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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton and Jan Pedersen

Earliest 1839

Victoria Inn

Latest 1905

26 South Street

Kings Bridge Street



From the Folkestone Observer 15 March, 1862. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Thursday March 13th:- Before Captain Kennicott R.N., A.M. Leith and James Tolputt, Esqs.

Charles M'Bride, 21st Fusiliers, came up with another soldier to the "Victoria Inn," South Street, about 20 minutes past 12 o'clock on Thursday morning, just as Mr. Boult was closing his door, and wanted drink. Mr. Boult told them they could not have any; it was too late; and he shut the door. But they forced the door open, and prisoner collared witness; but P.C. Reynolds hearing a cry out, hastened up; and after some trouble, made him release his hold. On the way to the station the prisoner struck Reynolds on the face and kicked him. The bench sent him to seven days' hard labour.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday, 21 August, 1847. Price 5d.


On Friday sennight, between eleven and twelve o'clock, a man named Pope, a fisherman, residing at the end of South Street, went into the “Victoria” public-house with two women, and called for beer. A second pint was called for, which the landlord (Mr. Boult) desired to be paid for; Pope refused, the landlord touched his coat to expostulate with him, when he was struck such a violent blow upon the lower jaw as to fracture it severely; the teeth were driven completely into the gums. Medical assistance was procured and on Saturday the jaw and teeth were set, but the poor fellow remains in great agony, being unable to partake in nourishment except through a quill. The man Pope was taken into custody, but through the intercession of his neighbours, and on his offering to pay all expenses of medical attendance, he was not given in charge by the landlord.


From the Kentish Chronicle, Saturday, 10 September, 1859. Price 1˝d.


Thomas Monstow, 24, servant to Mr. Prendergast, a barrister, staying at the “Pavilion Hotel,” was charged last week with stealing 2s. from the till at Mr. Boult's, the “Victoria Inn,” South-street, Folkestone. It appeared that the prisoner was in the habit of using the house, and the prosecutor having missed some money from the till marked it. Prisoner came twice that morning, and on the second occasion was observed by Mr. Boult, who was watching, to put his hand over the counter, and take out some money. On being detected he immediately laid it on the counter, and no further notice would have been taken, but the prisoner went to a sergeant of the police, and told him what he done, hoping that Mr. Boult would not prosecute him. He was then taken into custody. He pleaded guilty, and impressed contrition, and was sentenced to one months hard labour.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 18 February 1851.


There was six publicans charged by the police with serving beer, &c., contrary to the law.

Mr. R. T. Brockman appeared for the watch committee. Mr. Delasaux of Canterbury for several of the defendants.

Henry George Taite Baker Hall, blacksmiths was brought up in custody of the police, charged with stealing.

John Transom Boult deposed:- I am landlord of the "Victoria Inn," South Street. I have frequently missed money from my till in the bar. Yesterday morning I took my breakfast below stairs, instead of as usual upstairs. I had previously marked a half crown, a shilling, and a sixpence, and placed them in the till. The prisoner generally came to my house every morning, at about 8 o'clock. He came this morning. I saw him go to the till, take the money, and put it in his pocket. I then sent for the police. In the interval the prisoner pulled the money out and put it on the bar, offering me 5s. to say nothing about it. The money produced is the same I marked.

The prisoner said that he was very sorry for having taken the money, it was only the second time in his life he had done so.

Committed for trial.


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HOGBEN Victoria 1840+ Pigot's Directory 1840

BOULT John Transom 1847-51+ Bagshaw's Directory 1847South Eastern Gazette

BOULT Thomas Tramson 1858 Melville's 1858

BOULT J T 1861-62+ Post Office Directory 1862Folkestone Observer

TYSE George 1874 Post Office Directory 1874

WATSON James 1882-91 (also sea mariner age 53 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1882Post Office Directory 1891

SKINNER Frederick to Aug/1899 Next pub licensee had

SKINNER Alfred (brother) Aug/1899-1903 Post Office Directory 1903


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