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Earliest 1850+

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City Arms

Open 2019+

7 Butchery Lane


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City Arms postcard 1933

Above postcard, posted 1933, kindly sent by Michael Coomber.

City Arms 1946

Above photo taken on a visit from the King and Queen with Princess Elizabeth in 1946 for a service of thanksgiving in the Cathedral, viewing the Norman remains found on the blitzed Longmarket site.

City Arms 1947

Above photo, circa 1947, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

City Arms 1948

Above photo, 1948, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

City Arms 1950

Above photo, circa 1950. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

City Arms 1965

Above photo taken by Edward Wilmot 1965.

City Arms City Arms City Arms signCity Arms sign City Arms windows

Above photos taken by Paul Skelton, 19 May 2012.


The Inns of Canterbury by Edward Wilmot's,1988, mentions a document, date circa 1945 that gives the description of clientele at the pub as being "Shoppers, business men and local artisans."


The building is over 300 years old and in 1692 was referred to as the "Morocco." However, it has also been called the "Angel's Castle," and then the "Angel and Castle," but to date I do not know when these changes took place or for what reason. The present name of the "City Arms" took place in 1892.

The pub escaped with only slight damage during the Wartime bombing raids on Canterbury when the opposite side of Butchery Lane was destroyed.

A major fire in July 2001 badly damaged the premises and the pub was closed for over 3 years until reopening in August 2004 by the present operators Stoneset Inns.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 4 May, 1867. Price 1d.

Thomas Hodges pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of gin, the property of James Fox, landlord of the “City Arms,” on the 24th inst.
The Magistrates sentenced him to the House of Correction for one month.


From the Whitstable Times, 13 August, 1870.

George Jones, publican, was charged with making use of unbecoming expressions to Francis Laming, at Northgate.

Complainant said he was passing the “City Arms” when defendant emerged there from and began to talk to him in very violent language. This was before he said anything to him whatever. Defendant did not deny that he used the language complained of but stated that Laming commenced the row by swearing at him. Defendant called a man named Crofts, who said he heard Laming call defendant a “-------- big-headed monkey.”

Laming said this man was not present at the time the quarrel began.

Defendant was fined 3s., costs 11s.


From the Whitstable Times, 29 March, 1902.


Before the Major (Alderman George Collard) in the chair, Mr. T. Wacher, and Mr. H. G. Sadler.


Edward Waller, a dealer, of Deal, and Edmund Payne, a sawyer, ware summoned for fighting in Butchery Lane, on the 15th March.
Defendants pleaded guilty.

Superintendent Farmery stated that the men came out of the “City Arms” in Butchery Lane, and commenced fighting, about 6 o’clock on the night in question.

Defendants were bound over in the sum of 5 each, and ordered to pay the costs, amounting to 7s. 3d. each.

Kate Dane and Alice Care were summoned for a similar offences in Northgate on the 12th instant.

Defendants pleaded guilty, and the Superintendent stated that the offence was committed at eleven at night.

These defendants were also bound over in 5 each and ordered to pay the costs.


I am informed that of August 2018 the pub was under sale for an asking price of 59,950. The long lease was sold by Stoneset Inns (Foundry Brewpub owners) recently. But I don't know who operates the pub now. (2018)



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FOX James 1858-74+ Melville's 1858Post Office Directory 1862Post Office Directory 1874

COLLINS George 1881-82+ CensusPost Office Directory 1882

BURTON William 1903+ Post Office Directory 1903

WHITE Mr A J (Father of Tom) 1913-19 Post Office Directory 1913Edward Wilmot Canterbury

WHITE Tom S 1919-22+ (dec'd 1969) Edward Wilmot CanterburyPost Office Directory 1922

WHITE Ellen B 1930-39+ (age 66 in 1939) Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938

Last pub licensee had LUCAS Charles Bob 1969-83 Edward Wilmot Canterbury


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Edward Wilmot CanterburyInns of Canterbury by Edward Wilmot, 1988


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