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Earliest 1971

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Nail Box

Open 2020+

74 Coolinge Lane


01303 253748

Nail Box 2010

Above photo 2010 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.

Nail Box sign 1990sNail Box sign 1990s

Above signs 1990s.

Nailbox sign 1992Nailbox sign 1992

Nailbox signs August 1992.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Nailbox sign 2013

Sign showing in 2013.

Nailbox watercolour 2012

Above watercolour 2012 by Stuart Gresswell, once licensee of "Guildhall" and "Raglan" kindly sent by Jan Pedersen.


Formerly the "Railway Hotel." Changed name in 1971.


Folkestone Herald 29 May 1971.

Local News.

The old Railway Hotel at the corner of Shorncliffe Road and Coolinge Lane, Folkestone, was officially re-opened with a new name - The Nailbox – on Thursday.

Inspecting the new pub sign is the licensee, Mr. Bryan Langston. Mr. Langston took over the licence just a year ago on Wednesday after moving to Folkestone from Paignton, Devon, where he was a hotel owner. Mr. Langston explained the story behind the pub's new name “Years ago carpenters working at the nearby firm of Hayward and Paramour Limited would deliberately use up nails quickly, or even throw them away, so that they would have to get new supplies from a nail box in an adjacent store. In fact it was an excuse to visit the pub for a quick pint. If they were missed, their workmates would explain, tongue in cheek, that they were at the “nail box” - the carpenters’ name for the pub”.


Folkestone Herald 12 August 1972.

Local News.

A collection of half-pennies at the Nailbox public house, Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone, has raised more than 10 for Folkestone, Hvthe and district Society for Mentally Handicapped Children.

The idea for the collection was thought up nine months ago when the society’s secretary. Mr. H. Harrison, suggested a bottle should be placed on the bar in which people could put their odd halfpennies. This week the bottle was finally filled, and on Tuesday Mr. Harrison went to the pub to count the money. It was opened and contained 2,024 coins - 10.12.


Folkestone Herald 12 July 1975.

Local News.

Police blundered over late night opening times at Folkestone pubs, it was claimed this week.

Two pubs were warned by police about after-hours drinking- on Wednesday - but the warnings came several minutes before the summer closing time of 11 p.m. At The Fleur de Lis in Sandgate High Street landlord Jack Fieldsend said the officer had thought closing time was 10.30. At the other pub, The Nail Box in Coolinge Lane, manager John Drummings said a policeman told him he thought permission for the later summer closing time had been rescinded.

Secretary of the Folkestone Licensed Victuallers’ Association. Mr. Frank Nicholls, said on Thursday “I see this as a bit of a boob on the part of the police. As this is the first year the summer hours have been in operation in Folkestone, for a while, it was obvious that these coppers just didn’t realise there had been a change.

However, a senior police officer said the officers were fully aware of the licensing: hours but were acting on an anonymous call about after hours drinking.


South Kent Gazette 22 November 1978.

Local News.

Empty tankards brought few cheers at four Folkestone pubs when beer kegs and bottles ran dry. Regulars had to make do with fruit juice and spirits as a result of a brewery workers' strike at Ind Coope. The brewery supplies local pubs including the Black Bull, Nailbox, Morehall and Railway Bell from its Aylesham depot. After missing three deliveries, pub supplies dwindled last week to nothing.

One landlord said his trade had been cut by 50 per cent, and another claimed his darts league and pool players had turned to lemonade and Coke.

Now customers will be finding what their right arms are for again. The 14 workers at Aylesham agreed to return to work yesterday. A spokesman for the brewery said the strike by a total of 1,750 production and distribution employees was over a pay claim. Most of the other workers agreed to return to work on Monday.


South Kent Gazette 28 March 1979.

Local News.

Police are hunting several men who attacked a barman in Cheriton on Saturday night. But fears that workmen from the M20 motorway construction site could be responsible have been scotched by both police and local landlords. The incident happened at 11.10 p.m. in the Victoria public house, Risborough Lane, when barman Brian Brown told customers it was time to leave.

A police spokesman said that Mr. Brown, who lives in Christchurch Road, Folkestone, received a bleeding nose, cut gums and facial bruising. “Navvies” from the Danton Lane, Cheriton, motorway site were blamed for the assault because the assailants had not been identified and one spoke with an Irish accent.

However, Police Inspector Peter Ford told the Gazette “We’ve had no trouble at all from the site. If the situation with site workers continues as it is then we shall be perfectly happy”.

Mr. Brown was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press but the Victoria’s landlord said “This is the first time we’ve had trouble in the pub since I came here three years ago”.

Speculation that motorway workers could be a possible source of violence was scotched by landlords at: The White Lion in Cheriton High Street - “So far they’ve been perfectly well behaved in here”.; The Morehall, Cheriton Road “Nice lads ... no trouble whatsoever”.; The Nailbox, Shorncliffe Road – “A bit noisy, that's all”.; The Cherry Pickers, Ashley Avenue, Cheriton – “We've had a few in, but they've been perfectly O.K.”.


Folkestone Herald 26 April 1980.


Customers at the Nailbox pub in Folkestone have scored a hat-trick. For the third time in a year one of the pub's regulars has won 1,000. Mr. Michael Lowe, of Coolinge Road, Folkestone, won a competition run by Kent County Cricket Club. Only minutes before a woman refused to take the winning ticket because it was torn. But Mr. Lowe, a local bus driver, did not let the slight tear worry him and came up trumps. A married man with a 12-year-old daughter, he is to use the money for a good holiday this year. On Thursday he was congratulated on his windfall by the cricket club's ticket promoter, Mr. Peter Foster, at the Nailbox. The first jackpot was last year on Shepway Football Club's Goldliner tickets. Number two was on Canterbury Football Club's Astra fundraising tickets in January. A special souvenir cheque, showing a photograph of Kent's cricket team, was handed to the Mitchells by Mr. Foster. This will be framed and hung in the bar. Mr. Mitchell was delighted with the pub's run of luck and hopes to get a fourth jackpot winner soon!


Folkestone Herald 26 April 1985.

Local News.

Members of the British Heart Foundation were so impressed with Mitch and Rita Mitchell’s fund-raising efforts they decided to make a presentation to them! On Friday night Bill Bliss, chairman of the charity’s Folkestone and district committee, presented the couple with a thank you scroll. The presentation took place at the Mitchell’s pub, The Nailbox, in Coolinge Lane, Folkestone. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, with the generous help of their customers, have raised more than 500 for the foundation appeal in less than a year. As well as putting contributions in collecting boxes, a number of regulars have run sponsored races.


Folkestone Herald 20 July 1990.

Local News.

Shepherd Neame has bought four pubs in Shepway from Ind Coope. It was part of a 5.85 million deal for 33 public houses in Kent, London and the south east. The pubs taken over in Shepway are: Britannia Inn, Shorncliffe; Harvey Hotel (sic), Folkestone; the Nailbox, Shorncliffe; and the Princess Royal, Folkestone.

Note: It was Railway Bell and not Harvey Hotel.




LANGSTON Bryan 1971-72 Bastions

DRUMMINGS John 1972-76 Bastions

GINSBERG Robert 1976-77 Bastions

GAVRILOVIC Peter 1977-78 Bastions

ANDERSON Christopher 1978-79 Bastions

MITCHELL Lionel 1979-88 Bastions

MARSH Raymond 1988-93 Bastions

WATTS Anthony and WATTS Lynn 1993-97 Bastions

Last pub licensee had COOPER Darryl & Debra 1997-98 Next pub licensee had Bastions

Last pub licensee had SADLER David & Jaqueline 1998-2004 Next pub licensee had Bastions

SIMPSON Neil & Lynn 2004+ Bastions

SAGE Ms Nicola 2010+


BastionsFrom More Bastions of the Bar by Easdown and Rooney


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