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Earliest 1751

Royal Exchange

26 Apr 1965

183 Beach Street

Top of Exchange Street


(175 Beach Street in 1832 & 1882 Pigot's Directory 1832-34Post Office Directory 1874Kelly's 1878Post Office Directory 1882)

Royal Exchange 1952

Above photo 1952. Creative Commons Licence.

Royal Exchange 1955

Above photo, circa 1955, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. People unknown.

Royal Exchange ledger

Thompson & Son ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Royal Exchange, Deal

Royal Exchange above shown extreme left, kindly supplied by Sue Solley.

Royal Exchange Hotel 1947

Above photo showing the Royal Exchange Hotel in 1947, kindly supplied by Stuart Kinnon.

Beach Street

Above shown Beach Street after a storm, date unknown. The "Royal Exchange" on the left. At the end of the street was the "Napier Tavern."

Albion, Deal

"Royal Exchange" is shown extreme right. Also in picture extreme left is the "Albion" and two doors away the "Deal Cutter".

Royal Exchange in Deal

Above photo by Paul Skelton, 26 July 2008.

Beach Street & Griffic Street

Photo kindly sent by Patricia Streater, 18 January 2010. On the left in the photo is the turning into Griffin Street. I don't know what the building is on the corner, the one with the verandas. After the portion of red-brick wall is one end of the Mary Hougham Almshouses. On the right of the Almshouses, in its own grounds, is the former North Deal Boatmen's Rooms now converted to private residential. Then the turning into Exchange Street. At the right of the photo is the "Royal Exchange".


On the corner of Exchange Street, the Royal Exchange was at one time a Charringtons pub selling London Ale.


From the Kentish Post or Canterbury News-Letter, June 26 to June 29, 1751. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of a Deal Hooker, advertised as to be sold at the Sign of the Royal Exchange at Deal.


From the Kentish Post, 9 May, 1757. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Auction sale of two leaseholds at the "Royal Exchange" in Deal, May 9th 1757.


Kentish Gazette, 15 January 1780.


The creditors of Mrs. Eliza Beth Finnis, late of Deal, Widow, are desired to meet on Wednesday the 2nd day of February next, at the deceased's late Dwelling house, the sign of the "Royal Exchange," in Deal aforesaid, in order to receive a dividend of her estate and effects, and in full of their respective debts.


From the Kentish Gazette, 22 November, 1793.

"21st. About 2 o'clock on Tuesday morning a stranger arrived in the diligence from Canterbury and went to bed at the "Royal Exchange Inn." In the course of the forenoon he shifted his quarters  and went to the "New Inn" where he requested a private room and bed. The waiter recognised him as one Lyons who was wanted for forgery and who had escaped from an officer of Police in London."


From the Deal Borough Sessions Book, 26 September, 1799.

Under Act 39 Geo. 3, C. 79 - An Act for the  effectual suppression of Societies estabd. for Seditions & Treasonable purpose and for better preventing Treasonable and Seditious Practices mentions - Royal Navy Lodge No. 157 and usually held at the "Royal Exchange Inn" in the town of Deal on the 1st Monday of every month, 24th June and 27th December.


Sale of the manor of Chamberlain's Fee (KAO U.924 P 9/4) 1828

INNS in the sale catalogue

All that messuage, tenement and established inn called or known by the name of the "Royal Exchange," in Beach Street, with the yard, stables, outhouses, buildings and extensive premises thereunto belonging and now used therewith - to other with a Dwelling House and premises in Exchange Street adjoining thereto - and also Four Storehouses and a large Yard and Warehouse adjoining, as the same are now in the several occupations of Charles Warman and others. These premises are subject to a lease granted to Edward Iggulden Esq. for 21 years from 29th September 1819 at the yearly rent of 5.1s.0d. (Note, sold to Mr. Iggulden.)


Kent Gazette, 30 August 1836.

To let, the old established Inn, "Royal Exchange," at Deal, standing by the seaside, with extensive views of the Downs and French Coast.

Immediate possession maybe had.

The incoming and rent moderate.

Apply at Mr. Igglestone's office, Deal.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 30 May, 1846. Price 5d.


May 28, at Deal, Mr. Daniel Cork, of the "Royal Exchange Inn," aged 56 years.


From the Kentish Gazette, 9 June 1846.


Cork:- May 28, at Deal, Mr. Daniel Cork, of the "Exchange Inn," aged 56.


Kentish Gazette, 1 July 1851.

Mrs. Cork.

"Royal Exchange Inn," 175 Beach Street, Deal, commanding an interrupted view of the Downs, French Coast, &c.

Well-aired Beds - Good Stabling,

N.B. - Coaches to all parts of the Coast.


From the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Telegram, 17 October, 1860.

Two advertisements of auctions of property at "Royal Exchange Inn" by Worsfold & Hayward and Mercer & Edwards.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 15 July, 1871. 1d.


Three boys, whose parents reside at the North-end, were placed in the dock by the Superintendent having been found bathing from the beach opposite the "Royal Exchange Hotel," after eight o'clock on the previous evening. The eldest boy was from Greenwich school, and had only arrived in Deal on Saturday night.

The Mayor reprimanded and then discharged them, they having first given their promise not to repeat the offence.



(Next door to this pub was another, called the "Kings Arms." Paul Skelton.)

Finally closed some time in the 1960s.


From the Dover Mercury, 7 April, 2011.


AT THE turn of the century in the early 1900s, the seafront in north Deal was a busy place for boatmen.

In those days there were buildings on both sides of Beach Street, where a sea wall is now opposite the rows of properties facing The Downs.

With more foreshore north of the "Royal Hotel," many boats were moored along that stretch of coastline.

It is believed the old black and white postcard, featured in Gregory Holyoake's Vintage Views of Deal and Walmer, dates from 1905 and the view was taken by photographer J. Glencairn Craik at St George's Studio, 119 High Street, Deal. The three children with their picnic baskets are posing for the cameraman near the Boatman's Rooms, which opened in 1884.

Royal Exchange Hotel 1905

This distinctive building was also the headquarters of the Deal and Downs branch of the Missions to Seamen, whose chaplain was the Rev Thomas Treanor.

In the distance is the "Royal Exchange Hotel," on the left, advertising Thompson and Son's Celebrated Walmer Ales, Stout and Porter with the painted wall sign facing the junction with Exchange Street.

Steve Glover and Michael Rogers researched the business in their book The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer, discovering a few intriguing tales.

In 1793 a stranger arrived from Canterbury to stay at the inn and moved out mysteriously the same day, later to be recognised as having escaped from prison.

By the late 1820s the "Royal Exchange" had its own yard, stables and outhouses, as well as neighbouring warehouses. A variety of landlords were listed as running the business, and in 1910 the proprietor was fined 1 with costs almost totalling another 1 for permitting drunkenness on the premises.

Eventually the "Royal Exchange" called orders and closed its doors for the final time in 1965. The building was later converted into flats.

Royal Exchange Hotel 2011

Properties on the right in the photo were eventually demolished, although a few survived the Second World War only to be knocked down as the beach was eroded.

Rick Maskell and father 1962

Above photo, kindly sent to me by Rick Maskell, showing himself at the age of 17 with his father. He says he stayed at the hotel in 1962.

Royal Exchange landlady 1962

Above photo showing Rick's father and the landlady of the hotel in 1962.

From an email received 30 March 2014.

I recognise the Landlady in your picture with Ricks Father. Her name was Mrs Rochelle. Not sure if that is the correct spelling.

All the best.

P. N. Henry.


From an email received 28 July 2016.

1957 Licensee Ernest Stanley Britten, was my maternal Grandfather. His tenancy was cut short by his death in April 1957. He was a Deal councillor and went down in a diving suit to inspect the works on the pier post WW2.

Neil Stanley.



FINNIS Eliza Beth to Jan/1780 dec'd

LORD Charles 1797-1804+ (Dover/Deal Directory Guide)

WARMAN Charles 1819+

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ATKINS Thomas 1828-39 Deal Licensing RegisterPigot's Directory 1832-34Pigot's Directory 1839

CORK Daniel 1840-8/May/46 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1840Dover Telegraph

CORK Mrs Sarah 1847-62+ (widow age 59 in 1851Census) Bagshaw's Directory 1847Melville's 1858Kelly's 1862

DONOGHUE Mrs C 1874+ Kelly's 1874Post Office Directory 1874

MORRIS Grove Ralph 1881+ (age 25 in 1881Census)

TURTON S Miss 1882+Post Office Directory 1882

CRICK George Richard 1899+ Kelly's 1899

BULLOCK Mrs R A 1908+ Pikes 1908

WADOUX Arthur 1913-22+ Post Office Directory 1913Deal library 1914Post Office Directory 1922

ROSS David Currie 1834+ Kelly's 1934

CASE D 1936

HAGGER Dorothy Gladys Mrs 1938+ Post Office Directory 1938

SMITH L Mrs 21/Oct/1948-52


TUCKER C 1953-55

CLARKE J H 1955-57

BRITTEN Ernest Stanley to Apr/1957 dec'd

ROCHELL A 1957-28/Apr/65 (House closed)


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