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Earliest 1874-

Druid's Arms

Latest 1922+

66 High Street

Royal Tunbridge Wells


Information from local historian Ed Gilbert says that this was never a public house but operated as a beer-retailer. In the 1911 census at this pub was Charles Farmer, age 57, born 1854 Rusthall, a licensed victualler. With him was his wife Caroline and daughter Winifred. They had been married 37 years, had 10 children (8 living) and the pub had 4 rooms. In 1910 The Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen held their meetings at this pub. They met the first Friday of the month at 7;30 pm and they had their educational classes there fortnightly at 7 pm.

In 1909 the book by the Civic Society with reference to the Temperance movement referred to three pubs on Camden Road who's licenses were approved, namely the "Foresters Arms" at 65 Camden Rd; the "Anchor" at 67 Camden Road and the "Crystal Palace" at 69 Camden Rd .


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 12 January, 1917.


The Annual meeting of the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and District Licensing Victuallers' Association was held at the "Druids Arms," Tunbridge Wells, yesterday (Thursday), when, in the absence through illness of the Chairman. Mr. K. Tanner occupied the chair and Mr. M. I. Jinks the vice-chair.


The annual report for the year 1916 - the 35th of its kind- congratulated the members on the continued prosperity and usefulness of the Association. Harassing restrictions and curtailments of hours of trading, increase in prices of spirits and beers, had called for prompt action, which it was trusted had met with the approval of the members generally. During April rumour was busy as to a likely increase in the prices of beer, and a petition was sent to all brewers trading in the area asking them to receive a deputation from the Association in order that they might lay the case for the licensees before them. Courteous replies were in most cases received, and no increased charges were made. The report went on to deal with the meetings held in regard to the restrictions made by the Liquor Control Board, and stated that in September it was decided, owing to the great curtailment of hours of trading, to appeal against the assessments of all licensed premises. The Committee congratulated the members on the careful management of their houses, the Association not having been called upon to defend any member. They regretted to have to deplore the death of their respected members in Mr. A. Rennison, Mr. A. French and Mrs. Hutson. They wished to thank Mr. J. W. Cheal for the able, careful and impartial manner in which he had carried out his duties as Chairman, and they also desired to thank the hon. subscribers who had given valuable support to the Association.


The cash statement showed receipts for the year amounting to 17 12s. 10d., and the balance sheet showed 808 9s. 7d. to balance for 1915, and debit balance. 1916. 15 12s. 9d. There was invested 450, in War Loan 200, and on deposit 100. whilst the balance at the Bank was 42 16s. 10d., making a total to the credit of the Association of 792 16s. l0d.

The report and accounts sheet were adopted.


Mrs. A. V. Sharpe, of The "Eclipse," Tunbridge Wells, and Mr. A. J. Farrant, "Rose and Crown," Crowborough, were effected members of the Association.


The following officials were elected for the ensuing year: Mr. V. Tanner, Chairman; Mr. F. K. Powell. Vice-Chairman; Mr. C. Busby, Treasurer; Mr. A. J. Cantle, Secretary; Messrs. F. Chalklin and Sullivan, Auditors; Messrs. W. C. Cripps, Son and Daislf. R. Vaughan Gower, and S. A. Cheale and Son, Solicitors. The Committee was re-elected en bloc.

Mr. Edward Peacock, of the Home and Counties Association, attended the meeting, and delivered an address, and said the Trade was experiencing the greatest crisis of the day. Mr. Lloyd George, although he had proved himself to be a patriot and a man of resource, he was no friend of the licensed Victuallers; but, nevertheless, they were fully prepared to sink all differences and assist him to bring the war to a successful and speedy conclusion. They did, however, object to further restrictions being put on them in districts where there was no complaint. They must not forget, too, that there were many very valuable by-products as the result of brewing, and this was a fact which the teetotallers did not tell the people. The brewers had been compelled to reduce their output by 14 per cent., and many of the distilleries had been taken over, and those in Ireland were to be taken over for the purpose of using the output for making explosives. Therefore, with all these harassing restrictions, the Trade at the present time had a very sorry outlook. He advised them to keep a sharp look-out on the petitions which were sent to Parliament, and referring to several, mentioned one which was signed in a number of instances by children ranging in age from two years to eighteen. These horrible restrictions, he contended, were driving the Trade into illegitimate channels. So long as England was England, the men would want their drink; so let them have it in a public house under proper supervision. It would then be better for the land. Why was it during the past fortnight that the prohibitionists had been screaming so much against the Trade? He did not believe that prohibition would come, but there would probably be further restrictions on the output of what they were allowed to sell. When the "boys" returned he was sure they would see that the licensed Victuallers would not suffer for the action which they had taken in this crisis.



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