuel Palmer.


The Bench retired to consider the applications, and on returning into Court announced that they had decided to refuse all of them with the exception of that for the "Man of Kent." Ashford, kept by William Richard Brown, and for that house they had decided to grant a license.


From http://www.ghostpubs.com accessed 17 June 2015.


This "White Horse" was a thatched farmhouse in 1422. Subsequently, it became an alehouse. According to reports from previous vicars, people used the church for festivals, weddings and funerals, or arvils, as they were, locally known. Half a century ago, two skeletons, people found, buried at this elegant pub. According to forensic evidence, these had been soldiers killed at the Battle of Chilham in 1381, from Wat Tyler's revolutionary army. These two long dead soldiers have haunted the pub since, with reported to be dressed in tattered uniforms. Those who have seen them say their manifestation is accompanied by the sounds of creaking leather. The apparition of an elderly man, in clerical garb, is observed standing at the fireplace, his hands clasped behind his back, at ten o'clock each morning. A former vicar, witnesses report, to have committed suicide here, many years ago, with returns to haunt the "White Horse."



PULEN Thomas retailer of beer, Carpenter & Farmer 1851-58+ (widower age 60 in 1851Census) Melville's 1858

PALMER Samuel 1865-91+ (age 72 in 1891Census)

PALMER Thomas H 1901+ (age 51 in 1901Census)

WISE Edward 1911+ (age 26 in 1911Census beer retailer)

NOBLE William Thomas 1918+

ALDERTON Norman 1930+



Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858



If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-