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Earliest 1840-

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Latest 1915

46-48 West Street

(8 West Street Bagshaw's Directory 1847)

(3 West Street 1873)


Former Anchor

Above photo 2006, showing the "West Street Club" (now 2017, part of the Sainsbury's car park.) Also showing the Adamson's garage which was built on the site of the "Anchor" (closed 1915 and later demolished.)


This pub is now the site of the "Working Man's Club" and used to be used by William Makepiece Thackery as the "Blue Anchor" in his last work written for the Cornhill Magazine, and published a few months after his death in 1864.

With the "Blue Anchor" and "Anchor" being addressed so close together I will assume they are one and the same.

The name of the pub originated from the fact that it was built on the site where salvaged anchors used to be stored


South Eastern Gazette 24 October 1865.



Of the "Anchor Inn," West-street, Deal, in the county of Kent, licensed victualler and fly-proprietor, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the 25th day of September, 1863, a Public Sitting for the said bankrupt to pass his Last Examination, and make application for his Discharge, will be held at the said Court, at the Guildhall, Deal, on the 10th day of November, 1885, at 1/2-past 11 o'clock in the forenoon precisely, the day lest aforesaid being the day limited for the said bankrupt to surrender.

The Registrar of the Court is the official assignee, and Mr. William Everest, of Beach-street, Deal, is the solicitor acting in the bankruptcy.

Thomas Bowling, High Bailiff.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 10 October, 1869. 1d.


R. Garrett, landlord of the "Anchor," public-house, West Street, was summoned for having his house opened after 11 o'clock on Sunday night last.

Defendant admitted that his house was open after the hour stated, but said he was only supplying lodgers and travellers as far as he was aware.

P.C. Spicer deposed: I went to the "Anchor," public-house, West Street, on Sunday night about 20 minutes past 11 o'clock. I heard a noise inside and tried the door, which was fastened. I knocked, and I then heard them say, "There's the police." Mrs. Garrett came to the door and asked who was there, and I replied, "police." The door was then undone, and I went into the tap-room where I found seven or eight persons, townspeople. There were also two people standing at the bar, drinking something that had the appearance of porter. There was only one glass containing beer on the tap-room table. One of the persons was a lodger in the house, but the others were not, and when I ordered them to leave the house they did so.

In defence, Garrett said the reason of his house being open was that he was expecting the return of his lodger by the last train, he having that day gone to Wingham, and whilst so waiting a man and his wife, who told them they had just come by train, came to him for some porter, and whilst he was serving them some six or seven more people rushed in. He thought the persons were going to take the porter home, as they lived near, but instead of that they drank it at the bar, and whilst they were there the others got in. He was under the impression at the time that they had all just come by the train, which was very late at night; although he had since found out that one or two of them had not.

The Magistrates said that as that was the first case of the kind that had come before them they would not inflict the full penalty. They regarded the landlord, however, as in every way responsible for the manner in which his house was conducted. They would inflict a penalty of 10s., including costs, and hoped that it would prove a warning to others as well as defendant.

Mr. Garrett asked the Clerk to give him a receipt so that he might exhibit it in his bar, to let the public know what he was fined for; but this, of course, was not complied with, and defendant was informed that printed notices would shortly be served on all the publicans.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 22 April 1882.

On Wednesday afternoon Mr. John Costell, a gentleman from London, was driving a lady and Mr. H. Miles, landlord of the "Anchor Inn," from Ramsgate, when about a mile from Sandwich he ran foul of a stone cart, overthrowing their conveyance and precipitating them into the road, Mr. Costell receiving a severe wound on the head and the wheel passing over his body. He was conveyed to the "Crispin Inn," and attended to by Dr. Scott, who pronounced him in a very precarious state. The other occupants of the vehicle were very much shaken.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 15 July 1905.

The Perils of Motoring. A Deal Innkeeper Killed at Strood.

Shortly before 4 o'clock on Sunday morning a fatal motor car accident occurred on the main London Road at Strood, Rochester.

Mr. Edward J. F. Hall, the landlord of the "Anchor Hotel," Deal, and two friends, Messrs. Percy John Amos and Alfred James Amos were travelling from Dartford to Deal in the car when the off hind wheel suddenly cast its India rubber tyre. This caused the hind part of the carriage to swerve around violently, with the result that the vehicle was overturned.

The occupants were thrown into the road with great force. Mr. Hall was unconscious when picked up. The doctor gave the injured man temporary attention, after which he was placed on an ambulance and removed to St. Bartholomew's hospital, Rochester but on his arrival there it was found that he had expired during the journey.

The other occupants of the car also sustained severe bruises, and the car was wrecked.



CARDEN Mrs 1804+ (widow)

CURLING A Thomas 1821-32+

MARSH Simon 1839-64 Pigot's Directory 1840Bagshaw's Directory 1847Post Office Directory 1855 (blacksmith)

LANGLEY Thomas to 1865

GOODCHILD William to Oct/1865+

GARRETT Richard 1869-81+ (age 53 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1874 (shoemaker)

MILES Henry Wise 1882+ Post Office Directory 1882

SKINNER Thomas 1891+ (age 41 in 1891Census)

GAMMON Joshua to 1894

CURLING David John 1894-99+ Kelly's 1899

HALL Edward James Friday 1903-July/05 dec'd Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

HALL Emily Mrs 1905-13 Next pub licensee had (widow age 50 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1913Post Office Directory 1913Deal library 1914

BASTON Percy 1913-15


Pigot's Directory 1840From the Pigot's Directory 1840

Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847

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Kelly's 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899

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