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Notes of 1909


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 13 February, 1909.


The general annual licensing meeting for the Home Division was held at the Sessions House, Longport, Canterbury, on Saturday, when the magistrates present were Lieut.-Colonel S. Newton Dickenson (in the chair), Messrs. F. H. Wilbee W. A. Lochee, A. A. Kemp, F. J. Godden, P. Igguulden, J. Hogbin, and Dr. J. Bewes.

The annual report of Superintendent Heard was read, which was as follows:—

Gentlemen.— I have to place before you my annual report of the ale-houses and beer-houses situated in this the Home portion of the St. Augustine's Petty Sessional Division.

I am pleased to report that they have been well conducted during the past year with the following exceptions:- The "Prince of Wales," Herne Bay, an ale house, of which the licensee, Henry E. Berry was summoned and convicted on the 5th April, 1908 (1) for harbouring a constable on licensed premises, for which he was fined 5 and 15s. 6d. costs; (2) for attempting to bribe P.S. Lampkin, fined 5 and 10s. costs; and (3) there was also a summons for keeping his licensed premises open during prohibited hours, but this was dismissed. Since this time the house has been well conducted.

I have received instructions from the Chief Constable to oppose the renewal of this licence, and I respectfully ask that the renewal of this license be adjourned until the adjourned annual licensing meeting, to enable me to serve the necessary notices of opposition.

The case which was pending at the last annual licensing meeting against the licensee of the "Lower Red Lion," Herne, F. G. Gray, who was summoned for permitting drunkenness on his licensed premises, was dismissed.

A summons has also been issued against Wallace Warner, the licensee of the "Golden Lion," Whitstable, an ale-house for permitting drunkenness on his licensed premises on the the 26th of January, and is down for hearing this day. Under these circumstances I most respectfully ask that the renewal of this licence be adjourned until the adjourned annual licensing meeting.

The number and description of the licensed houses are as follow:— 103 ale-houses, 28 "on" beer-houses, and 4 "off" beer, and 18 grocers' licenses. The licenses of 28 ale and beer houses have been transferred during the year.

During the same period 76 persons have been proceeded against for drunkenness, and for drunken and disorderly conduct, of whom 71 were convicted and 5 discharged, 15 of these being residents and 61 non-residents, a decrease of 14 residents and 36 non-residents.

The Chairman said he was pleased to think that their duties that day were light, the report on the whole being satisfactory, and particularly satisfactory insofar as there had been a decrease in the number of cases of drunkenness. The magistrates had signed all the licenses not being opposed with the exception of the "Prince of Wales," Herne Bay, and the "Golden Lion," Whitstable, which would be adjourned until March 6th (the adjourned licensing day) for consideration.

Mr. H. H. Groves made an application on behalf of the Railway Company for a certificate for the reduction of the compensation levy in respect of the Railway Refreshment Rooms, Herne Bay, which was granted.

A similar application was made with reference to the Pier Pavilion, Herne Bay, which was also sanctioned.

An application was made by William Jones for an off-licence to sell wine, spirits, and beer at the Stores, Reculver Road, Reculver. The applicant was represented by Mr. R. O. B. Lane, barrister, instructed by Mr. Gomm, of Margate, and Mr. A. K. Mowll opposed on behalf of the licensed victuallers of Herne Bay, wine and spirit merchants of Herne Bay, the grocers of Herne Bay, and the grocer opposite to the applicant, and also the people who had signed a memorial. Some time was taken up in the hearing of the application, but having heard the case for the applicant, the Chairman said the magistrates did not think a sufficient ease had been made out for the granting of the licence. No evidence in opposition was therefore called.


From The Courier, 12 March, 1909.


Monday, before R. Norton, Esq. (in the chair), the Hon. H. A. Hannen, General Goldsworthy. S. Lee Smith. P. Nevill, and J. F. Wheeler, Esqrs.


Before the commencement of the business, the Chairman, on behalf of the Bench, expressed pleasure at seeing Mr H. J. Bracher again in the Court, after his recent serious illness.

Thu Chairman announced that the brewers (the owners) had intimated that in the case of the "Royal Oak," West Mailing. The "Apple Tree," and the "New Found Out," East Peckham, that they did not intend to oppose the licenses being referred.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 12 March 1909.


At the adjourned Brewster Sessions this morning, the hearing of the application of Mr. McLeod, of Golding's Brewery, occupied the attention of the bench for an hour and a half, the application being refused.


From the Dover Express, Friday 15 October 1909.

East Kent Compensation Authority.

A meeting of the Authority was held at the Guildhall, Canterbury, on Tuesday, when Lord Harris presided over the following members of the committee. Earl Guildford, Lieutenant-Colonel S. Newton Dickinson, and Messrs. H. Fitzwater Plumtree, H. S. Chapman, F. H. Wilbee, F. E. Burke, and H. H. Green.

Compensation in respect of the following houses was allocated as follows.

"George Hotel," Snargate Street, Dover; tenants, Mr. Alfred Fitzroy Gidgood; registered owners, Messrs. George Beer and Co., Star Brewery, Canterbury, Mr. Jesse Hind (mortgagee), Fletcher Gate, Nottingham, solicitor, and the Dover Harbour Board, 34, Castle Street, Dover. Mr. Rutley Mowll stated the amount had been agreed upon, and also how that should be apportioned, but the question had arisen in regard to certain fixtures, and Dr. Hardman was appearing for the tenant in regard to this. The total sum suggested was 835, of which the Dover Harbour Board were to receive 590, Messrs. Beer and Co., 95, and representing the fixtures, and a tenant 150.

Dr. Hardman said the tenants signed that agreement of figures under a misapprehension as to the fixtures.

The committee approved of the total, and left the apportionment to be settled before the County Court Judge sitting at Dover.

"Deal Cutter," Beach Street, Dover, alehouse; tenants, Mr. Clarence Walton; owner, Messrs. G. Beer and Co., Star Brewery, Canterbury, and Mr. Jesse Hind, solicitor, Nottingham (mortgagee). Total agreed upon 321, brewers to have 311, and the tenant 10 and a receipt for 80 13s. 6d.


"Miners Arms," Dover, alehouse; tenants, Mr. John Murray; owners, Messrs. Alfred Leney and Co., Ltd., Dover.

Amount agreed upon 306, owners to receive 256 and tenant 50.