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Earliest 1858-


Latest June 1971

167 Beach Street/Silver Street


Albion in Deal, late 1800s.

Above photo shows the Albion in in the late 1800s when there were houses on the opposite side of the road. Kindly sent by Stuart Kinnon.

Albion 1900

Above postcard, 1900, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

From the East Kent Mercury, 28th December 2000

Albion, Deal

"Albion" far right, photo by F. A. Collyer.

From the Dover Mercury, 11 June, 2009.

Pubs galore along old Esplanade

By Sue Briggs.

Deal esplanade

Above picture shows the Albion, date unknown and below a similar picture after closure. Two doors away is also shown the "Deal Cutter" and extreme right the "Royal Exchange."

Albion 2009

Above shows the same shot today, 2009. Photograph by Mercury photographer Paul Amos.


A STRETCH of Deal seafront when plenty of pubs were open for business is featured in this week's Now and Then.

The old postcard is called Esplanade looking north and was supplied by a Mercury reader with a love of the town's history.

It was taken between Beach Street and The Marina, near the junction with Silver Street.

A corner pub on the left was The Albion, which was a Fremlins public house selling 'Kent's Best'.

The brewery company's distinctive elephant advertising symbol can be seen on the windows and signs.

Beer was also on sale at The "Deal Cutter", the third property on the left, and further along the picture on the corner of Exchange Street was The "Royal Exchange", a Charringtons pub selling London Ale.

A pub door facing into Exchange Street has since been replaced by a window for the house.

All three pubs have now been converted into homes, but their distinctive architectural details can still easily be identified.

The four-storey house in the centre of the postcard view has been replaced by a five-storey block of flats with garages, but the rest of the old buildings still remain.

Opposite The "Royal Exchange" can be seen the former Boatman's Rooms, which is now a three-bedroom house with a walled garden.

Compared to the time when the postcard was sold, the seafront stretch has now changed opposite the homes.

There is paid parking beside the road and far less promenade to walk along since the sea wall was built.

On the postcard view there is just one car and a few bicycles propped up against the kerb outside a couple of houses. A long row of light bulbs can be seen attached to the lamp posts, maybe at a time when the funfair used to occupy the stretch of prom north of the "Royal Hotel".


Albion in Deal Albion sign on wall

Photos taken by Paul Skelton, 27 July 2008.


Named after a locally built type of vessel seen moored on the beaches.

Earliest known date of existence being from Melville's Directory of 1858. This pub was at the top of Silver Street and closed June 1971.

The Deal Licensing Register of 1863 reported that the alehouse had been granted a music license.

Latterly the pub was Fremlins and sold Kent's Best.


From the Deal, Walmer, Sandwich and East Kent Mercury, 8 Ju;ly, 1954.

Borough Licensing Committee.

Licensee of the "Albion", Mr. F. Tobin, granted a music and singing licence to operate from 10 am to 11.30 pm.




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