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Earliest 1841-

Blighs Family Hotel

Latest ????

(Name to)

135 High Street


Bethlehem Farm House 1800

Above engraving 1800.

Blighs Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Blighs Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Blighs Hotel 1961

Above photo 1961. Creative Commons Licence.

Blighs Hotel ledger

Charrington's ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Blighs 1981

Above photon 1981.

Blighs plaque 1993

Above plaque taken in September 1993.

Blighs sign 1993

Above sign, June 1993.

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The building is a 16th century timber framed building on two storeys with 1: 2: 1 window façade and has gained a Grade 2 listing status.

Originally, Bethlehem or "Bedlam Farm" on lands extending from Brewery Lane over to London Road and north beyond St. Botolph's to Bradbourne Park Road and Lower Tubs Hill. Associated with the farm were a number of buildings including two large round oasts, two storey stone upper weather-boarded barns and lofts and two rectangular buildings to the north of the oasts, the latter being demolished around 1900 with the ‘Town or Pound Pond' to allow for the formation of Pembroke Road and the remainder including the oasts in 1919 to 1920 when St. Botolph's Dairy was demolished and the farm operations closed down. The building was restored in 1929 and refurbished in 1999.

Farm – leased to farmers, names unknown, from before 1600 to 1852.

Farmer and Brewer – John Bligh – 1852 to c. 1881

Farm House/Hotel – John Bligh – 1881 to 1928. (The census of 1881 gave this the title of "Bedlan Farm and Hotel.")

(part farm/part private hotel/beer house, subject to extensive repairs during this period).

Public Hotel and Restaurant – various breweries – 1928 to 1999

The premises occupy the Oak Tree restaurant and bar and upper floor(s) form six one and two bed flats.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 18 March 1927.


Mr. W. H. Moresby appeared in support of an application for the removal of the full license from "Bligh’s Hotel" to the "Anchor Inn."

Colonel C. K. Warner opposed on behalf of the licensees of the "Rose and Crown" and the "Chequers." Mr. F. S. Harries (Messrs. Cripps, Son and Harries) on behalf of the licensee of the "Dorset Arms" and the "Black Boy," and on behalf of the Licensed Victuallers’ Association, and Mr. W. H. House, on behalf of the Temperance People.

Mr. Moresby reminded the Magistrates of the application of a year ago to have the license transferred to the "Elephant’s Head," but said the present application was different and was based on the increased luncheon trade at the "Anchor." He pointed out that the effect of the removal would be to reduce the number of licenses by one, and that without any claim being made on the Compensation Fund.

Evidence was given by the licensee of the "Anchor Inn" as to the number of luncheons served, these showing a steady increase.

Mrs. Bennett (wife of the licensee) stated that she had had as many as eight people at one time go elsewhere for lunch because they could not serve wine.

Mr. Ronald Gale, owner of "Bligh's Hotel," was asked by Colonel Warner how much he was getting out of this removal arrangements.

Mr. Gale:- I don't think you are justified in asking that question.

Colonel Wamer:- It would be of interest to know.

Mr. Moresby:- It seems quite irrelevant, but I am not objecting.

Mr. Gale replied that he would have £600 for the license.

Colonel Wamer said he had not asked Mrs. Kay (licensee of "Bligh's") what she was receiving as he did not like to do that.

Mr. Moresby:- She is getting no less than £100, although there was nothing legally due to her.

Mr. White:- Who is giving it?

Mr. Moresby:- The brewers.

Colonel Warner submitted that the proper application would have been for a new license.

After hearing Mr. House and Mr. Harries, the Magistrates retired, and on their return the Chairman intimated that by a majority they had decided to allow the removal.


Kent & Sussex Courier, 08 January 1937.

New Year DEance 1937

Above photo showing the happy company which attended the New Year's Eve Dance at Bligh's Hotel.


On 30 January 1967 the Beatles, filming their video for "Strawberry Fields" used the hotel as their dressing room. It was booked out in the name of Tony Bramwell.



BLIGH Samuel 1841-71+ (age 65 in 1871Census)

BLIGH Elizabeth 1881-Aug/1888 dec'd (also farmer widow age 68 in 1881Census) Sevenoaks Chronicle

BLIGH John Samuel & HOOPER George Aug/1888+ Sevenoaks Chronicle

BLIGH Mary E & (sister) Charlotte 1901+ (age 60 & 55 in 1901Census)

BLIGH Charlotte Jane 1911+ (age 65 in 1911Census)

KAY Alice 1919-27+



Sevenoaks ChronicleSevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser


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