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Notes of 1919


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 10 January, 1919.


Since the Compensation Act came into force in 1906, 467 licences have been extinguished in Kent, at a total cost of 424,014. The largest number of houses in a Kent borough have been extinguished in Dover (42), at a cost of 28,062, which is at a cheaper rate than elsewhere. Folkestone, where only twenty houses have been extinguished, spending 24,151. In the Wingham division of East Kent no licences have been extinguished.


From the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Mercury, 29 November 1919.

Among the awards of compensation in respect of licensed houses decided last week by the East Kent Compensation Authority, were the following:-

"Freemason's Arms," Wingham - Total 1,283, shared between Messrs. Flint & Co., Canterbury (1,177 11s 6d) and Mr. W. Maskell (167 18s 6d).

"Marquis of Granby," Ash. - 1,238 (Messrs. Flint 858. Mr. W. Gore, 380).

"Good Intent," Ash. - 578 (East Kent Brewery Co., Sandwich, Mr. T. M. Merrimen, and Mr. H. W. R. Gribble, London, 516, and Mr. J. B. Yorke 62).

"Star," Tilmanstone. - 1,912. (Messrs. Leney & Co., Dover. 954, and Mr. W. Simmons 58).

"Friendly Port," Great Mongeham. - 1,236 (Messrs. Russell & Co., Gravesend, 1,106, and Mr. A. G. Hopper 130).

"Bell," Robert Street, Deal. - 2,184 (Messrs. Thompson & Son, 1,959, Mr. L. Bussey 225). In this case the tenant objected to an offer of 100, and asked for 800. After a conference between the Committee's Valuer, Mr. H. M. Cobb). Dr. Hardman for the brewers and the tenant, the sum stated was agreed upon.

"Yarmouth Packet," Beach Street, Deal. - 869 (East Kent Brewery Co., 719, Mrs. Agnes M. Job, 150).

"George and Dragon," Ash. - The valuation not being agreed to, the matter was referred to the Inland Revenue Authorities.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 29 November 1919.


At the supplemental meeting of East Kent Compensation Authority held at Canterbury last week, under the presidency of Lord Harris, the amounts awarded by the Committee's valuer (Mr. Cobb) were apportioned among owner and tenants, as follows:—

"Lower Red Lion," Herne, 1,283 (owners, Messrs. Flint and Co., 1,086 1s.; tenant, Albert E. Kennett, 196 19s.).

"Freemasons' Arms," Wingham, 1,345 10s. (Messrs. Flint and co., 1,177 11s. 6d.; William Mascall, serving with Army of Occupation), 167 18s. 6d.).

"Marquis of Granby," Ash, 1,238 (Messrs. Flint and Co., 858; William Gore, 380).

The "Good Intent," Ash, 578 (East Kent Brewery Co., 516; James B. Yorke, 62).

"Star," Tilmanstone, 1,012 (Messrs. Leney and Co., 954; William Simmons, 58).

"Friendly Port," Great Mongeham, 1,236 (Messrs. Russell and Co., 1,106; Alfred G. Hopper, 130).

"Leather Bottle," Shepherdswell, 668 10s. (Messrs. Flint and Co., 633 10s.; Henry Stone, 35).

"Yarmouth Packet," Deal, 869 (East Kent Brewery Co., 719; Agnes Mary Job, 150).

"Victoria," New Romney, 1,639 10s. (Messrs. E. Finn and Sons, 1,432 10s.; H. A. Pitts, 261).

In the case of the "Bell," Robert Street, Deal, which had been awarded 2,184, the licensee, Leonard Bussey, said he considered the offer of 100 by the brewers, Messrs. Thompson and Son, Deal, was insufficient. After a private consultation, however, the parties came to an agreement that the amount should be apportioned as to 1,959 to the 'brewers and 225 to the licensee.

With respect to the "George and Dragon," Ash (owners, Messrs. Cobb and Co., Margate; licensee. Mr. William Piddock), Mr. Cobb's figures were not accepted, and as no agreement was arrived at the case was referred to the Inland Revenue.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 6 December 1919.

Mr. Marchants, solicitor, appeared in support of an application for the transfer of the licence of the "Marina Pier Pavilion Buffet" from Mr. Frederick Dewe to Mr. John Elliott Winton, but as it was not quite clear what was going to happen with regard to rebuilding the pier, the application was, on the advice of the chairman (Mr. H. H. Green), adjourned until next transfer day.