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Inverness Arms

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27 Inverness Place


Inverness Arms

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Project 2014 has been started to try and identify all the pubs that are and have ever been open in Kent. I have just Started to map out the pubs that exist or existed in Plumstead, but need local knowledge and photographs, old and current if you have any.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

Thanks for your co-operation. Every email is answered and all information referenced to the supplier.


Kentish Independent, Friday 28 September 1906.

In the case of the "Inverness Arms," Plumstead Common, Mr. Travers Humphreys, barrister appeared in support of the application. He explained that the incoming tenant, was fined 10 in April at Bromley for selling liquor in a place where he was not authorised to sell. The maximum penalty for this was 50. The Inland Revenue authorities had knowledge of the affair for four months, and yet refuse to prosecute, and the summons was taken out by a neighbouring publican. Mr. Collicott had been supplying beer in accordance with an order for two years, calling at the house whilst on his round to see whether the customer needed any. As it was an off-licence, the Bench eventually decided that there had been a contravention of the act, and considered him guilty of hawking beer, although it had been ordered beforehand. The owners of the house, wishing to avoid all unpleasantness, thought it desirable that he should have leave the house, and to compensate him they had offered him the tenancy of the "Inverness Arms."

In granting the transfer, the chairman gave the applicant of caution.



WAIN Charles 1862+

WAIN John 1866+

ELMS James 1874+

COOPER Henry to Feb/1878

SYER Henry S Feb/1878-81+ (age 37 in 1881Census)

CARLE Sarah H 1891+ (widow age 38 in 1891Census)

EVANS Frank 1896+

HAYES George Henry 1898+

HOBBS William Henry 1901+

WRIGHT A J to Sept/1906+ Kentish Independent

COLLICOTT George Henry Sept/1906+ Kentish Independent

CAMPBELL Walter William 1908+

SELF Richard 1919-44+



Kentish IndependentKentish Independent


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