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Earliest Aug 2001

(Name from)


Open 2014+

28-30 Harbour Road


Gillespies, Folkestone 2009

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 27 June 2009.

Gillespies 2012

Above photo kindly sent by Phil Nicholson, 29 November, 2012.

Gillespies 2019

Above photo 2019.

Gillespies 2020

Above photo, October 2020, kindly taken and sent by Jan Pedersen.


Originally called the "London and Paris."


From the By Vicky Castle, Victoria Chessum, & Sian Elvin, 9 June 2019.

We visited the 'worst' nightclubs and bars in Kent according to reviewers to see what they're really like.

Most of us really don't mind where we go out as long as there are good drinks and music, but other people find their clubbing experience much more important.

So much so that they feel the need to write a TripAdvisor review about the nightclubs. And some are less than flattering.

Here are some of the worst reviews of Kent clubs on the site, with just one or two stars – but compared with what our journalists at Kent Live really think of them.

Gillespies on the harbour in Folkestone.

One TripAdvisor review gave it one star, saying: "A disgrace to Folkestone's image.

"Lots of outdoor fighting and rough clientele. And lots of weirdoes hanging around the outdoors. Not recommended."

We say:- "Yeah it's not great. The music is dated, the décor is dated, the drinks aren't great and the clientele are always looking for a fight. To be honest if you look at some of the bar staff the wrong way you could find yourself in a row.

"But it's a great location to look out over the harbour. So as long as you order something from a bottle and sit outside, you'll probably be fine."


Closed in October 2020, but rumour has it that told the owners of the "Harbour," "Pullman" and "Tin & Tap Room" has bought it.

Latest news August 2023, the pub has been renovated and is open again with it's original name of "London and Paris."



GILLESPIE Kevin, HILL Natalie & BURFORD Gary 2001-04+ Bastions

GILLESPIE Kevin to 2010+


BastionsFrom More Bastions of the Bar by Easdown and Rooney


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