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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest Oct 1964

(Name from 1)

(Name from 2)

Elephant and Hind

Latest May 2002

(Name to)

18-19 Market Square


Elephant and Hind 1974

Above photo, 1974, kindly sent by Paul Wells.

Elephant and Hind circa 1980
Photos above and below Elephant and Hind circa 1980 by Barry Smith.
Elephant and Hind sign 1980

Above sign 1980.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Elephant and Hind 1988

Above photo, date 1988.

Elephant and Hind circa 1980
Elephant and Hind 1991

Elephant and Hind 1991 by kind permission Dover Library ILL/3675.

Elephant and Hind plaque 1990

Elephant and Hind plaque above August 1990.

Elephand and Hind sign 1986Elephand and Hind sign 1990

Sign left, April 1986, sign right, August 1990.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis


It was formerly the "Walmer Castle" and the "Duchess of Kent". Permission was given in 1962 for the two to merge. The licence of the "Duchess" was forfeited and Fremlin and Mackeson shared the proceeds from the new business.


The antiquity of the buildings meant the practical rebuilding of the whole and following that it reopened as the "Elephant and Hind" in October 1964.


Changed name and serving as "Bar Ellie" in May 2002.



HARPER Eric 1964

ROGERS Thomas Joseph 1964-8 end

JAMES Mrs J 1968

STEWARD David 1969 end

HANN John H 1971-78 Library archives 1974 Whitbred Fremlins

ORGAN Anthony M 1974-78 Library archives 1974 Whitbred Fremlins

McIVOR Joseph 1979-80

JONES Barry 1984

GILHAM Roy to May/2002 Next pub licensee had


Library archives 1974Library archives 1974


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