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Earliest Sept 1778

(Name from)

Folkestone Arms

Latest 1846

 6 (Old) High Street


Former Folkestone Arms

The former "Folkestone Arms" is shown as the building next to the dilapidated former coach house shown centre-left.


Pigot's directory of 1839 gives the "Folkestone Arms" as also being an excise office.

The pub was originally called the "White Hart" but in September 1778 new licensee James Bateman was instructed by the Earl of Radnor to rename it the "Folkestone Arms." The pub closed in 1846, one year before the "Folkestone Arms Tavern" was opened. It is believed there is no connection between the two.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday, 27 September, 1845. Price 5d.


FOLKESTONE: On Tuesday evening, about 9 o'clock, as Mr. Holley, employed in erecting coke ovens for the Railway Company, was passing from the Bail into the town, he missed his road, and, from the darkness of the place, fell a distance of 16 feet into the yard of the “Old Folkestone Arms Inn,” by which he sustained a dislocation of the knee and other injuries. Great complaint is made at the partial manner in which the town is lighted with gas.

From a correspondent.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 4 March 1851.


To sell by public auction, on Monday, the 17th day of March, 1851, at Folkestone.

The "Folkestone Arms Inn," situate at the bottom of High Street, in Folkestone aforesaid.

Possession will be given on the completion of the purchase. The owner, who is the occupier, is retiring from the public business.

For particulars apply to Messrs. Hart and Kipping, Solicitors, Maidstone and Folkestone; and to Messrs. Bower and Son, 46, Chancery Lane, London.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 10 June 1851.

Coroner's Inquest.

An inquest was held yesterday week, before John Bateman, Esq., coroner, and the jury of tradesmen, on the body of James Johnson, otherwise James Newbury.

James Steer, inspector of Folkestone police, deposed that on Saturday afternoon, he saw the deceased much intoxicated, and very disorderly; he has just quittted the "Folkestone Arms," his conduct being so bad there, that they turned him out; he locked him up in the station house, where he became very violent, kicking the door of his cell, so that witness was obliged to take his shoes off for some time. He constantly supplied him with water, brought a 2lb loaf, and gave him half of it. He left the station at about 5:45 and return at 6:40. In looking through the small aperture in the door he perceived the breast of the deceased, and on looking up saw a handkerchief fastened to the bars. He immediately cut it and heard something fall; he called for assistance, opened the door, and saw that deceased had suspended himself and appeared dead. He found upon his person a ticket of membership of a Teetotal Society at Hastings, in the name of James Newbury, also part of a charge sheet, wherein he was charged with ill-using his wife. He ha had ascertained that the gaoler of Dover knew him there by the name of Johnson.

Edward Harris, tailor and draper, deposed that he was called by the inspector to assist him, and deceased appeared to be dead.

Mr. William Bateman, surgeon, was called by the police, and found life had been extinct about half an hour, apparently from strangulation.

The jury returned a verdict, "That the deceased destroyed himself while labouring under a fit of temporary insanity," and they wished the coroner to request the corporation to remove the iron bars of the sell to prevent a similar occurrence and future.

The deceased obtained his living by making moss baskets, and was well known at Dover and Hastings; from the latter place the inspector received the letter a reply to a letter he sent, stating that they knew of no relations there belonging to the deceased, but that they had had him in custody 11 times.



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