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Earliest ????

Richmond Inn

Closed 2013-

3 Richmond Street

Herne Bay

Richmon Hotel 2015

Above photo 2015.

Richmond Inn sign 1992

Above sign, June 1992.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 14 September, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.


There were six applications for spirit licenses on the part of beer-shop keepers, viz, John Brooker, of the “Richmond Tavern,” Brook-street, Herne Bay; Thomas Newington, “Cross Keys,” Chartham; William Henry Pettman, of the “Guinea,” John Harman, of the “Prince Albert,” and William Philpott, of the “Dredgerman’s Arms,” all of the parish of Whitstable; and Samuel James Salter, of the “Queens Head,” Seasalter.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 10 September 1861.


Mr. Fielding supported the application for the "Richmond Tavern," Herne Bay, and it was opposed by Mr. Delasaux, on the part of the "Dolphin Hotel."

Mr. Fielding stated that the applicant's house was situate within three minutes walk on the intended station of the Margate Railway, and would afford great accommodation to the public, and especially to the visitors to the bay, of whom there had been upwards of 4,000 this year. The applicant had been in the employ of Mr. Crampton, from whom a testimonial was read.

The applicant, in answer to Mr. Delasaux, said his house was situate about 200 yards from the "Dolphin," and Mr. Wood's house was about an eighth of a mile from his.

By Mr. Fielding:- There had been no fresh licenses granted since the opening of the railway, except Mr. Wood's. The railway brought from 300 to 500 persons down every Sunday, many of whom were unable to get proper accommodation.

Mr. Delasaux submitted that there were a sufficient number of licensed houses to accommodate every inhabitant of Herne Bay, although it might have happened once or twice in the year that the excursion trains brought more persons down than could be well accommodated. About eight or nine months in the year there was not sufficient custom in the place for more than one house, so that they could hardly make a living of it.

Mr. Neame:- They must shut up their houses if they can't live. I think this is a house that ought to be licensed, as it possesses every convenience both for horse and man.

Mr. Plummer:- I think this is rather individious on the part of the publican to oppose another man's taking a license. He has obtained an advantage from the magistrates, but he wishes to deprive other of a similar position.

After consulting together, the Bench determined to grant this license, the chairman (Mr. Neame) remarking that they were bound to afford every possible convenience to the public.


Kentish Gazette 30 July 1867.


To Be Let, with Immediate Possession. Rent Moderate. Close to the Sea.

For Particulars apply to Mr. Marsh, Valuer, Whitstable.


I believe the pub is closed (2017) and Steve Glover suggests that by the number of doors around the building it is now a selection of flats.


Richmond Inn 2017

Above photo taken and sent by Steve Glover, August 2017.



BROOKER John 1861-8/Nov/1867 (also brickmaker)

SHERING James 1871+ (age 51 in 1871Census)

COLLARD William 1874+

WHIDDETT David 1881-1903+ (age 29 in 1881Census) Kelly's 1903

EXTON E A 1913+

HUGHESON Hogg S 1917+

KNIGHT W J 1922-30+

OVENDEN Stanley John 1938-39+ (age 41 in 1939)



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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