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Earliest 1466-

Fleur de Lis Inn

Latest 1941+

34 High Street


Fleur de Lis 1915

Above photo, circa 1915, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Fleur de Lis Inn date unknown Fleur de Lis Inn

Above photos taken from the Historic Canterbury web site, date unknown showing the "Fleur de Lis Inn" on the left.

Fleur de Lis 1946

Above photo, circa 1946, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Fleur-de-Lis Inn 1958

Above photo, 1958. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Fleur de Lis window 1808

Above engraving 1808 showing the thirteenth century window in the courtyard of the hotel.

Fleur de Lis window 1895

Above photo, circa 1895, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Vicinity of the Fleur de Lis

I believe the above picture taken from Google to be the same buildings as shown above.

Former Fleur de Lys

Above photo, date unknown by Darkstar.


Bygge, a baker by trade, was twice Mayor of Canterbury (1460 and 1466). He had some interest in the "Fleur-de-Lis Inn," and may have built some part of it. His bequest of 10 towards the completion of St. George's Gate is noticed by Somner. His son John Bygge (Mayor, 1472, 1473, and 1474), owned and enlarged Cogan House.

A slightly different pronunciation of the "Fleur de Luce" is shown below from the Canterbury Gazette, but I'm pretty confident that this is referring to the same house in the High Street. I do not know when the name "Flower de Luce" became the "Fleur de Lis."


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Wednesday, 3 May, to Saturday 6 May, 1769. Price 2d.


In the High Street, Canterbury, about Two Years ago, by a person unknown.

A large Iron Crank, with other materials thereunto belonging. Any person, describing the same, on paying the Charges and Advertisement, may have it again, by applying to Bernard Eagleson as above.

N.B. If not owned, it will be Sold by Auction, on Monday next, between Ten and Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, as the said “Flower de Luce.”


From the Kentish Gazette, 14 January 1834. Price 7d.


THE Committee are requested to meet at the “Fleur-de-Lis Inn,” Canterbury.

On SATURDAY the 18th day of January instant, at Eleven o'Clock precisely, to appoint Stewards, &c. and arrange Premiums for the next Show Day.


Honorary Secretary.

Herne, Jan. 11th 1834.


South Eastern Gazette. Tuesday 08 January 1856.

Mr. Toke Simmonds, landlord of the "Fleur de Lis," at Canterbury, was summoned for riding on the footpath at Boughton Hill. The defendant did not appear, and the offence being proved he was fined 2 and costs.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 6 February, 1864.


Between 20 and 30 citizens of Canterbury, sat down to a very excellent dinner, at the “Fleur-de-Lis Hotel,” on Tuesday. Mr. Hugman was in the chair, and, like Yorick of old, “kept the table in a roar” with his fund of anecdote and good-humoured sallies, indeed he may be said to have sustained the evening’s entertainment, with the relief of half-a dozen songs at intervals. The host (Mr. Z. Prentice) was highly and deservedly complimented for the admirable manner in which he catered for his guests.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 28 May 1870.


This pleasing ceremony took place at the "Fleur de Lis Hotel," Canterbury, on Tuesday afternoon. Since the idea of presenting the Coroner with a testimonial on the completion of his 50th year of office was first started, subscriptions from all parts of the county have freely come in. Although such a step was hinted at some months ago, it has only been within the last three or four weeks that any definite action has been taken. In that time a large sum was subscribed with which were purchased a handsome tea and coffee set, a case of fish knives and forks with carvers, some spoons and forks, and a massive salver, all in silver. The articles were purchased of Messrs. Trimnell and of Messrs. Mason, and are worthy of the repute in which those establishments are held.

The company assembled at one o’clock, and included T. S. Cooper, Esq., who has acted throughout as a most efficient chairman of the committee, the Mayor of Canterbury, the Sheriff, the Deputy Coroner, Mr. Walter Furley, Mr. G. P. Collard. Mr. G. Beer, Mr. Hutchings, Mr. B. Tassell, Mr. Morgan, Mr. G. Collard, Mr. Ratcliff, Mr. Trimnell, Mr. Davey, Mr. Sendell, Mr. Mason, Mr. Sprague, &c., &c. Other subscribers to the testimonial who were invited were unavoidably absent.

The company first inspected the testimonial, and here we should state that the salver bore the following inscription:—

"Presented to Thomas Thorpe Delasaux, Esq., in testimony of the efficient manner in which he has discharged the duties of Coroner for Kent during a period of fifty years. April 20th, 1870."

The actual business of presentation occupied but a very short time, inasmuch as the earnest and punctual chairman of the Committee, Mr. T. S. Cooper, with his usual precision, commenced the proceedings precisely at the hour fixed (one o’clock) by stepping forward and saying:— It is my pleasing duty to present you, Mr. Coroner Delasaux, on behalf of the subscribers, this service of plate, and to beg your acceptance of it, accompanied with their sincere desire that you may long live, not only to enjoy the pleasurable associations connected with the gift, but continue to command that esteem and regard which you now so deservedly possess, and which we have chosen to exhibit towards you by begging your acceptance of the silver plate now before you.

Mr. Delasaux (who spoke with emotion) said: When I look back at the origin of the contest which placed me in the position I at present occupy, and which has enabled me to be the proud recipient of your kindness to-day, I do so with mingled feelings of pleasure and regret; with pleasure because it reminds me of the many friends I had in my youthful days, and with regret because out of the 776 freeholders in Kent who voted for me on that occasion there are only three alive, and one of that number had attained the age of 91 years. The duties of the office of coroner are, as you all must so aware, of a difficult character, but it is a satisfaction to me to know that during the long period in which I have held the appointment I have never been complained against, nor has a single verdict which I have directed been upset. Gentlemen, to say that I am thankful for your exceeding kindness in making me this handsome present would too inadequately express my feelings; I am grateful, for who could entertain feelings less than those of gratitude at having the kindness and good feeling of friends so handsomely recorded. The gift is doubly gratifying to me; for not only do I value it as a testimony of esteem on the part of my many friends, and as such shall cherish it, but shall hand it down as a memento of valued and sincere friendship. With regard to my chairman I am sure I cannot sufficiently thank him for the kind part he has taken in this matter. He is at all times willing to assist in a work of kindness, and to him and to you all I beg again to tender my very sincere and grateful thanks.

Mr. Cooper then made the announcement that the Coroner wished the company to join him at luncheon whereupon they retired to another room and partook of a splendid old collation provided by Mr. Prentis.

The health of the Queen and wishing her many happy returns of the day on the anniversary of her birth was submitted by the chairman (Mr. Cooper) in really good taste, and after several other toasts had been given and acknowledged the interesting proceedings terminated.


From the Whitstable Times, 7 June, 1902.


At the Auction Mart, St. Margaret’s Street, on Saturday afternoon, Messrs. Kennett and Chamberlain, in conjunction with Mr. Matthew Miles, offered for sale the “Fleur de Lis Hotel” in the High Street, Canterbury, together with the business premises adjoining, and the "Hotel Tap" in White Horse Lane. There was a large attendance, and considerable interest appeared to be evinced in the sale. Eventually the whole property was disposed of for 4,000, the purchaser being Sir. Sanderson, of Ealing. It is stated that some time ago as much as 8,000 could have been had for the property. The solicitors for the vendors were Messrs. Wightwick and Kingsford, Canterbury.


From the Whitstable Times, 12 July, 1902.


Mr. William Ashenden applied on behalf of Mr. Frederick Finn and himself as executors of the late Mr. Horatio Ward, that the licence of the “Fleur de Lis Hotel” might, he transferred to Mr. Charles Sanderson, the new proprietor.

The Magistrates granted a temporary authority until the next transfer day in August.


In 1889 the "Fleur de Lis " was advertising the fact they had billiard rooms situated at number 35.

I am also informed by Peter Nunn that this was the watering hole for spitfire squadron 92 - "our favourite hostelry" - when based in Kent in 1941 (Manston).



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