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Earliest 1839

(Name from)


Latest 1988+

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47 Beach Street

(105 Beach Street in 1878)


Antwerp 1909

Above photo, 1909, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Antwerp Hotel

Above photo, date and event unknown, kindly sent by Graham Butterworth.

Antwerp 1952

Above photo showing the "Antwerp Hotel" in 1952.

Antwerp ledger

Thompson & Son ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Antwerp Hotel 1939

Above picture kindly supplied by Sue Solley. The Antwerp, 1939, is shown directly behind the first bench on the right of the picture. Also shown "Clarendon Hotel," far right and the "Beach Hotel", centre left.

Antwerp sign 1987Antwerp sign 1994

Antwerp sign July left, November 1987, right, May 1994.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Antwerp Hotel 1998

Photo taken in July 1998 from by John Law.


Trading as early as 1840 wit John Jarman as licensee.

At one time addressed as 105 Beach Street.

1836 the Deal Licensing Register reported that the pub was formerly "Lord Keith". My research tells me this must have been prior to 1840 and I do have reference to this pub in 1839 under the name "Lord Keith," however, directories were often out of date.


Kentish Gazette, 14 May 1844.


May 12, at Deal, after a severe illness Mrs. Jarman, wife of Mr. John Jarman, of the "Antwerp Inn," aged 35.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 11 September, 1869. 1d.


William Irvine, waterman, was summonsed upon the oath of George Forth, landlord of the "Antwerp Inn," Beach Street, who stated that on the 6th and 7th of Sept. He was drunk and riotous in the "Antwerp" and refused to leave when requested to do so.

On being asked what he had to say to the charge, defendant said he was not guilty.

Complainant was then sworn, after which he deposed as follows: On the afternoon of the 6th a captain of a ship was in my house who had had business with these men, and Irvine was rather abusive to him. After a little while he (the defendant) called for a glass of beer, but I said, "No; I don't draw you any beer, and I have reason not to." I have many times heard the defendant say to himself, as he passed my house, making use of language that I should not like to repeat that I should never have any more of his money, and I made up my mind that I never would. When I refused to serve him he became riotous, and I then told him to leave the house, whereupon he was more violent and offered to strike me. On the 7th, in the evening, he sent a young man in to get me a pint of beer, and he followed quickly on him. As soon, however, as I saw Irvine, I refused to draw the beer, and with that he called me all the ____ names you could think of. He also raised his fist and said he would strike me right in between my eyes. I told him I did not want and disturbance or noise in my house and that neither would I have it. He came again a second time the same evening, and I thin went for the police, but he had left when I got back. He was about half-drunk. He has made a disturbance more than once in my house, and that is why I refused to draw him any beer. He comes there and makes a disturbance, and people then think my house is not conducted so orderly as it should be. I asked him to leave more than once or twice.

A friend of Irvine's, who appeared to be in a very excited state, interrupted the Court two or three times whilst Mr. Forth was giving his evidence, and at last the police were instructed to remove him, which they had to do my main force.

Irvine was making a long and rambling statement in defence, when the Magistrates said that, without going any further into the case, they could see that he had behaved himself in a very improper and disorderly manner, and they should therefore call upon him to find a surety in 10 for his good behaviour for three months, and also require him to be bound over in the same amount himself.

The required surety was subsequently tendered and accepted, and defendant thereupon immediately discharged.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 6 October, 1900.

Before the Mayor and Mr. W. H. Ramell.

George White, tramp of no fixed abode, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on Sept. 30th. - Prisoner pleaded not guilty.

P.C. Ratcliffe deposed that about a quarter to three the previous afternoon, he was on the South Esplanade, near the Temperance Hotel, and saw the prisoner, who was drunk, with three or four sprays of shrub, asking people to buy some for a button-hole. Seeing that he was annoying people, he advised him to go away. he said he wanted four-pence for his kit, and would have to get it. he went opposite the "Antwerp Hotel," and sat on a seat and used bad language. he said he knew witness was a policeman in plain clothes, and would give him a good hiding, and commenced taking off his jacket. The landlord of the hotel came and complained of prisoner's conduct, and as he still refused to go away, witness took him into custody.

A visitor names George Charles, corroborated, and prisoner was sentenced to 14 days' hard labour.



After the "Great Storm" of November 1877, the "Antwerp Inn" being situated just opposite the pier, took in survivors.


Antwerp Saloon bar 1932

Above picture kindly supplied by Trevor Hatton, shows the "Antwerp" saloon in 1932.


A Charrington outlet in 1974. Library archives 1974


From the Deal Mercury, 17 April, 1997.


Heraldry forms feature of the pub.

Antwerp Hotel coats of arms

Above shows John Crosskeys (left), landlord Sam Salmon and Mike Henry in the arms emblazoned bar at the seafront "Antwerp Hotel."


A retired civil engineer and a former journalist have joined forces to create a colourful display for a Deal seafront pub.

John Crosskey, from Sholden, and Mike Henry, of Sydcot Drive, Deal have made shields of the Kent civic arms - all 13 of them - for the "Antwerp Hotel" opposite the pier.

"We have just added to the display the shield of the Antwerp city arms, a nice association with the name of the pub," said Mike, a regular at the "Antwerp."

John was born with a name destined to inspire a coat of arms. He has been an expert in heraldry since 1948 and dedicates most of his time to researching and designing coats of arms.

"Years and years ago I decided to take up heraldry because I wanted something different outside work," explained John, a member of the Heraldry Society.

In 1979 he was awarded a grant of arms from the College of Arms and was eventually allowed to design his own coat of arms - featuring, naturally, crossed keys.

"The keys are self explanatory, but there's also a reference to my work as a civil engineer," said John, who spent nine months researching the civic arms of Kent series.

His long-time friend Mike typed the labels for each shield displayed above the bar at the "Antwerp" and both put the finishing touches to the artwork.

"It has been a joint effort and marvellous experience. Sam Salmon the proprietor of the "Antwerp" encouraged us and is proud of this unique and colourful display.

"The addition of this set of shields is admired by his customers. Even those passing by the pub can see the display through the window. So it might even entice them to go into the "Antwerp" and satisfy their curiosity - and perhaps their thirst!" said Mike.



Now trades under the name of the "Bohemian" (2007), although at present unsure as to when the change of name, certainly after 1988.



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CLAYSON John 1847+ Bagshaw's Directory 1847

FINNIS J B 1855+ Post Office Directory 1855

FORTH George 1858-65+ (age 59 in 1861Census) Melville's 1858Kelly's 1862Deal Mercury

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SPEARS William Frost July/1873-74+ Kelly's 1874Post Office Directory 1874Deal Mercury

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OTTAWAY George 1891+ (age 62 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1891

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SLAWSON Charles George 1913-22+ Kelly's 1913Post Office Directory 1913Deal library 1914Post Office Directory 1922

WAREHAM William George 1934-38+ Kelly's 1934Post Office Directory 1938

RIBBANDS Charles 1948

BAGNALL Mr (manager) 1950-54

HOLDEN C 1954-57

PYGALL L B 1957-63+

JONES John A 1974+ Library archives 1974 Charrington & Co

DALE Stan & Min Next pub licensee had 1985-88

SALMON Sam 1997+ Deal Mercury


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