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Earliest 2006

(Name from)

Three Mackerel

Latest 2006

(Name to)

26 The Stade


Original Oddfellows Inn

Above picture showing the original "Oddfellows Inn". This building remained here till about 1932.

Three Mackerel, Folkestone 2009 Three Mackerel, Folkestone 2009

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 27 June 2009.


According to a posting in the "Folkestone Gerald":- "It has had more names than that in just the few years I've been here, it seems jinxed... It was "Nostalgia 50s Bar" a fifties themed bar just before it was "Euphoria" I think. I've only liked one of the incarnations in recent years, when it had the hexagonal pool table, The Front I think, but that closed about the time I moved here. At least it's Open 2014+ (if it is Open 2014+) so many pubs locally are closing."

Toby Philpott has recently emailed me (27 May 2010) to say that it is now open as a Caf. Before it was the "Three Mackerel" it was called the "Oddfellows Arms."

Originally a Fremlins and changed to Whitbread when they sold out to them in 1967.


To make head or tail of the above information originally the building was called the "Oddfellows' Arms." In 2001 the name changed to the "Front," this lasted under that name till 2004 when it became the "Nostalgia 50s Bar," this stayed with that name for two years till in 2006 was renamed the "Three Mackerel." From 2006 to 2008 it again changed name to "Euphioria." Now unfortunately closed.

Any further information or indeed photographs would be appreciated. Please email me at the address below.


Kentish Gazette 13 March 1776.


For Sale: All that good Folkestone-built cutter called The Endeavour, burthen forty tons or upwards, a prime sailor, with all her materials, as she now lies in Dover Harbour.

For further particulars enquire of Mr. Ezekiah Gedden, of Folkestone, or of Richard Gordon at the Three Mackerels in Folkestone aforesaid.


Folkestone Sessions Books 1765 – 1779 & 1792 - 1811.

General Sessions 24 July 1798.

Before Joseph Sladen (Mayor), Edward Andrews, John Minter, Thomas Baker, John Castle and Jacob Stredwick.

The licence of the Three Mackerel was transferred to John Carter.

Note: Date is at variance with More Bastions.



STEVENSON Thomas Listed 1741

BEER Richard 1750s-65 Next pub licensee had

SMITH Ann 1765-70

GODDEN Richard 1770-80

GODDEN Naomi 1780-85

CARTER Ralph 1785-89

CARTER John 1789-1825

DUNN Thomas Dunn 1825-43 Next pub licensee had

DUNN Esther 1843-47

Renamed "Oddfellows Arms"

Reverted to "Three Mackerel" 2008

c2008 c2009 No Details Available

Last pub licensee had PHILPOTT Peter J 1972-84


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-



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