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Notes of 1859 Kentish Chronicle



From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, Saturday 19 February 1859. Price 1d.

John Grey, of St. Peter Street, West Borough, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 16th instant.

On the night in question P.C. Sunnocks, saw the prisoner; who was abusing his wife in Week Street, and on remonstrating with him defied with authority of the police, expressing himself in rather strong language, so much that the constable found it necessary to take him to the police station.

Prisoner, who said he was sorry for what had happened, was fined 5s. and 5s. costs.

The money was paid.


From the Kentish Chronicle. 9 July 1859. Price 1d.



Howard c. Howard.—Mr. Ward appeared for the petitioner. The marriage took place in 1835. Mr. Howard kept a public house in Sandwich, and evidence was given that he was in the habit of beating his wife and treating her with great violence. Mr. Howard prayed for a divorce by reason of cruelty. The Court dissolved the marriage.


From the Kentish Chronicle, Saturday, 3 September, 1859. Price 1d.


Present—the Mayor. Alderman Brent, Masters, and Plummer, Capt. Love, Thomas Philpott, K. Holttum, W Mount, and W. Brock, Esqs.

There were six applications for new licenses. viz.— Richard Yeoman, for the “Bell and Crown,” Palace-street, which was granted. William Ledbitter, for the “Royal George,” in the parish of Northgate; Wm. Todd, for the “Plough,”, St. Peters Lane; Isaac Pierce, for the “Millers Arms,” St Radigunds; Mrs. Martin, for the “Kent Arms,” St. Dunstan's; and Mr. Dombrain, who was represented by Mr. Gee, for a house situate nearly opposite to the intended East Kent Railway Station, in St. Mildred's. ("Railway Inn" perhaps). The whole of these, excepting the first named, were refused.


From the Kentish Chronicle, Saturday, 10 September, 1859. Price 1d.



(Before T. Hilton, Esq, in the chair, and H. Denne, Esqrs)

This was the annual general licensing day. All the old licenses were renewed, and the chairman said he was pleased to be able to state that out of the fifty-four licensed houses in the Home division there had been only one complaint made during the year, which was exceedingly creditable to the landlords. There were four applications for new licenses, viz:-

John Anderson, for the “Stag,” at Whitstable; Mr. H. T. Sankey supported the application, and handed in a memorial and petition, most respectably signed. He said that for the past twenty years only one license had been granted for Whitstable. In 1851 there was a population of 3,000, and at the present time he believed it numbered between 5,000 and 6,000. The house was situated on the sea wall, and lately had been a place of resort by visitors. The applicant had kept a beer house for sixteen years.

Benjamin Burton, for the “Victoria” also in Whitstable. He produced a memorial in favour of his application.

Michael Delany, for the “Magpie,” at Harbledown, and Richard Mutton, for the “Plough and Harrow,” Bridge. The decision of the Bench upon these applications will not be announced until the adjourned licensing day, the 21st of September.